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I was so much older then , I'm younger than that now Flashback to 1989 French Open ala Michael Chang Abby is now gone : NCIS , it's time 2018 PREAKNESS rest in peace , Joseph Campanella Must forgive me TV quote Saint Patrick's Day !!! View all posts >


There are no " facts " to support your claim. It is your " reality " and many believe the scientific claim to be a "fairy tale " The so called fossil record is very misleading - many Christian scientists do not believe it "proves" the earth is as old as you thing it is. The Bible is a much more accurate barometer of the Earth's age. We are not the only ones - many opinions differ. You have your belief system and I have mine science is not my god - it's yours. The so-called evidence is based on theory In the eyes of Christians , homosexuality is an abomination. You simply disagree. Yet you cannot seem to accept other people's point of view. It is not that complicated. yes , everyone's bung hole stinks Evolution Is A Lie Not sure on age , more than likely 15-25,000 years old All around us No , the term has been in use for some time , as far as I know. I always try to respect other's opinions , tho I often disagree with them. I have done my best to defend them - as many others have for many years I do not comprehend the game comment The Jack Benny Show The Honeymooners Perry Mason( 1957-66) Gunsmoke , the black and white episodes Nash Bridges The Sopranos NCIS That 70s Show Longmire Justified Breaking Bad Friends The Bob Newhart Show Newhart NYPD Blue Police Story View all replies >