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So excited for this! So Fucking Hot Why didn't Jaime get sent to the wall then? George can still fix this with the books Those two Showrunners are just full of themselves now... [spoilers S8] Was it me or did Tormund not mention the... Is any of the Dialogue in S8 not ringing true for anyone else? Question about the guy who murdered Bill So boring Well - is it worth my time? View all posts >


I think you're supposed to be jerking off to this show - not talking about it. Have they shown Jules' cock yet? I want to see that bad boy. He/she's tall and lanky. I bet that's 10 incher swingin' down there. He gave that bitch exactly what she needed. Gotcha. So there are some shades of grey in there. Agreed. Putting Brann on the throne serves no purpose beyond "I bet ya never would've thought of that!!". I don't know about that. Jaime slept with one of those hideous dragons so I think they are open to others. Er wait...maybe that was Brienne. All in all, her death was just another brick in the wall. And the recaps are just D&D masturbating each other. Don't you love how the post-talks went from such intense plots that these guys helped us a make a little more sense of it to things like "We thought this shot would look so cool!!". Please stop beating up the Millennials, Kuku. Reality is tough enough for them. Now give him his participation trophy so we can all move on. Yup. I came here to find them again because I was like - holy shit. That shit was spot on. Where are they anyway? View all replies >