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I think you and I need to go outside and have a little talk. Gentlemen. Wade Garrett. I just watched it like three times on CMT this week. "The boss says im suppose to pick up a keg a beer. Well, the boss called you right?" Yeah. And he was too fast in this. At point In the underground tunnel system he takes off on a full sprint. We all know Jason doesn't doesn't run. Too me its a major error in the film. Mind your own business, DAD! Rachel Maddow. Total smoke show. Tall, fit, athletic, smart. She is the total package. Your file says you've got a degree from NYU. What field? Philosophy. Come up with any answers? Haha, not too many. Mans search for faith. Hows a guy like you end up a bouncer? Just lucky I guess. You know what show that still works today? The Waltons. Never saw the show until the last few months as it was before my time. But Its crazy how many topics they covered back then that could play today and they were suppose to be dealing with issues from like the 1930s. This has been her act her entire career. Every magazine article is about her looking amazing at 30 at 40 at 50. Will there be a Friends reunion. Has she been in contact with Pitt. Why hasn't she ever had kids. Its the same with Oprah. Every magazine article the last 30 years is about her finally finding the secret to weight loss and keeping it off. I was sick of it 20 years ago. So are you gonna help us or not? Ill let you know. Well, you don't like shit to me. Opinions vary. Cody, im outta here. View all replies >