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[quote]1 - Are the aliens we see in the beginning supposed to be less evolved? If so, why? 2 - If Facehuggers already existed in the Prometheus timeline, then why does it take so long to be introduced to the original Xenomorphs?[/quote] 1 - I suppose. They were created "naturally" while the Xenomorph was "designed" by David, and it's supposed to be the perfect creature. 2 - They didn't? David created the facehuggers, using the blackgoo and the fauna found on the engineers' planet. I enjoyed Prometheus and the Alien movies (some more than the others), but this one was a big let down. It pretty much ruined all the previous movies for me. At this point I just wish I could watch Neill Blomkamp's Alien and forget I ever saw these prequels. View all replies >