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Agree on the sneeze! I also didn´t get how STEM could enhance the tattoo but needed the guy to draw it under the control of STEM for STEM to be able to read it... But I liked the movie a lot overall! One might guess (accurately) that I'm a fan of this movie... And that would be correct - I love every aspect of it. Having said that - I have the deepest respect for all of you that don't like it, regardless of your reason. I first saw it when I was 12 years old when the movie was more than a decade old. But the sfx still held. So every re-watch I'm primed by my first impression and the sfx don't bother me. I believe the sfx to be A-class standard for its time and not a result of a tight budget or time schedule. Just look at any other gore and monster sfx from that era and you'll find they're not any better. However, in 1998 we had (I'm assuming) all experienced the Jurassic Park paradigm shift and new benchmark of sfx which simply made all prior monster films less plausible. Alien is also quite slow (not necessarily in it's time but definitely compared to 1998, and compared to present times it's basically comatose) which doesn't sit well with everyone. It's also a bit weird that the monster moves very slowly but manages to "get 'em all"... The "guy in a suit" topic seems just as ancient as the movie itself, but it is of course important for the film experience. As you point out - it is the final scenes that reveals it. It would have been difficult to give the audience a resolution without showing that the whole monster is sucked out into outer space and blasted away without revealing the guy in a suit. Then again - it could have been illustrated without showing the whole creature. I like that you share your feelings about the film in a very objective manner - it opens up for a good conversation about it. I have no problem with anyone that doesn't like one of my favorite films. In fact, it only proves that no piece of art can speak to all human beings, which is the beauty of it if you ask me. Peace, love and escapism to all! Xeno Yes. They didn't hunt nor kill but were hunted and nearly killed so I guess the movie would have benefited from a comedy element and being named "Hunted and nearly Killed" as there were so many characters that were just silly. I agree And further... - Blood drying up in seconds - Sub staff not too shaken up about nearly dying and almost starting WW3 - SEALs acting all 90s action movieish strifing around like Charlie Sheen - The absence of a character to root for - Do we really need Russians to speak american english in this age? - Or did I miss the point? Was this movie aimed at 12-year olds? View all replies >