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Storm's Accent was Legit Cliff Booth parkour scene... Is it me or did the promos do this show a disservice? Justice League Mapping / Black Noir Development Why didn't Flash just play the Brad character also? Real life Paige looked just like the other Models.. Terrifying in his prime... why would a fan get anywhere near him? Struggling to get through this... Another 90lb action hero... How is DC no suing... View all posts >


This has been done many times. As you mentioned Frequency (2000): ham radio/30 years. But that was not the first either. There was also Twilight Zone (1985.6): telepathy/285 years. A teenager with a fever is suddenly able to communicate telepathically with a girl from 1700 who has also fallen ill - and because of what she starts saying they want to kill her thinking she is a witch. But reducing the time difference to a couple weeks could make this more urgent and introduce some new twists. I'm still confused by that scene. My take was that he was lying, he actually did get an audition - and that is what we were seeing. But to tell the truth I have no idea, was it a day dream, or just an alternate reality snippet just for kicks. On a slightly separate note... I simply don't understand these people who think it is easier to kill their spouse rather than just divorce and take off -- especially if they are not rich. Never made sense to me... maybe its the rage. Bottom line is if they in fact found the body, and there were only two people on that boat... it seems clear. District 9 was nominated best picture... not that it means anything. That movie changed my life... it was so gut wrenching I can never watch it again. The sexual banter with the Dolphin didn't work for me either. Not sure if it was supposed to be humor or character development... just left me scratching my head. The incestuous undertones with Homelander however... masterfully handled ;) At first I thought she was his mother (surrogate), then I also though he was the father of her baby (unknowingly) -- but then they also had a romantic relationship. Don't know what to think... some kind of reverse Oedipus/Incest deal. Throw in Cain and Abel if the baby was his brother. I didn't like the humor associated with him... too tragic. If he really did view the sea creatures on the same level as humans, how could he stand by while they are getting murdered casually by humans and not go mad? Exactly. I am assuming he has to actively make his skin hard, just like how he becomes invisible. So if he is dead he is also no longer able to keep his skin hard. However under this logic he would also stop being invisible, unless that is the default state. I feel like Madelyn's baby is a super as well. It seems to me that they feel their error is that Homelander was not raised with a mother and that is why he is a psycho. So that is the adjustment they are making with Madelyn's baby, as well as the other kid at the end. Homelander's ability to reproduce is a new way to make supers. I assumed he was also the father of Madelyn's baby. I may be off on that theory though. Seems to me that white dudes with curly hair are the ones truly left out. Who else besides Hasselhoff? View all replies >