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Burke & Hare Worse than creepy. His name should be on a list somewhere, ugh. Hahahaha! This comment didn't age well. Precisely Ah, didn't realize anything was changed from the cut hardcover to paperback. In the uncut '90 version, Harold eats Paydays, no? Hm, I don’t think there was an ‘80s edition, just the cut ‘78 and the uncut ‘90 1978 for the book actually. ‘90 was just when the uncut version was finally released On second watch of the scene, Owen probably is the only one to recognize her. So he must have invited her? Maybe she's his plus one? It was definitely her, but I don't think any of the three recognized her; everyone forgot about the events but her. Who was Marieli Minuti? Don't remember an Anna character. View all replies >