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I really like the McRib but I couldn't eat four in one day. Yikes! Are you kidding? Kids love creepy things. 9. Toilet paper I use Yahoo comments too and I agree with you. The trolls are easy to spot because they're repetitive and have tens off thousands of comments in a short period of time. They have become boring. I live in Los Angeles so I was hoping for a Dodgers win but there is always next year. The Angels don't count because they are not in Los Angeles instead they play in Anaheim. Not even the same county. Really? Here you go. You won't see me there because I post anonymously so the trolls can't block me. Like here there are children posting on Answers. [url][/url] I actually just watched this movie last night and I agree. It's a fun movie. I like to use Yahoo Answers in the political forum and I've noticed that most of Trump's devoted supporters no longer post there. Trump is through. He just doesn't know it yet. Here you go... Vegan turkey. Yum! [url][/url] Trump supporters really do live in a different reality than other Americans. View all replies >