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Trump raped someone? Who? Why was you're comment deleted? If you didn't like Season one that much and even thought it was really boring, then I don't know why you would even bother asking this question. I personally liked season two, but I didn't think it was as good as the first season. So my answer is don't bother watching it. I think the guy said 300 million. @Lily1357 You just got roasted. Go lick your wounds. I personally didn't find it funny, but I remember everyone in the theater laughing during the spider pig parts. I don't think it was meant as an F-U to the fans tho, just a bad joke (in my opinion). I have no idea what you meant by that post. But sure, lets agree to disagree. Soldiers didn't run around the battle field with bodies as shields, shooting with perfect accuracy while firing with one hand! If you want to watch a much more accurate/realistic portrayal of WW2, watch the series band of brothers (Which actually includes the real life veterans) or the pacific. Or watch saving private Ryan (Veterans of D Day had problems watching the entire movie because of it's realistic combat scenes), flags of our fathers/letters from Iwo Jima. Hacksaw Ridge reminds me much more of the John Woo WW2 film 'Windtalkers'. Over the top, but fun to watch. Not realistic in any way. Lol, I think you have the wrong website. Here's some additional videos tho. So Hip just kept driving even tho the girls were yelling at him to stop? View all replies >