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I sincerely hope this outperforms EVERY DCEU movie. Seems like Showtime hired the wrong member of this couple. A Gemini Man remake? If David was the Overseer...(possible spoiler) Trump doesn't visit troops on Christmas. Anyone surprised? Will Thanos snap this movie out of existence? So why did ingen NEED dinosaurs in this movie? SPOILERS When this comes out on digital i’m going to watch all 4 in a row "Scott is doing a great job!".....another one bites the dust. So amazingly, it's Jurassic Park 3 that's actually the only unique one. View all posts >


I think he was watching Superman and thinks Jor-El is part of the deep state. I’m sure we’ll see a thread about how the police are allowing rich people get murdered without justice like those nice Wayne’s. They left their son an orphan, after all!! Well.....they aren't. He doesn't acknowledge that his PREVIOUS defense was that I represented the state of "modern liberalism", either. Better than you. Good thing I was a Republican from 1983 to 2016, isn't it? Liberalism is pretty safe. Unless you're one. Then it's a clown car driven by Stevie Wonder. Because you're quite the tool. I HAVE watched Fox News. I find them as deplorable as MSNBC. But I did it solely to have an informed opinion of what I speak to. Unlike you, who seems to just pull things out of your uninformed ass and try to sound somewhat intelligent. You think for yourself in one sentence....mangle grammar in another. Way to make a point and then prove it. Really? Because, honestly, a diet of Fox News would've been the only excuse for some of your behaviors. If you do "use my own brain"'re obviously using an inferior tool for the job. But once everyone in power made it clear that they would not indict a sitting President.....why would you think that there would be indictments to Trump in the Mueller report? I mean....that was pretty clearly a waste of time. It's showing everyone and everything else that he had his malformed hands in. Shouldn't you be dancing naked in the streets of New York (a promise you made if Captain Marvel beat 500 million), drinking your urine for 6 months (if Captain Marvel beat 600 million) and, of course....eating your own fecal matter ON VIDEO (the promise you made if Ant-Man and the Wasp beat Solo)? Silly, silly Martha. You keep forgetting....we're better than you. You're cheering for Shazam and DC didn't even CREATE the character! View all replies >