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Similar shows recommendations Why doesn't he do Cameo in his movies like Stan Lee? Trump just bullied Cecilia Vega (ABC reporter) I want a sex scene between new female Doctor and her wife River Song You do the crime you do the time. Internet Pariah Trump is very qualified... What's wrong with the guy? Isn't the character Dopinder a little stereotypical and racist? Good cinematography, different, original, cliche-less underrated movie Movie aged so badly View all posts >


'I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson' is a good find. I didn't know there's still good shows being made Hahahaha haha Endgame as the best, this joke of the movie? Really? Any little value Endgame has, is because of its all the prequels references, it has little to no value of its own. No mind boggling stuff in there. Even nothing unexpected happens in fight scenes other than Captain America wielding Mjolnir. I judge movies based on how many times can I tolerate or enjoy watching them. 1. Civil War. (Best action sequences. As serious as they come) 2. Thor Ragnarok (First half better than second half. If you're making a comedy movie, go all the way. Still many parts watchable) 3. Infinity War (Gamora part sucks. Ebony Maw died too easily and too quickly) 4. Avengers (Multiple times watchable. Still has the best writing) That's it. Rest of them suck too much to be ranked even. 5. Winter Soldier (Cut down half an hour. Introduce Iron Man or other avengers cameo) 6. Endgame (Cut down an hour. Don't try to make it emotional, only works on fanboys & fangirls) I'll rate the Captain Marvel Once I watch it but I doubt it's gonna even make the list The high rating is misleading and it only raised my expectations before I watched it. It's like Thor 2 or Iron Man 2 What happened to the two main founding fathers? Are you spoiling something here? I saw the movie tonight and it was awesome..not dponeb? poweer? ktrame? Go home your drunk In India there's intermission in every movie. I didn't know it was a thing of past in USA It shows even cold blood killers feel emotions unlike you, you bloody psychopath Stop posting in here. I don't wanna see his fat orange face everytime I visit the site Deep down we all know who's pulling our politicians strings, Russians or Top 1% corporations. Only she and Bernie are honest enough to save this country now from evil billionaires. View all replies >