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Trump was embarrassed on the first day of the NATO summit and it shows no one is bothering to take him seriously anymore Trump’s mental state is deteriorating dangerously due to impeachment with potentially ‘catastrophic outcomes’, psychiatrists urgently warn Congress Ten signs that Trump and his supporters are a cult **Baker's Dozen - Movies where drug use/abuse is central to the plot** CLOSED White House can't find any record of call which president insists exonerates him **Baker's Dozen - Movies with iconic vehicles** CLOSED In a huge blow to Trump, DOJ watchdog found no evidence to support the claim that the FBI spied on his 2016 campaign Worry rises in military over Trump's decision-making New revelations undermine GOP defense of Trump View all posts >


It's too easy to misuse "too" and "to." Such a classy woman. You are watching Trump disintegrate right before your eyes and it's upsetting you. I get it. That's why you are lashing out with insults and nonsense. I just hope that you won't be too devastated when Trump is removed from office. Oh, by the way. I'm not a liberal instead I'm just a concerned American who knows we can do better than Trump for a president. No.. I know what that means. What does Melania mean with Be Best? What the fuck does that even mean? Blackout by Scorpions <url></url> Yet you have no problem with Trump wasting over $110 million playing golf almost every weekend or his stealing millions of dollars from funds that would have benifited military families to pay for Trump's useless and mostly nonexistent border wall. Trump supporters really do live in a different reality than other Americans. 1. Inland Empire 2. Fatal Attraction (1987) 3. HARVEY (1950) 4. Donnie Darko 5. Jojo Rabbit (2019) 6. Watership Down (1978) 7. Space Jam (1996) I prefer to call Trump the Toddler-in-Chief or Orange Shitgibbon. Not very original but they seem to fit. View all replies >