Martoto's Replies

Millions and millions fewer than other countries. And even fewer in terms of % of population. The American economy was turned upside down by WWII for virtually nothing. Going by the lives vs economy logic. Doctors are mad at this lady's DIY heart surgery hack. So the film is nonsensical according to you. Thanks for that info. I don't resent them. No. But I do blame them. "Sophisticated" Yep. Loaded with gems. Nice. Bold. No that's Super Flymo. Wrong movie. Xennials? What a load of crap. And the US waited until they attacked and declared war on it. So you’re saying that left untackled, this outbreak is no threat? Or does the very existence of a country need to be threatened before mobilising to contain it? Compared to the tens of millions of the enemy dead, and even the casualties of the UK with only a fraction of the population, US fatalities (virtually no civilians) are almost negligible. Applying the same idle, half-baked logic as the covid deniers, the US was always going to win and come out of it better off, so the media coverage must have been unnecessary scaremongering. More concern was shown for the anticipated “millennium bug” than some people want shown for this actual deadly virus. Yes you do. But we, the US won it in spite of all the bullshit about how the Empire Of Japan was such a threat to us. And the Germans, even though they were in Europe and not one company of Nazi soldiers ever set foot on US soil, they made movies about them at the time and still did today. Only a few thousand americans died. Fewer even than in the UK. And yet the media in the states went on and on about it. It probably would have been evev fewer US dead if they hadn't made such a big deal about it. No wonder those guys died. They were whipped up into hysteria by all the excessive media coverage. Yeah and what about WWII? We won that but ooooh they just had to report on it day in day out for the duration as if it was going to destroy us all. Fake war! Where did you learn that only or mostly slightly ill people worried about the news coverage are being hospitalised? You kinda just pulled that out of thin air there. How many doctors and nurses normally die because they've been in contact with somebody with the flu? Because that's what's happening with COVID-19. Severity of illness is dependent on the size of the dose. Not just the existing condition of the infected person. The virus is aggressive and a larger proportion of patients require ICU treatment, which is in finite supply. The spread of the disease is starting to push health care to its limits in some areas. Meaning people that wouldn't ordinarily die of flu might not receive the treatment they require and die.