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You didn’t even care to actually read the original post, did you? Sorry, I’m not really getting what you’re trying to say. "People won’t be interested in a White Walker story because they know that 5 to 8 thousand years later, the Night King is going to die anyway" – is THAT your point? The thing is… that’s the "problem" with almost every prequel (except the ones in which the time line is changed). Nonetheless, people watch prequels. When Star Wars episodes I to III came out, *everybody* knew that this cute little boy is going to become an Evil Overlord and is going to die and HOW he is going to die, and while many people think these episodes are *hrumph* not as great as ep IV to VI were, the fact that they knew all this surely didn’t affect people’s interest in the first place. Yes, I guess many people are not as interested in the prequel as they were a few months ago. But the reason for that is, in my opinion, that they think: "I watched the show for years and then they screwed up the ending. How can I trust them not to screw up again?" – but not that they now know that the NK and the WW will die at some point MUCH later. > Then why the effort to get south of the wall for hundreds of years Was it really mentioned in the TV show that they tried that? I don’t remember it but of course I might have missed that. I don’t remember that from the books either, but as I’ve said in other threads, I forgot a LOT from the books anyway… >> Bran was expecting it since he knows the future (…) > then why not mention it to someone? I’m not sure that he really knows the future except for occasionally getting a vague glance (e.g. the dragon shadow over King’s Landing in his vision in an early episode). >> Bronn. That happens in real life. > Not really, competence matters more than > hard work and 'getting lucky'. So you’re saying that in real life, only really competent persons get to leading positions? I seriously doubt that. While I agree on "Good story, interesting characters", I don’t think you need a *happy* ending. You need a *good* ending of course, but sometimes sad or even shocking endings can be good. He’s referring to the time when Bran, left behind by his parents and elder siblings, had to be the Lord of Winterfell which then was invaded by the Ironborn. At least, that was my interpretation of Jon’s words. > But whatever the status of Margarey's lady parts when she married Tommen, > I doubt that anyone could have taught her a damn thing > about manipulating straight men. No argument here. :-) In the book, there IS birth control, by drinling Moon Tea (see [url][/url]). However, as far as I remember, it wasn’t mentioned in the show, so we have to discount it. You might be right that she was technically a virgin, but since there are ways to have sex without losing virginity… I guess she wasn’t inexperienced. You were right that it flopped, but in my opinion that was in no way Sophie Turner’s fault. It would’ve flopped with any other lead actress, too. The scene with Sansa you mention says (in my opinion) that she is NOT a virgin. Moreover, at some point someone (I [i]think[/i] it was Loras) mentions that Margaery is a virgin "officially" which implies that she’s not in reality. > That makes absolutely no sense. Hmmm. Doreah was not just her handmaiden, they seemed to be good friends, too. Yes, Doreah betrayed her, but leaving her to suffocate or die of thirst without the slightest hint of compassion does not exactly seem like a sane behaviour to me. I’m not saying that she was a sociopath – but also I’m not so sure anymore that she wasn’t. View all replies >