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She's a trans-trender The piercing chandelier scene Borat is a ripoff of Mahir Imagine if Borat was making fun of Africans How does this get such a good critic rating? WTF did I just watch? How prominent was African American mafia in the 1950s? Disappointed by the 4th season.... Not good The wokeness is just rubbing it in our face View all posts >


I mean I'm on your side here, but think this is a losing strategy. Weather or not it's a mental illness is irrelevant in actuality. Why? Because we do not (yet) have the technology to change someone's brain. We do however have the technology to change the body. There will always be a lot of people who feel sorry for people with gender dysphoria. After all, they were crewed by nature by giving them this condition. The problem aren't people with gender dysphoria. They have existed for a long time and have been transitioning. The problem currently is the new modern craze that even people without gender dyphoria are trans. People who feel totally comfortable in their bodies. People who have been totally happy identifying as the sex they were born in for most of their life until suddenly now (when there is a popular tendency to identify as trans) they claim to be transgenders. This is crazy. If you feel comfortable in your own body, you are not trans. I see no evidence that their desire to identify as trans isn't 100% generated by society and identity politics. I agree that she might just be seeking attention. But this is an important place of discussion where us conservatives can resist the crazy left. You're not because she's still a woman. Being confused does not make you the opposite sex. She's not transgender. As far as I know she does not seek surgery/transition. Nobody was paying attention to her since she came out as lesbian. Her career dried up. The best way to get attention these days (and she did achieve it as we can see from the popularity on this forum) is by claiming you're transgender. All the brainwashed liberal zombies will come to congratulate you, glorify you and give you publicity. He staged much of that footage to make Giuliani look bad That wasn't making fun of African Americans. No it's really not. Thanks, that's the answer I was looking for. I want 2 hrs of my life back. View all replies >