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Its my birthday tomorrow. SPOILERS ALERT - in the film "Made in Britain" (1982) by Alan Clarke... Do you always have a mind of your own? What do you think will later happen to Keanu Reeves' character in this movie? Why do you think they did all this to him? SPOILERS -In Jackie Brown (1997), why does Robert De Niro's character... I demand the world to calm down. Err, on the other hand... I have rather weak nerves sadly. Are we all rule followers? Split Enz. View all posts >


Thank you all very much. 😄 🎉 😀 All the best wishes for me. 36. That scene to some extent brought back MY memories when, OK by no means by British police or otherwise, I WAS the one who was at some or other points in my life DISCIPLINED via serious authority for some or other kind of, however small, wrongdoing or causing trouble, and in some ways I saw it as an example of a strict and necessary tough treatment, maybe not outright abuse including of authority but still, it shocked me too. Have you ever experienced anything of this kind in your life folks, and how was it? Cheers. P.S. If you saw the film or read my description, did the notion of "men" ALONE spring to mind, with them acting tough on either fence whether its Trevor (in possibly the debut acting of the acclaimed Tim Roth) or PC Anson? No worries. :) I love it how over here NO ONE came and shouted "I am", lol, for people these days including, however imperfect ones and maybe not too changed ones, at being honest and generous and not being TOO self absorbed. "hey, I'm perfect, never did a thing wrong in my life, always get things right etc." So his opinion on Ed Sheeran overall is a negative one, correct? So does anyone know, will we? Thanks. P.S. Imagine IF internet was not invented, not that I have anything against it, but... In real life, will we also get into conflicts and arguments over various matters out there and like you know, be called out for it at certain times and moments, or on the positive sides, learn in here from past or present mistakes etc. (Don't worry anyone, I rarely if ever, these days more likely never, criticize err "people" or even people without inverted commas (that I used to wrongly pronounce as "verti commas", lol), for something so small as trivial as music taste. You can appreciate songs by Britney Spears and Crazy Frog for all I care, lol. :) Out of sheer curiosity (despite our internet fallouts here). Does Andy (can I refer to him like this?) even like Ed Sheeran even slightly? Cheers. (Lol :) ). But other than all that, what do you think, also do YOU feel like you have "weak nerves"? Or are yours always very or otherwise strong and/or simply at least NORMAL? Thank you. I'll think about it and probably yes we will be lazier. But just to let you know, in this life, I am often a SLEEP ADDICT and I had many moments when I felt like sleeping during the day etc to escape some or other kind of life's err troubles or uncertainties. View all replies >