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Malkovich's Accent... I watch this because I feel like I'm supposed to... Is it simply because people love Keanu? Just the title makes me sleepy Episode 4 is the First Mis-step. Jakob is such an insufferable twat in this Ignorance is bliss. Nobody. Likes. Rose. Haven't laughed yet... Does Nat Geo make good scripted shows? View all posts >


I'm struggling with season 2. I thought Jude Law was astounding in Season 1, but Malkovich (and his shit accent) just isn't doing it for me. This show *is* Jude Law. What If we blindfolded ourselves and put Zendaya, Kristin Stewart, and some bread in a room? Then we proceed to interview each object - I bet most couldn't tell who they were talking to. Sarah Paulson has the same lisp but she can hide it depending on the role. In The People vs OJ Simpson there was no lisp whatsoever. Well considering he dropped the gun during a performance at a hospital in front of a bunch of kids I'd say that's grounds. Perhaps Boba was like, "Damn - this works pretty well". Thus a new methodology was born for subsequent bounty hunters. I was confused about the "reveal" because I always thought it was implied that his dad did something awful anyway. I didn't know Elliot thought his dad was awesome and never did anything wrong. George actually unnerved me enough that I woke up in the middle of the night trying to read stuff. As soon as Time Travel is introduced I know the movie is going to be bad. It's the ultimate "We can do whatever we want now!" crutch. Hard for me to say. I just know it took me 5 days to slog through. Just be happy Iron Man is finally. fucking. dead. View all replies >