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Trump has DOOMED us for ALL eternity Why did he need to cheat and what did he get out of Slim and Gracie? Thurman's acting is beyond terrible and cringeworthy What all was cut from orginal cut? When did Garvin find out about Meredith's changes? Purpose of John locking Adam at the end? Personality Disorders in film? Will Mortensen's public use of the N word cost him an Oscar Nomination+other awards? Boxofficemojo lists this under the Thriller - Psycho/Stalker/Blank from Hell? Will this be the "Get Out" of 2018? View all posts >


That depends on the officer's schedule, location which happens to me in the middle of nowhere, and whether or not someone in the police department is in on the motel's business. Do they agree with everything statement he makes? Or are they just supporting him because they feel he's competent enough and figures he's not perfect? People are causing the problems, including people as cops that aren't interested in solving problems, unlike an actual cop. The difference is Trump was just a show off when it came to questionable actions, while the new Presidents actually are serious. Are you crazy? The man had an election stolen from him. He and the people are going to regret letting Biden and Harris take over. He's just desperate and can always use the insanity defense if charged with something. We already have enough air. They would prefer to waste money on things that are unnecessary and considered unimportant by most. They could focus on giving more advanced equipment and strategies to save lives from severe weather. Instead they are focused on donating money to foreign nations, saving fish in the Gulf, and Kamala wants to stop fracking. What's he going to do assuming he doesn't end up in jail soon? Start a war in America? Try as much as possible to fight agianst the Democrat way? I wanna know if he's been hiding a trick up his sleeve. They are going to waste all the money they have on Covid and unimportant things like what was going to the environment. Then we won't have any money left. THIEVES!!! 50 cops should not be injured because people are crazy over not winning the election. It's the people that are crazy, including the cops who are really just people that to put on a cop uniform and sign up for a badge, not the cops. Interesting was there any more gore as well? View all replies >