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Ebert reviews The Honkers! The troubled production of Tom Horn THE COMANCHEROS was based on a great 1952 novel Great behind the scenes set photos!! All Region German blu ray has Making Of documentary & extensive Terence Hill interview!! Great off set photo of Bronson and the mechanical white buffalo! Where is Michael Keaton's Vulture? Details on Scorcese's 1993 restoration with comments from Heston Original negatives for this film were stolen and held for ransom The deleted scenes have finally surfaced!! View all posts >


Watch this great, hard to find film here: Photo of Bronson and Curtis reuniting in 1993: From an interview with the prosecuting attorney in the real life case: "He got paid about a thousand dollars per kilo he was delivering and his normal load was about 250 kilos to Detroit. People should realize [the film] was fictionalized from what was actually occurring with Leo Sharp." I own the German blu ray edition and yes, the German blu-ray is region free. Plays fine on my US player. Also notable is that there is a FANTASTIC, in depth, 45-minute documentary on the making of the film(in German language w/ english subtitles) and a VERY extensive interview with Terence Hill (with Terence speaking in the english language). Also included are trailers and such. The extra features are present on the German Nobody standalone disc as well present on the German Nobody double-feature paired with the sequel 'Nobody Is The Greatest'. The German Edition with these extra features in a MUST HAVE for anyone who loves this film, although the picture quality in the US version is a bit better. Was just listening to my DVD commentary and just cannot fathom why this is still not available on blu ray in 2019. Maybe negotiations with the Wells family perhaps? However, there is now a nice HD transfer available for streaming out there so hopefully it gets announced for release soon. Hmmm... Back in May, it was revealed that Michael Keaton's Vulture and Michael Mando's Scorpion would not appear as villians in Far From Home despite being in the post-credits scene in Homecoming. "We never really found the right moment to do something like that. It's always just about it being right for the story and not just some sort of shoehorned-in cameo," director Watts said. The only official release of any Friedhofer music from Vera Cruz has been the opening title music which appeared on the Jasmine Records release entitled 'The Westerns Music And Songs From Classic Westerns' available here: Some more info on the score from an insider known as manderly: "Hugo told me years ago that the tapes for VERA CRUZ were gone---at least at that time---so who knows? I believe he also told me that the score was recorded in Mexico as part of the joint production of the film itself, so that would make the tracking of the original mastertapes much more difficult. Perhaps they're sitting in a musty old stone vault at Churubusco Studios alongside a cache of tequila or a cask of Amontillado." More discussion here: I definitely hear that, but on the other hand, without remakes we wouldn't have The Omega Man, Bogart's Maltese Falcon, Garland's Wizard Of Oz, Heston's Ben Hur, or Burton's Planet Of The Apes. Oh, wait, scratch that last one... Well with 12 years since Will Smith's I AM LEGEND, maybe someone else is ready to take a crack at it.... Richard Matheson: "The idea for I Am Legend came to me when I was about 16. I went to see Dracula and the thought occurred that, if one vampire was scary, a world filled with vampires would really be scary. I did not write the book until 1952. We lived in Gardena, California and I set the story there, using our house as Neville's house. I think that ascribing metaphors to a book after it is written is silly. My son Richard provided a much more likely one- that it was prophetic because of AIDS. I don't think the book means anything more than it is: the story of a man trying to survive in a world of vampires. If people want to assume it later, that's up to them. It has been said that a writer is entitled to an interpretation of his work that people choose to give it." Much more at link: View all replies >