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How come the cover art... The moral and ethical dilemmas in this film... Gotham looks like an Elstree soundstage/backlot Self sabotage? Attention seeking? Just plain , old, cranky and rich twerp? BKB : "Trump is evil" admits Trump bootlicker. Overrated Go Wook and go broke.. Underrated contributor No such things as a twister... If Carano is successful, it paves the way for deadbeats.. Wonka is Wonderful. Chalamet is superb.. says "If you love Dr Who, you will enjoy this" South Park has been pandering for years then.. Why do people credit him with "taking down" or "challenging"... What will you do when he pleads guilty, Magaturds? Musk calls engineer "Jackass" live on spaces in order to cover up his lack of tech knowledge. Tesla share price sliding - Thousands of Tesla pre-orders being cancelled... Sponsored tweets on Twitter now Almost that time of year.. R.I.P. Donald Trump