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Anyone else pick up on the fact... How to save this abysmal show. Who the hell is trying to push this guy through? Wonderful Finale to S4 When I sing the songs I still visualize the first one. About the ending (spoilers) Anyone else think Homelander looks like Bradley Cooper at times? Well - at least we still have The Expanse What's so great about Zendaya? So excited for this! View all posts >


As soon as Time Travel is introduced I know the movie is going to be bad. It's the ultimate "We can do whatever we want now!" crutch. Hard for me to say. I just know it took me 5 days to slog through. Just be happy Iron Man is finally. fucking. dead. ok My wife calls Jonathan Byers “Rat Boy”. He looks like a tweaked-out meth addict. I give S1 7/10 because of the 80's charm and the kids were likeable. It was fresh and new. The kids grew up, and all of the boys/men in the show seem to have forgotten how to act. The girls are still pretty good, though. The dialogue is mostly cringe and most comedic beats don't land at all. You're just sitting there like - "what? what just happened? That was the joke??" At the end of an episode you will most likely not even care to remember what happened. currently... Big Little Lies Euphoria Baskets Legion Handmaids Tale Honorable Mention: Los Espookys It's a 4/10 for me. It reeks of that, "Netflix original" curse. Where you can't put you're finger on it but it all just seems - off. I think you're supposed to be jerking off to this show - not talking about it. Have they shown Jules' cock yet? I want to see that bad boy. He/she's tall and lanky. I bet that's 10 incher swingin' down there. View all replies >