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I Googled "annoying nerdy asian actress" Slay Ian! Am I a socialist? Responsibility. Morality. I've heard that Yoshihiro Togashi's original manga is superior to this adaptation. Terrible Vaguely Supernatural-themed Dad Joke I thought of. "In my dreams I'm beautiful... and bad!" So, apparently about a third of young men aren't having sex. The last Disney movie that I'd give a score above 7 to. View all posts >


"I never suck... cock." No, but he's good friends with Luke Slytalker. Bit of a late response on my part, but thanks for the link. I'll give it a read. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll probably go through his discography chronologically. A while back, I intended to listen to The Berlin Trilogy but ended up only listening to Low. Bob. I find David's voice very annoying. He's not ugly per se, but he doesn't hold a candle to a young Denzel. I've been noticing comments being disabled a lot more frequently on channels run by big companies. No problem. I'm a casual fan of Bowie. I've heard most of his singles, but the only albums I've listened to all the way through are Low, Outside, and Heathen. I've been meaning to get into more of his work, particularly the stuff from the '60s and '70s. Both were below average for the genre, but WW84 was pretty close to being so-bad-it's-good at points. Birds of Prey was more competent, but the finale was dull and disappointing. At 16 I was 6 feet tall, had a full beard, a lot of body hair, and voice deeper than most adult men. I'm 31 now and these physical attributes have gotten more pronounced with age. I expect to look like Chewbacca and sound like Andre the Giant any day now. View all replies >