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Question about the guy who murdered Bill So boring Well - is it worth my time? “My Family’s Been Here a Long, Long Time” Now that we know Disney’s direction for Genie - who would you pick and why? Disney was smart not to mimick Robin Williams Anyone else finding Stephen Dorff stealing the show? Question about the night nanny [SPOILERS] I made it 10 mins and never came back I think the Coen’s are just imitating “The Coen’s” at this point View all posts >


He’s being elevated and celebrated too quickly - he’s being set up to fail. He will follow the sad path of M. Night I fear. Yup. I can’t even suspend enough disbelief to “believe” it. The iPod is just so nonsensical. Both eps suck so far. At the time yes. If you read the whole thread I had come back to say that by the finale I enjoyed the show. It’s still not a *great* show though. But I agree that a S2 is warranted now. It just needed to warm up. I felt that way with “Kidding” as well which blew me away by the end. I’m positive Wade wouldnt have said anything if MJ was still alive. Wade said it was when he had his own child and he imagined his own child in this sexual situation that he began to come to grips with how wrong it all really was. Fair enough. Having your own children opens the world to you in a new way. That being said - I think suing the family is in poor taste. MJ made him and gave him his life as a choreographer. If he wants to let everyone know the truth then fine. We deserve to hear it. But to also say “and I want 20 million dollars” just cheapens the whole thing. I was the 80's kid who's room was plastered with MJ items. I even made my own sequined glove despite being made fun of for it. This man was the moon and stars to me - and in some ways he still is. I defended him blindly for decades. Now I'm in my 40's. I've been around. I can tell when people are liars. I can read between the lines. And most importantly, I've learned that no matter how amazing someone can appear to be - they can still be the most awful person you can imagine in private. We were all victims to The Halo Effect ( And I believe Wade and James. I believe he was a pedophile. I believe all the stories now - James and Wade are not lying. I do believe that MJ did not think he was a pedophile, though. And I believe that he believes he would never harm a child. You can tell these boys loved him - genuinely. So his actions were rooted in what he believed and twisted into love and caring. So he seems innocent to some because MJ truly believes he's innocent. He's not acting. That being said, he was a rampant pedophile in the legal sense. I believe now. She’s also a huge Habitat for Humanity supporter. Point being, I don’t care if she likes Trump or not. It’s irrelevant to me. What she did sucked, though. So sick of this priveleged/money bullishit. Hopefully it’s a McGuffin or we find out Roland is/was actually trying to protect Hays for a reason we don’t know yet. Their duality reminds me of Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Duvall in Lonesome Dove. Yup. I don’t find myself feeling particularly sorry for Hays. And maybe that’s fine, maybe that’s just the design of his character. But I did feel sorry for Woodard (the American Indian guy). Roland comes across as a fully-realized living breathing “human”. And I also love how Roland never goes for the racist bait that Hays is always throwing out there. Wrong movie. You’re thinking of that plane-crash movie with Tom Hanks - Cast Away. View all replies >