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So, apparently about a third of young men aren't having sex. The last Disney movie that I'd give a score above 7 to. Terrible rating on IMDb. Better than I expected it to be. Two of the most awe inspiring sights one could ever behold. A couple of anecdotes related to this film. Season 2. Nice shot, old fruit! Dr. Nicky... Help! There's a murderer in the building! View all posts >


An upscale penthouse apartment in either Vancouver or Seattle. I didn't start watching it until after I'd already had sex. So, in my case, it doesn't live up to the real thing. Sure, the performer's bodies may be more attractive than most people in real life, but that doesn't matter. Although, I do feel a bit inadequate compared to the occasional very well endowed guy. I'm a bit above average at 20cm, but some performers seem to be packing 25cms or more. Yeah, I used to watch porn every day. I'm down to two or three times a week now. I have two younger Y/Z cusp sisters, one born in 1996 and the other in 1999. They're both complete brats who take themselves too seriously. They both virtue signal constantly. It's set in Middlesex, Virginia. Heart attack Prostate cancer Senility I didn't mention in my original post, but I swing both ways. I'm generally more physically attracted to the opposite sex, though. As far as guys go, I usually like twinks. I find a lot of more traditionally masculine men to be great looking, but in my few gay experiences, I was always a top and I'm apprehensive to try another way. Not to assume that someone's appearance dictates their sexual preferences, of course. I tried Tinder a few years ago, but nobody lived nearby. So, nothing materialised. Of the people that I swiped right on, every single guy out of the 40 or so also matched with me. I must have swiped over 30 different women, and only matched with 3 of them. I recall hearing somewhere that a lot of famous people get surrounded by sycophants who never say anything contrary to them. Supposedly, being coddled like this stunts emotional maturity, and a lot of people who become famous in childhood or adolescence remain in that mindset. Thanks for the laugh. Despite what I typed, I'm not desperate or anything, and I don't hold women in contempt. I've only tried asking out five women in the last decade. When I was in my late teens I was usually approached first. I don't lack confidence, so much as have no idea how to be flirtatious. Supposedly, guys who get laid a lot ask out multiple women per day, and get rejected 90% of the time. I don't think I could handle being rejected so many times. I don't lash out when rejected, but it effects my self esteem. I binged the first three seasons a few months before the fourth came out. So, I'd heard beforehand that the Rosie Larsen case doesn't get solved at the end of the first season. View all replies >