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I kind of thought that. But staying in a war because you like someone seems dubious. My first order of business as soon as I landed in the middle of a war would have been to come back... maybe it was love at first sight. But why not bring him back also? What was his endgame plan... to stay permanently back there if Dave survived? At this point I'm pretty sure I'm over thinking it, but seemed flimsy to me. Also why would it take him to Vietnam of all the random locations? I think killing someone is a perfectly fine response to someone trying to control your mind. Your mind is all you have, losing control of that is terrifying. Besides, Vanya being in danger was just Allison's opinion... and she was clearly wrong in her assessment. To me this is like someone trying to give you a lobotomy against your will. There is no justification for that unless you are engaged in some kind of combat with an enemy. Okay I kind of get what you are saying. But those guys are hired assassins who have killed countless people, why should she care about their feelings? If someone broke into your house trying to kill you or your family would you be concerned about their psychological wellbeing? Wouldn't you just be in survival mode? Yes, season 1. Initially it seemed like they were suggesting Allison's husband was in the wrong, but I am not so sure he was the "bad" guy here. Then meeting Vania in the cabin, I was with Vania. You can't go into someone's home and antagonize them like that. It doesn't matter if you are trying to "help". Or her daughter to go to sleep? I hate to make the stand your ground comparison but... how do you go into someone's house, they tell you to leave multiple times then try to forcibly control them. By the way Vanya was calm by that point, Allison was the one antagonizing her. Maybe if this was an open fight on a neutral site it would be different, but Allison just escalated the situation. I think because Vanya was not kicked out for uselessness/incompetence, she was kicked out because she was dangerous to herself and others. Its an extension of being able to change the path of metal objects moving at high speeds... previously just his knives. Though agreed, they should have showed other non-knife instances of this before going into the bullets scene. I'm surprised she didn't get the gorilla serum treatment. Although... I kinda felt she deserved it. Rumoring someone against their will I would say is like violating them. That was self defense. She walks like a dude, a big dude. Like you would picture the Rock walking. I think that is an interesting quirk, for a woman her size. She only had time to rumor one of them, but needed to take them both out. Also are you suggesting killing your brother is in some way worse than killing a stranger? That only feels true until you think about it a while I'd say. View all replies >