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People come for the party... He should have been in Cory in the House Why don't we have flying bikes yet? My Dinner with Andre remake of a remake but on a beach? Was Amel and Atlantis taking it too far do you think? Reboot but in the Planet of the Apes universe? It was Doctor Lawrence Gordon the whole time. Which bus station did they find all these contestants sleeping in? Trip from Enterprise is George W. Bush! With Hamill and Conroy back together - let's make up for ruining The Killing Joke! View all posts >


Could be the case...seems like decent thinking. So Millburn... Are you kiddin'? I'm living the life of Riley and don't have anything to worry about beyond making a living. Let's see you in a knife fight to live just one more day. There's a war coming. I'd be on my game if I were you. CSB Either way,, it is known as the Clock Tower. Perhaps take it as an injoke. You are a goddamn genius Gump! When they were building it in 1985 it was a clock tower. I think that guy just stole his wallet. S Voice talks to your cat when you sleep is why Spanners. Don't trust S Voice. It is indeed a very well shot movie Dazed. I don't think I'd include Ridley Scott in the best eye for camera work groupings though. He is excellent (Usually) but his use of camera is fairly pedestrian to my mind (Black Hawk Down and the miniature work within Blade Runner which he didn't personally oversee withstanding). I feel if you are going to award merit to the camera work you should look at exactly that. Edgar Wright would get my vote for framing, but I doubt I'd enter him into camera work. It's run completely by IMDb trolls is why. I thought that was obvious to everyone. You just love Manhunter too much Dazed! It is true though, some lovely work done there with the camera (And glass and mirrors). View all replies >