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Yes, that's one of the reasons why I want to see it continue, to develop Tony's character in this regard Yet why did he do it? In his mind, he was saving the human race from becoming primitive I he was tragic in this sense: I think the trauma of killing is own son forced him to find a new purpose to existence, driving him over the edge, leading him to imagaining he is the new savior of the human race and thus had to do everything to preserve it some may have escaped in the hole to the tunnels...and then become the mutants from the original series! Yeah, that would be great with Happy's character if he became a regular with the Spiderman series. As far as Stark goes I think the mentoring adds so much depth to his character that I wish it could continue in some way in the Spiderman movies, even if it's only an occasional cameo It should be Liz Toomes here because of her father View all replies >