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The Drago side was perfect. The Dragos lost the fight, but in the end they were together -- a father and his son. Just the two of them against the world. Unlike Creed, Viktor still has his father because they learned from their mistakes and made better decisions. What do you mean exactly? If we are talking about her getting fired, I have no problem with that. An employer has the right to fire you if you are costing them money or damaging their brand... even if there is nothing wrong with what you are doing. Women even get fired for getting pregnant all the time, which is could be viewed as illegal. At least she got multiple warnings. But maybe you are referring to something else. Unfortunately she was one of the few examples of (physically) strong women on screen. Oh well, back to the 90lb waifs I guess. I don't know if I can get on board with this. Of course if you are rich, you are more likely to say whatever you like since you are not really working for the money. I agree with that. But I wouldn't say she is spoiled. Succeeding in MMA takes a lot of hard work, toughness and a willingness to endure a lot of pain. I think American culture has a problem with the halo effect. Everyone is painted as all good or all bad. This is not how it truly works, and that's okay. A great golfer can be a terrible husband, an amazing doctor who has saved thousands of lives can be horribly racist, a talented director could be a pedophile. Take the good and leave the bad, its compartmentalization. They abandoned the most interesting characters and doubled down on the rest after giving them questionable hairstyles. The only thing that keeps me going is the possible return of Mad Sweeney. He was my favorite. It definitely seems more character driven rather than plot driven which in my view is less of a winning formula here. I agree with you that the magic was in the premise, so a shame that has fallen more to the background in favor of meandering story lines. Makes you wonder... according to various sources BC is an actual collector and a fan of the JLC brand which was prominent in the movie. So he should have know how the winder works. Either it wasn't a priority for him to have them fix it, or he is simply endorsing the brand and all the internet articles are hollow marketing. The Leperchaun was my favorite... I am holding my hope he will return somehow. Right it didn't kill cheetah... I was trying to ask why it didn't kill them both. Alas it is what it is. How much work would it have been for her to simply "fly" out of the water first?? Hard to believe no one brought this up. So many simple fixes ignored. Daughter of Zeus... very nice and neat!! However, I am highly skeptical they had this mind. We are all twisting ourselves into pretzels trying to explain away these plot holes. Technically he is Hispanic... so we could say he is Peruvian which has a lot of Asians. But that's a stretch. The kid could also be adopted. Either way obviously they put in minimal effort into making this realistic. View all replies >