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Personality Disorders in film? Will Mortensen's public use of the N word cost him an Oscar Nomination+other awards? Boxofficemojo lists this under the Thriller - Psycho/Stalker/Blank from Hell? Will this be the "Get Out" of 2018? Just saw it.... Some spoilers... Someone like McGonagall taking 150 points, really? Did Bob initially know that Meredith changed the production line? Favorite film scores and composers? Worth watching at the movies? Laura Dern Oscar nomination with not much other awards. View all posts >


Hard Candy crossed the line when Ellen Page's character "castrated" Patrick Wilson's. And it was all offscreen. I'm shocked that no one has mentioned Clooney. He was actually believeable in movies like Michael Clayton and The American. But don't tell he has changed enough to be in a batsuit again. This is probably the most uninteresting film I have seen. Not that I despised it to the fullest as the concept was interesting, but all of that nonsense about networking, stupid characters, and the deaths were very lame. Poor rip-off of Saw. The fizzy lifting drinks were not in the book. This movie was meant to be a much more faithful adaption to the book, unlike 1971 version which had a lot of stuff not in the book. Very hard to buy that he was planning on getting rid on Tom before he announced Meredith as VP. If that's the case, Meredith and Phil would have told him about the sexual harassment plot, which he clearly had no idea about. I guess I must be looking at the plot from a different prespective. I assume this a new account from your name. Was Garvin always planning to get rid of him from the beginning? I think he knew about the changes from the beginning, but in the Tuesday morning meeting, his reaction seems like he want Sanders to demonstrate competence and make the Conley-White people confident about the merger. I don't think he was planning on getting rid of him until Sanders rejected his proposition and proved Meredith's lies. I think he would have given Sanders his job back if he let Meredith stay. Jeff was certainly a pedophile. Those photos Hailey found in the safe were pictures of nude girls. One of the pictures reflect in Hailey's eye and you can make out two nude girls. Hailey said "this is officialy sick" so there was probably worse than what you can make out. She later refers to it as "kiddie porn". Also, did you miss the ending where he admitted that he and this other guy took part in the missing girl's murder and Hailey said she had already did the other guy in and told her about Jeff? She knew Jeff was a bad person from the get go. She may be a psycho, but Jeff is far from innocent. He did lie to her from the beginnng about sharing her interests, such as the Goldfrapp concert. Breakdown is pretty much the same movie as this. It's where Kurt Russell's wife gets a ride from a trucker after their truck "breaks" down. He later sees the trucker who claims he doesn't who Kurt Russell is and about picking up the wife. It's revealed later fairly early on he's the bad guy with some henchmen and wants to extortion money out of Kurt Russell's bank account since he is relatively rich, and Kurt then has to save his wife. That's pretty much the whole story. Jack doesn't have the shine in the novel, unlike the film, where he even has more power to shine than Danny. The hotel would likely convince him to commit suicide after he finished his "job". View all replies >