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The house alone is at least $2000/month This is produced by James Gunn who is also directing DC's Suicide Squad sequel. Evidently he made sure they were okay with it. Straw man. The question is about ALL the powers being EXACTLY the same, along with a similar origin story. For more context a judge found that Captain Marvel was an illegal copy of Superman, Fawcett Comics eventually folded and DC took over the character. Compared to this those characters are nothing alike. Hitchcock, I thought was different enough. Origin, power set, and look was different - there are plenty of characters with flight and super strength. My understanding is you go back to the same time stream, but as soon as you change anything it splinters into a new one. Once you go back and replace the stone, the splintered time stream ceases to exist. But I still have 3 issues with this: 1) Obviously taking the stone is not the only thing that was changed, every action taken from showing up in the time line until the moment of taking the stone could have had side-effects as well, 2) Assuming trillions are born every-day across the universe, replacing the stones and aborting the splintered timeline is going to eradicate all the beings born in the splintered time stream between when the stones were taken and when they were returned (not great), and 3) It seemed like they were not only traveling through time, but also through space in an unexplained and inconsistent way. Hawkeye showed up at his farm miles away, sometimes they pick where they show up, other times they still have to travel to their destination. She seemed superfluous. Only one thing she did at the beginning made any difference, and if Tony's ship hadn't failed she would be completely unnecessary. Given her power set, really surprised how little she did. This being Blumhouse (small budget) it quickly became clear that going to the tower was not going to happen. A big budget finish was not in the cards. How they even afforded Bruce Willis was beyond me. Personally I am not convinced this was a planned trilogy from the get go. The rubbing/dominance seemed to be a call back to when she said that when her dad sold her, the rapes were the worst. The queen is essentially telling her she is right back where she started. The rabbits represented her unborn kids... but I can't figure it out. Someone please explain. I was just about to post this. He did figure out the envy thing. But I guess they had to let it go since Billy turns into Shazam (which is funnier/more interesting) as opposed to being replaced by Shazam which has happened in other imaginings. View all replies >