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There were no Black abolitionist movements in any African kingdoms. Whites freed Blacks from slavery Very politically correct movie This movie should be banned for inciting hatred. Authors should be jailed I wonder if this movie will accurately portray African slavery What an overrated movie Intersectionality has overtaken Hollywood Woke garbage Questioning catalizing events is now a crime View all posts >


Compared to What. Name me an ethnic group that did not have slavery. Of course not. Whites were the first in the world to end slavery. They ended slavery both in America and in Africa as well as other colonies around the world. Just about everyone practiced slavery. Had Whites not bought existing slaves from Africans, those slaves would just remain slaves in Africa. In your dreams. There is cultural backlash. Elon is buying Twitter and right wingers are about to be allowed to speak. The fight isn't over yet. Even if the director himself doesn't believe in diversity and inclusion, that is still what is expected from a Hollywood major movie nowadays. He has to tow the line. It's ideological. Not always but generally they are. Unless you can show me that Hollywood doesn't believe in diversity and inclusion. Generalizations do count when talking about patterns. Unless you can show me my generalization is incorrect and Hollywood doesn't believe in diversity and inclusion. Both of these ideologies are evil and don't belong in Europe. In fact they don't belong in the world. No they don't because they fear of being called racist. View all replies >