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Too Scarie Is Alita Also a Sexbot? Feel Good Movie of the Year? Why Did They Remake it Wid a Fugly Gurl? Had an Ear Ache Mariam is Hot Why Didn’t They Hire a Bigger Russian Boxer? Really Good Movie so Borin View all posts >


They don’t give refund past an hr. Also I wuz scared dat tix guy judge me as a scarie kat! I guess 1 man’s fugly is another’s hot I’d do her but then I do anything dat movez Still not dat Ferrari. Google GTC4 Lusso. Not sure if it’s 1993, felt more current. Dat Ferrari is def not 1993 and very 2016 I saw movie and luved it. Some ppl have an agenda. I concur, both grate moviez but Green Book is on another level tho I enjoyed both a lot. Mo funnier Dis wuz amazin Elomuqience is my middle name View all replies >