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Not Bileevable Dis wuz Masterpeace Marvel’s 1st Flop CG Rocket Lookz Fake Too Scarie Is Alita Also a Sexbot? Feel Good Movie of the Year? Why Did They Remake it Wid a Fugly Gurl? Had an Ear Ache View all posts >


I’m not sure how u know dis but yesss Daz my fave part Apologie excepted Who r u callin unedumucated? My mum home skooled me and I lerned mucho, MUCHO! Orig Cap Marv is a blk woman and ze 1 me most familiar wid in Secret Warz I did see a mecha dick. Wat a waste. Not if I do so 1st. No dirty 2nds 4 me. They don’t give refund past an hr. Also I wuz scared dat tix guy judge me as a scarie kat! I guess 1 man’s fugly is another’s hot I’d do her but then I do anything dat movez View all replies >