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Not bad. Comedy shows, movies, and standup that still hold up two decades (or more) later. The killer's voice... (Spoilers) Recently watched a few of his films. Blake Lively Matters. If they make another Shrek... Cat food. If she were a male pornstar then this would be a great name. I know everyone hates 'looks like' threads but... Queef Latina View all posts >


"The fucking way I fucking died was really fucking lame" FTFY. Or better yet, stop circumcising boys too. Mutilating anyone's genitals is reprehensible. Just to uphold some barbaric traditions or for aesthetic reasons. I don't buy the hygiene excuse, either. Parents, or guardians, can teach their children how to wash themselves down there. Not my style, but a solid 7/10. This song always makes me think of Karl Pilkington's unusual interpretation of the lyrics. People of all backgrounds are capable of being shallow. Men are just more open about it because it's a societal norm, and people who they have some superficial characteristics in common with have shaped society, and influenced them from childhood to desire fake women who look like a parody of femininity. Just as there are women and gay men who only go for guys who are over six feet tall, square jawed, tanned, ripped, and with a full head of thick, perfectly coiffed hair. This may not seem as shallow and damaging a standard to uphold, if in your mind men hold all the power in society. I would say rich, middle aged and elderly men are the most powerful people, but everyone else falls far below. Rich women, even those who are not deemed physically attractive are still much more respected in this world than a middle class white guy. It's true that it seems within any class, women are not as respected as the men of similar social standing. I'd like to see a world where people aren't judged solely for their immutable characteristics. I was born into a working class family, had no father figure growing up, couldn't afford to go to college, have severe mental illness, issues with my body and still I don't feel that the world owes me anything. Sure, there's a lot I would like to have, but I'd have to beat the odds and become rich and successful. I distract myself by consuming literature and art. I've made peace with the fact that I'll never be rich or beautiful. I'm not telling you how to live your life, just that buying into the hype around beauty, social status, wealth and opulence et cetera, is just a way to make everyone into a mindless consumer. Some of the wisest, most down to earth, humble people I've known have been women. Often butch lesbians. Living a life without desire for men, not seeking their approval can lead to fulfillment. I can understand how conflicted it would make someone if they're sexually interested in men, but every guy they meet is shallow. Hope they include the rat scene. My top 3 are Alfie from 'Alfie', Milo Tindolini from 'Sleuth', and Harry Brown from 'Harry Brown' but he's been great in a lot of movies. Interesting. I've always enjoyed Spacey's performances. He's been in some of my favourite films. However, I can't imagine him ever being an A-Lister again. My opinion on his personal life is that he's probably done some inappropriate things, but I can't know for certain and it's pretty much irrelevant. So I'll continue watching shows and movies he's in. The Vengeance Trilogy (2002 - 2005) by Chan-wook Park. That's because it's an obvious case of getting grafts from the back of his head to fill in the top, but the problem is his hairline is so receded that the density on top looks a bit odd. It's not particularly full by any means though. He also has to keep it pretty long to make it appear fuller, especially in the back where he has less than usual density due to the removed hairs. I agree, it's hilarious. Right up there with Frasier, Fawlty Towers, and Soap in my estimation. I haven't rewatched it in nearly a decade, but I'm probably due for a rewatch. View all replies >