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Trump just bullied Cecilia Vega (ABC reporter) I want a sex scene between new female Doctor and her wife River Song You do the crime you do the time. Internet Pariah Trump is very qualified... What's wrong with the guy? Isn't the character Dopinder a little stereotypical and racist? Good cinematography, different, original, cliche-less underrated movie Movie aged so badly Racists will hate it. Started good, got old so quick View all posts >


What's the problem? I like little boys Because of peace of shits like you, they don't make enough movies with female leads I didn't see you complaining when Aquaman Superman, Logan, or Spiderman came out. Could it be because Captain Marvel happen to be a woman? edit: Judging by your post 'Drunf is the funniest president", you very well may be a sexist Yea but why don't we see Korean version of Hulk Amadeus Cho, black ironman Riri or no gay character? Why do they always selectively make movies about white superheros? Do I sense a hint of institutional racism? Looks like, it's just another male rape fantasy movie. I'll remember to stay clear of this movie Yes I have watched and liked them along with millions of others, who're requesting for more. If you don't like them, then don't watch Guns and violence-ok. Murders and Blood-ok A little bit of love and care-Sick? Your a troll huh Are you people joking? Yea it pissed me off too. View all replies >