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Werner Herzog was an amazing villain... Top 5 movies you would like to see get the "Disaster Artist" treatment. How does he stay bomb resistant?? SPOILERS: Wrong guy died in this movie Boyfriends at sorority...What??? Those three inmates stole the show... Judd conversation was problematic for me... Seemed like it should have been set pre 1990. Does anyone struggle taking in horror mixed with comedy? Dani casting?? View all posts >


Check out American History X, I made the same complaint. Worse there as he narrates part of the movie. His acting is like he is reading. My thinking on this type of thing has evolved. I now prefer good acting to the getting the best physical fit. You can fake height but if the actor isn't charismatic its a non starter. People are getting hung up on the race factor here. Set that aside and instead look at heights/builds of the players, and if you have any level of experience also look at their skills (the shots are faked, but you can go by how they were dribbling). Yes this was laughable. Woody Harrelson is white, but he was very believable given he had played college ball. NOTE: This thread was started before the movie was released, the original comment was based on the trailer. So what was Dr. M's motivation in the movie.... doesn't make sense. Also if they thought the squid was ridiculous they could have always come up with some other type of alien attack. 3. I have been pumping gas in my car for over 10 years. Yet a couple of years ago I almost absent mindedly put diesel in my tank -- thankfully they make it so it doesn't fit. This is a roundabout way of asking if it is reasonable to assume that a nurse with less than 10 years of experience can tell those two medications apart by feel. I see what you are saying. However, to me the movie was still very classic by design, which was one of the reasons I liked it. So when something present-day came up it was jarring. They also seemed to make a point of including references to the recent past: the classic old school southern detective, the VHS tape, the old BMW, the Murder She Wrote re-run. Old man, sure I'll give you that. However, VHS is not reliable - it degrades over time, is susceptible to magnetic fields, and the machine will often chew tape (as he said). Eventually you have to replace the tapes, especially if you are repeatedly re-recording over the same ones-- where was this guy getting new VHS tapes over the past 10 - 20 years? On another note I was shocked to see blank audio cassette tapes for sale a couple weeks ago at a convenience store - so maybe demand from hipsters explains this one. At first that makes sense. However they have portrayed him as being beyond worldly concerns and completely disinterested in humanity. So if he showed up he would have no agenda and therefore hypothetically would have no effect on the story. No it was not Cheverin's password. It was a passcode to the all street firm's accounts which were above Jack's clearance level as a compliance officer. The point of that whole thing was just to build suspense though. View all replies >