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Trump just bullied Cecilia Vega (ABC reporter) I want a sex scene between new female Doctor and her wife River Song You do the crime you do the time. Internet Pariah Trump is very qualified... What's wrong with the guy? Isn't the character Dopinder a little stereotypical and racist? Good cinematography, different, original, cliche-less underrated movie Movie aged so badly Racists will hate it. Started good, got old so quick View all posts >


Deep down we all know who's pulling our politicians strings, Russians or Top 1% corporations. Only she and Bernie are honest enough to save this country now from evil billionaires. Whether you like it or not. Bernie wave is coming You must be the acting expert everyone's talking about. No you fukcing are not, you are just a misogynist What? Where? and nazis like you seriously need to be punched Say what u want but I stood corrected. Racists did hate the movie Hate the fact that every male character is way too muscular. At least Lei or Law shouldn't be that buffed. But that's not the critique of only tekken 7. Tekken 5, 6 were guilty of that too Don't use the word in a derogatory way, you bigot The Babadook was one of the better one still it's just a one time watch All the comic universes are alternate universe. We've been just focusing on ones where whites are the superheros View all replies >