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I'm kinda laughing at the fact that out of all my reviews this year, for some reason, this is the one that has brought on the most conversations While that's true, as I stated in my review, I don't go to movies to write essays on the science, I go to be entertained and/or challenged. Why can't we just sell a film on it being a film rather than a "Let me show you the science of.."? Wouldn't that make more sense for an entertainment medium. "Apocalypse Now" didn't get everything right, but people still praise that character study. Why doesn't this get a pass? I really liked how the screenplay was much more a character study in space. Every sci-fi movie makes a big deal on the "What we can do in space!" elements, but hasn't really ever tackled "What can space do to a person." It felt very real, and eerie most of the time, and I think the screenplay was detailed enough to give that it was a character study. I like a lot of your insight sir! If you don't mind, I would like to offer some counterpoints Fall from antenna: I saw it as the set up for our character, and how he remains calm even in the worst situations. This shows us how he has learned to survive without his dad, and why he probably lost his wife. It's a character moment, not really a story moment. Moon War: "Didn't affect anything in the plot, no reason to care." It killed off Sutherland's character, who was the man who was supposed to go find the father after they made contact with him. Killing him gave McBride the reason he had to be the man who finished the mission. Send message from Mars: "Silly, and far fetched science-y idea there. Why not from moon, or earth?" You mean it's far fetched to think when we colonize planets, we won't have technology to send messages to far off galaxies from miles away? Seems more far fetched to not think so. Also being that Mars was closer to the ship, it would make sense to send it on the planet closest to the receiver. Also, sending it from Earth, or the airport-like Moon could be intercepted by other people, like maybe the pirates on the moon, who could sell the information on what's happening to the highest bidder. Just a thought. Baboons: It's all done visually. If you look during McBride's investigation, you see it's an experiment for animals in space, maybe like a zoo. It may not be referenced again, but it puts McBride in a situation where he starts to realize that anything in space can go mad, and kill in rage, much like how his dad was in a similar state. Animatter issue: With you on that one, but that just seems like poor marketing, and i usually don't hold marketing over a movie's head, otherwise I wouldn't like "Unbreakable" What does this affect? Oh nothing? Who cares: Yeah, I felt that a lot during the movie, like good ideas that could have been explored better, even with the voiceover. Thanks for giving some great thoughts to talk about! I’m sorry you didn’t like the movie. I’m curious what you didn’t like about it, and if you were handling this movie, how would you have done it to make it good in your eyes? STOP! Okay people, I’m never going to like this movie. At all. But that doesn’t mean you have to get angry at those who don’t agree. This supposed ‘turd’ of a site isn’t going to get any better if we don’t start trying to be civil, if we don’t start realizing that at the end of a day, these movies being good or bad isn’t hurting us. We love movies, and we are free to defend these movies, or bash these movies, but attacking one another isn’t going to help anyone at all. Keep it civil, or just don’t comment at all. Don’t go in guns blazing, come in ready to have a healthy conversation about why you liked or didn’t like the movie. I went into why I didn’t like it, and I’m always open to hear why people liked it. Take it with all the salt you’d like sir. I did enjoy the first movie, but I wouldn’t say I loved it. I had expectations of the same last time for this movie. I’m glad you liked the movie! I have a bunch of friends who loved it or liked it as well. I still stand by that the CGI was bad, and never once moved passed video game quality. I can understand it being hard to do that with a giant spider clown, but we live in a day and age where stuff like Thanos exists, and they couldn’t make the spider more realistic? Harry Potter has realistic looking CGI spiders. Again, just my personal opinion. It’s just my personal opinions. I’m not trying to troll anyone. If you enjoyed the movie, GREAT! Take my review with a grain of salt. Lol yeah I have been. I had these reviews ready, but forgot to post them here. :p sorry for bouncing around so much on this site, but I really wanted to get my two cents on here again. Sorry if I’ve bothered you at all View all replies >