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Jussie officially a SUSPECT Officially a SUSPECT Jussie Smollett officially no longer considered a victim Jussie no longer considered a victim Who else bought the DVD/Blu Ray/4K? CONGRATULATIONS! Excellent choice to play Brian May! Hillary The Racist Another win for Trump Recently finished watching season 1 & 2 View all posts >


You live in a fantasy world, doggie. "Say Anything..." and "Some Kind Of Wonderful" (kinda😉) Nah, that's not how I remember how he was treated back then. Yeah, I remember that too. It's a shame he lied to that lady to kiss Obama's & Democrats butts. Lost art. Give me a break. I do remember his big thumbs down though. 🤥 I don't know any Republican voters who liked John McCain. Democrat (politicians) called him a racist when he was running for president but now they act as if none of that ever happened. All of a sudden they like him (because he was against President Trump) and kiss his butt any chance they get trying to fool the easily fooled. 🙄 Best thread today! 🐶 Love me some puppies! Have patience. They're a lot of work but it pays off! GlenEllyn! One of my favorite posters!!😊 You are so right, WickedStorm!😉 AmeriGirl, probably the best post I've read today! If whites are so privileged, why did they have to cheat the system? It IS a baby. 🙄 Well, they should too! And how many of these men even know that their own flesh and blood are being slaughtered without their knowledge and/or agreement? Why isn't this ever discussed or considered? It's equally their baby too. View all replies >