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In a deleted scene right before she runs off to jump off the stern she breaks down in her cabin. She returns from dinner and calls for trudy to help undress but she is nowhere to be found. After attempting to undress herself she gets frustrated and starts knocking everything off her dresser and starts hurling items and one of those is the mirror. The book and the film are not the same. I am absolutly right and you are wrong. She was not in love with him anymore, but she still cared. She was afraid that once he discovered frank in the attic that he would be killed by Frank. She was seducing him as a distraction from going into the attic and meeting his death, a deaf blind mute would understand that. How the hell else do you explain Julia crying and pleading with Frank as he menacingly steps out the closet with a knife and starts skinning the rat as she is saying : "Please no, I cant bear it". Then in the very next scene with her and Frank, he is asking her to bring him Larry and she is answers him with a solid "I said NO!". You know many woman that bring there resurrected lover men they meet in a bar? She does not hate larry, she merely is disappointed with him as a lover and finds him square and boring. You might want to rewatch the film as your assessment makes no sense and you are avoiding major factor that invalidate your position. Step down and Stop acting like an expert and show some humility. But even after she started to like killing the men she brought home she was still dead set against using Larry. She freaked out and attempted to protect him against Franks threats. She then did a 180 and had no qualms about killing him. I was had a hard time accepting Julia's decision about Larry. After seeing her break down into sobs and saying she couldn't bear having Frank kill larry and standing her ground when Frank asked her again seemed too much of a change.I would have bought it if perhaps Frank did it when she was out looking for men and frank was impatient. That way the choice was out of her hands and it would not such a jump to the extreme. I am not sure what point you are trying to make. As marines they should have been properly guarding the drop ship no matter how secure. What exactly are you suggesting? Yes, up until they landed he mentioned their bonus. However, the bonus is never mentioned again. It had nothing to do with his common sense in regard to Kane. Yeah, if she had any romantic feelings for anyone at camp it must have been Bill. But I doubt she would have made a tense situation if she was hooking up with steve and then went to Bill...but according to the novel she was having an affair with a married man in california so... ? But why did she seem so skeeved by him. I got the impression they had a fling but then in some of their interactions he looks like am old perv making the moves on an unwilling girl. The thing that gets me with the drop ship was how they didn't bother to have it in a secured area AND that the ramp wasn't guarded. Ignoring the slime isn't even the issue, it was likely too late at that point. But the fact the xenomorph had an opportunity to slip in unnoticed is my issue. As you previously said, ot should have been secured. But cant imagine that marines would be THAT careless to not guard the dropship and to put themselves in danger because Spunkmeyer wanted a smoke break. View all replies >