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Now that we know Disney’s direction for Genie - who would you pick and why? Disney was smart not to mimick Robin Williams Anyone else finding Stephen Dorff stealing the show? Question about the night nanny [SPOILERS] I made it 10 mins and never came back I think the Coen’s are just imitating “The Coen’s” at this point For those curious about the music Plays like a demo-reel for Jonah and Emma. Not even a mention of Johnny Costa? So is this gonna be The Sinners “Thing”? View all posts >


Hopefully it’s a McGuffin or we find out Roland is/was actually trying to protect Hays for a reason we don’t know yet. Their duality reminds me of Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Duvall in Lonesome Dove. Yup. I don’t find myself feeling particularly sorry for Hays. And maybe that’s fine, maybe that’s just the design of his character. But I did feel sorry for Woodard (the American Indian guy). Roland comes across as a fully-realized living breathing “human”. And I also love how Roland never goes for the racist bait that Hays is always throwing out there. Wrong movie. You’re thinking of that plane-crash movie with Tom Hanks - Cast Away. Pretty common with some of the best comedians like Kaufman, Hedberg, etc. Business is booming at Planned Parenthood thanks to this movie. I think the real movie message is this: Be sure you have money. Lots and lots of money. Then motherhood isn’t so bad lol. I didn’t really like S2 much and was over the moon for S1. Is S3 even worth my time? Is this at "Ishtar" level yet? Isn't Blunt British? Is that not her normal accent? Lin was a bit of a mis-cast I agree. He did well, though, but they should probably keep him just on Broadway and song-writing duty for now. I thought Streep was a bit shoe-horned in there. I actually thought it was really well done. I was set to hate it but I left pleasantly surprised. Why *did* they make it, though? No freaking clue. There was no reason to at all, I agree. But they made a shit-ton of money so I guess that's reason enough. Netflix. View all replies >