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Trump signed 4 Executive Orders today (8/8/20) Biden out of the basement, out on a bike ride! Protesters: You Are Attempting To Commit Murder! Matilda???!!!! C'mon man! Birx says we should wear a mask at home Like I've been saying for months, Fauci is untrustworthy Nadler thinks it's a myth Nick Sandmann (Covington Catholic) What the....???!!!!!! View all posts >


😂😂 Exactly, Gd. I keep forgetting how they raise money for the Dems. Thanks for the reminder! Good then they won't be trying to enter our country illegally. Another win for Trump and all of America! 😁 Hmm ok! I've never heard anyone say that where I'm from but now I get why you used it. 👍🏻😉 Oh puke 🤢🤢🤢🤢 Actually, it was Peter Doocy. 😉 Because if something was done on accident it wasn't done on purpose (that's why it's called an accident). If something was done on purpose (intentionally), it wasn't an accident. Now if you said accident in quotes, it would change the meaning. 😉 I did see both of those other things you quoted. 🙄 Ultravioletx and I had a back and forth late last night which brought a lot of this up so maybe that's why the thread was created. You and I were having a conversation and then UV responded. You can read it here: Is that your attempt to "hurt" me? 😅 You're right! That is Keelai's favorite although most of the left uses it from time to time. UV and I had a back and forth on another thread within that recent time span where s/he kept using "distraction." You know I'm totally teasing you, right?! 😁😁😁😇 "accidentally on purpose" "then" Uh oh! You're starting to sound like the resident teacher here. 😱😜 View all replies >