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No. Toast 'em Pop-Up's were the Post Country Squares after they rebranded due to initial failure. So no, that was not left out at all, that was the main point of the film! Ha, is this a joke? He said he's been reading graffiti on the wall, implying they live in a dangerous slum, then made remarks about his little sister crying because they forgot to feed her and the older sister sexting older guys. This is all implying to his aunt that Helen isn't fit to raise children. Why wouldn't she be upset? I think the clear answer here is that the show just isn't for you, which is fine, but the question for you is why did you watch so much of it? Clearly the entire world was in love with it after season 1--if you watched season 1 and weren't in love with it (quite the opposite, it seems), why did you bother to continue? You clearly weren't seeing it how others were, no worries, move on, don't watch another 50 hours of a show you don't like to then come complain about it on a message board. If you honestly are looking to an answer to "what is this show about?" it's basically a character study of a man who happens to be a mobster and also a family man in therapy. And his family and associates. If you enjoy watching these characters, you'll enjoy the show; if you don't, you won't. You seem to fall into the latter. No biggie. They didn't spell this out in the movie, but I just watched and Venus/Serena have the Williams last name, but the others have the Price last name of their mother, so I guess they each had separate kids and then got together? They did a brief stint in juvenile detention, as explained It was. Ha, no go, but man what a terrible title. I appreciate how determined you are here!! Much more indie Damn, good find, but unfortunately no, this one just follows the same couple through the whole movie I believe. Part of me was thinking it was Justin Long, but I didn't see anything like that in his filmography, someone like him though. Gahhh, haha. View all replies >