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Not until midway where Buck sez No!!! I wudnt let reviewz decide my moviez but dis 1 actually wuz bad - too confusin On contrary there r very few laffz in btw It very necessary bec I don’t wanna read subtitlez It’s up 4 debate but troof be told, American filmz suck dis yr. I mean only contenda is 1917? Daz awful. It wuz either another awful best pic winner or a film daz actually good like Parasite so timin is everthin. Best pic 4 me is Uncut Gemz but it lookz like Oscarz don’t like awardin certain ppl or prefer later in their careerz or just too damn political. It’s not overated bec 1917 wudve been awful as best pic Why did she push Trump in da fire? Or readin a borin post Song is good but movie cud be better. A skinny chick is elastic so she can really biatch slap View all replies >