Martoto's Replies

None. Thanks. Germans and Czechs make the best lager. Other types of beers is a different matter. They wouldn't be banned because they wouldn't be done in the first place. People in general have moved on. Not everyone. And some slower than others. But attitudes have changed for the better. So the sketches mentioned would never be considered for today's audience. And rightly so. The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there. Bloody foreigners. Was he getting revenge? Maybe. I always thought it was great that the showed that it's worth it to stand up to bullies, if you can. I think it's more powerful when Superman learns the cost to his relationship with his father. Nobody needed to brainwash me to stop me throwing my toys out the pram. I stopped that myself at about eighteen months. Yeah. And he got a movie produced with "From the maker of Pulp Fiction" all over the poster too. IT's not like he was ever even remotely denied recognition in the public eye. It will be interesting to see how certain corners of the world react, given their variant attitudes to stem-cells, if the procedure is successful. ""INVENTED"? Pinocchiooooooo!!!!! The anguish expressed about the EU and video games is ridiculous. It's like getting triggered by someone informing you that Jesus WAS born in a manger and that Santa Claus and Rudolf do exist, but most of the other reindeer and Frosty the Snowman aren't officially part of Christmas anymore. Actually she said that she had a great time 98% of the time on the picture. Hardly hypocritical. She just picked a bad time to think aloud about the impression her character made in the context of the movie. The reason so many people claim to hate her is that there are so many chickenshit haters desperate for something or someone to hate at any one time. So, so sad. U ok hun? Is that the only dfference from the book that's got your panties in a twist? The portrayal of Lee is a daydream of Booth's. A daydream within a fantasy, no less. A fantasy history where Bruce Lee looks a wee bit foolish for a moment but where Sharon Tate and her friends aren't horribly murdered sounds like a fair trade to me. Defining morality is precisely what people are trying to do in this thread. Nah. The people talking up the morality of the character and comparing his "real man" qualities with themselves are the ones embarrassing themselves. Why would her feelings be hurt if he explained that he's a moral person who, as a principle, doesn't have consensual sex with people he suspects are underage? But then it's only Avary's side of the story. So it sounds crass, if you adopt only his perspective in lieu of Quentin's. But he's not chivalrous. He's pragmatic. He doesn't want to go to jail. Yeah. I don't think it extends to the "real man" that people are imposing on it. The notion that old Hollywood represents morality is ludicrous. To suggest that it does, in comparison to the new hollywood represtenting immorality, is the hyporcisy I was referring to. Old Hollywood is Jack Woltz in The Godfather.