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Bird Box vs. The Silent Place Carrot Top as Carnage!! I don't remember Rumsfeld being that charismatic... How do they mix nudity and language with kid actors in the same scenes? How di d they manage to get Chris Evans/Brandon Routh/Thomas Jane??? 2028?? Isn't that a bit too generous? Why are they so stingy with the suit? Did the ending make this better, or worse? Missing - Obligatory Helicopter Scene Cop should have spent more time chasing the perps SPOILER View all posts >


Something must have been cut. Avoiding the kid in the baseball field, and then letting the scientist just walk out of his lab. Unless they viewed humans as insects/pets not worth even killing. But that doesn't really work either - if my cat started shooting at me, I would still be concerned. Came here to make the same comment. They didn't seem completely malicious, and were fighting by some type of code. I have to assume some scenes were cut from this. Yes that movie too :) They may not have physical bodies. If they were more like spirits or light or the wind then they could not. It was pretty clearly implied that it was people with neurological issues that were not affected. The guy in the grocery store they alluded had mental issues. And the rest came from the insane asylum. Well damn??? Looks like I stand corrected. To be fair - I was not alive for his early career, I only remember him starting in the Bush II presidency. By then he was already approaching his 70s. From what I recall he was a slow talking, straight arrow boring guy. I couldn't imagine him making the type of quick witted, profanity laden retorts that Carrell was making. Again, perhaps he did in his early years. I had to fact check that he was on the shortlist for People's sexiest man alive. Sure enough he was in 2002, he was 70 years old at the time??? Still struggling to accept this... looking at old pics in his 20s/30s definitely, but this is not my recollection. Must be a glitch in my programming, no doubt to be resolved after the simulation is next restarted. I think they did a reasonable job of exploring his super senses in S3. I still would like to see more billy club action - particularly its grappling hook usage. Being perched on a rooftop simply isn't as effective a visual when he's not in the suit. Agreed. Movement was out of whack, also for his size he didn't seem thick enough, at certain points thighs looked kind of frail. Also imagine you are a tracker/soldier on a specific mission -- why would you all of a sudden decide to go on an impromptu recreational hunt. Final impromptu hunt didn't make sense to me. SPOILER why did they not just shoot themselves. The timing required for what they did, not to mention the aim was just ridiculous. For some reason she looked like she was computer generated for the first half of the film. Not sure why she was giving me a Final Fantasy vibe. View all replies >