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I Felt Like Runnin Marathon After Movie Dangerous Seen Lessonz From da Art of Racin n da Rain Too Much Saccharine Feelz Tacky Too Scarie... Boo yah Moral of Story Not Enuf Action Wuz Lookin 4 Sum Weekend Popcorn Fun when... View all posts >


Surprisingly a lot of depf even more so than Hustlerz or Gold Finch. Wuz she still phat? Alrite I lied, it wuz ur berf vid I mix it up wid ice age from time 2 time Bore Funnie seenz wud help Unrealistic stripper seenz - nobody wud pay so much 2 see them strip, all nude club much? A stripper movie widout main starz goin nude? Yawn Destiny char so detestable - hate weak ppl like her Bad castin - main starz had tiny boobies Too many cutz and small seenz make it feel like a docu and not a real moovie Jlo only good in very last seen, need mo of dat It’s scarie, shaddup! Exactly waste of time So borin. Why didn’t they rip his heart out be4? Only if u have anacroidphobia I normally disagree wid critix but they r rite hear, an absolute, overlonged borefest. View all replies >