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Anyone watch this? Goodman Becoming Steve Jobs Scene that always bothers me Something i just picked up on Do you think Typed up month to month synopsis for Christmas cards AMC Christmas programming Garofalo in the 90s Eggnog View all posts >


Mr. Potato head! Mr. Potato head! Back doors are not secrets! Yeeah! Thats perfect! Pitch it in here greenhorn! Ill knock it to the moon. Hey Yo Tommy! I didnt hear no bell. One more round. The River Wild Eight Men Out A League of Their Own What if i told you Porky's was better then Animal House? Let me run this by Chelsea Handler before confirming. Well, im back. I hate having to do this AMC. But again you blew it by not airing Jaws on Memorial Day weekend or the week leading into Memorial Day. Someone should be fired for this. God didnt make Rambo, i did. View all replies >