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I lived in Chicago for over 40 years. I hate baseball but always rooted for the Cubs because of my parents and kids who love The Cubs. That night I was at a basketball game for the beginning so I missed it live (but recorded it), then listened on the radio in the car ride home. I got home in time to see the last hour. When I arrived home, I could hear my neighbor yelling like crazy in his house because he's a big Cubs fan and something happened at that moment that was not good for the Cubs! I kept thinking they would win that year and they did. Just a few days later I had the same confidence that Donald Trump would win the presidency and he did! It was a really exciting time. You know what I mean. 🙄 I'm not a republican and I've never been afraid there was anything to this (or anything the MSM constantly wants us to believe). I know there are many but that's one that people are still believing. I never bowed my head to any such thing. What's going on with Jussie and President Trump right now, this is like comparing apples and oranges. Then I'll accept it because I live in reality. Will you accept it if the full (or as much as possible) report comes out and it isn't damning? I'd love to hear back from you when that happens. I have never been against the full report coming out but even if it did you people will still keep saying the same nonsense. They have zero in common 🙄🙄🙄 True. Matthew Shepard. Mueller was THEIR boy! HE did the report. THEN the summary was written by the AG ACCORDING TO MUELLER'S REPORT. You guys were so wrong and you know it. You always knew it. I know steel, it was a joke. Did you see that fans waited outside for him and took pictures? Sick people. I shouldn't be surprised. Criminals have women after them when they're in prison. View all replies >