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Anyone watch this? Goodman Becoming Steve Jobs Scene that always bothers me Something i just picked up on Do you think Typed up month to month synopsis for Christmas cards AMC Christmas programming Garofalo in the 90s Eggnog View all posts >


Ive always assumed he went on tour with Wham after this. George Michael's assistant maybe? 1. Zoolander 2. White Chicks 3. Scary Movie 4. Meet the Parents 5. Old School 6. Talladega Nights 7. Step Brothers 8. Tropic Thunder 9. Anchorman 10. Shallow Hal Picked up his biography at a Dollar store last year. He seems to have an opinion on every TV show, movie, actor, actress, director and political figure but zero mention of Geena Davis or anyone associated with Beetlejuice. Strode in this one has to be in a mental hospital herself right? Hes naked! Not naked. He is without apparel. True. These tornados held a grudge and were animalistic. Went after specific family members. Even hissed like a cat at times. Very scary. Yeah, true. You know tornado season is right around the corner when they start airing the hell out of this in January and February. Mr. Potato head! Mr. Potato head! Back doors are not secrets! Yeeah! Thats perfect! Pitch it in here greenhorn! Ill knock it to the moon. View all replies >