WadeLS71's Replies

What does it matter? Call people what they prefer. It doesn't cost you anything, nobody is hurt by it. Just let people be people. Hot! As a native Tennessean, I would say her accent was spot on. Outside of major cities in the South, especially the Upper South that's what you hear. Plus she is from Georgia so I would say she is using her natural accent. Not at all, she is still beautiful. Vince Vaugh for the size. Could he pull off playing Reacher though? Lol! That's high praise for a network uniform cop show. See I was never a huge fan of Erin. I found her annoying quite often and honestly was glad to see the character go. No way can Upton become such a big character as Erin, without all the history with Voigt, but she's a good fit with the team. She's still gorgeous, too She's doing a guest spot on Riverdale starting next month. Not a show I watch, but I am going to DVR her episodes. Lol, yes she did! It seemed very abrupt. I don't know about Texas but here in Tennessee there is a 30 day period after the election before new county officials take office. He was the chief of the city police, trying to look more urban & sophisticated compared to the county sheriff. That's why all the concern about him winning the election and changing things. Plus he didn't come across as very competent. Not true. A grand jury is not a trial jury. They just determine whether enough evidence exists to warrant a trial or not. Not being indicted by a grand jury at one point does not preclude being indicted for the same crime if more evidence is obtained. Double jeopardy applies once the accused is found innocent in a trial court by a petit jury. Sara, without a doubt. I got the same Terence Malick vibe, but Nolan was not able to pull off the visual story telling of Malick. Spoke Russian to Xenia Onatopp and recognized her accent in GoldenEye.