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PG-13 GO SEE A DOCTOR!!?! Better than Wonder Woman Costigan's Yellow Envelope??? Ending (spoilers) Bird Box vs. The Silent Place Carrot Top as Carnage!! I don't remember Rumsfeld being that charismatic... How do they mix nudity and language with kid actors in the same scenes? How di d they manage to get Chris Evans/Brandon Routh/Thomas Jane??? View all posts >


The rubbing/dominance seemed to be a call back to when she said that when her dad sold her, the rapes were the worst. The queen is essentially telling her she is right back where she started. The rabbits represented her unborn kids... but I can't figure it out. Someone please explain. I was just about to post this. He did figure out the envy thing. But I guess they had to let it go since Billy turns into Shazam (which is funnier/more interesting) as opposed to being replaced by Shazam which has happened in other imaginings. Evidently it is faithful the new 52 comics which reimagined the character - including the new name. You're right, however if he was essentially replaced by someone completely different the character loses the gimmick that makes him different from other super heroes. So what do you think about when it goes the other way... like iron fist, or The Ancient One (Dr. Strange)? Clearly both foster parents were Hispanic.. so I think they were covered. Ultimately its probably about getting big names, which is why it is unlikely they will get an Arab to play black Adam too. Note: Wahlberg was the only one NOT to receive a nom for The Fighter. As the main actor, that had to sting. The universe is in perfect balance. I agree, surprisingly this was not as creepy as I expected. The eyes were weird but after a while I was not getting as much uncanny valley. Especially impressive given (I've read) this was not mocap but actually full CGI. At this rate actors will be out of a job in within the next 25 years. Something must have been cut. Avoiding the kid in the baseball field, and then letting the scientist just walk out of his lab. Unless they viewed humans as insects/pets not worth even killing. But that doesn't really work either - if my cat started shooting at me, I would still be concerned. Came here to make the same comment. They didn't seem completely malicious, and were fighting by some type of code. I have to assume some scenes were cut from this. Yes that movie too :) They may not have physical bodies. If they were more like spirits or light or the wind then they could not. View all replies >