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Just realized watching this tonite.... Details on the many cut scenes Andy Devine, John Ford and beans Andy Devine, John Ford and beans All-region widescreen blu-ray now available!! The Phantom Planet in HD blu-ray glory!! Full, uncut version is 74 minutes John Carpenter commentary included on the R2 DVD! HD version was streaming at Amazon.... Great widescreen transfer of 93min version now available! View all posts >


Good stuff! John Boorman's 1968 HELL IN THE PACIFIC with Lee Marvin and Toshiro Mifune! The original LP release at the time was an incomplete 43-minutes and was also issued in 1996 on a now out-of-print CD: A wonderfully accurate 73-minute re-recording of the COMPLETE score was released on CD in 2018, conducted by Nic Raine, and is available here: A nicely done video documentary of films that feature the El Condo fortress: Kino Lorber recently announced that they have acquired the rights for a SHAMUS blu-ray release, possibly arriving before the end of 2022... Similar vein: Paper Magazine's editorial director, Mickey Boardman, once told Buzzfeed that Stiller was "pretty horrible" on a photoshoot during which the actor constantly complained. A similar sentiment was revealed in the infamous Sony hacks, which uncovered an email by chairman Tom Rothman who called Stiller a "talented, albeit horrible human being." Then there are the stories from the unfortunate people who have worked for Stiller. On her blog, someone who calls herself "Miss Banshee" recalls her experience working for a day as an extra on Zoolander. She claims Stiller was "a d**k," who whined and complained incessantly, threw temper tantrums at the crew, and was placated only by his "very smiley and very blonde wife" when she brought him Starbucks. The set of Little Fockers was apparently similar, at least according to insiders who told The National Enquirer (via Celebitchy) that Stiller "alienated most of the cast and crew" with his "vain and self-absorbed behavior." He also allegedly kept two personal chefs on set, who also happened to be "stunning blondes" who "constantly massaged the star's over-inflated ego." We honestly could keep going with the stories, but you've probably already grasped our point. Read More: McTiernan states towards the end of these extensive cast/crew video interviews "....the directors cut is different in several ways but I can't claim there was a magnificent movie.....difference of maybe 5, 10 minutes....maybe it's better leaving it as a myth." The cleanest transfers of this film I've seen are currently available on youtube. While not perfect, they remain much more watchable than anything I've seen on disc. I have not found these 'higher quality' youtube prints on any DVD or DVD-r to date. The Alpha is still the best one I've found on commercial pressed DVD(which isn't saying much). The release currently available everywhere listed as Nostalgia Family Video/Reel Vault/Cinema Classics Collection dated 2015 with the vintage poster artwork upc# 644827150328 are all three the same transfer on DVD-r and are poorer quality than the Alpha release. Don't waste your dough, just watch youtube. Watch a decent, correctly framed, full 114min transfer here: Space Master X-7 finally sees a clean, 2:35 widescreen DVD transfer out of Germany region 2. DVD has english audio with removable subtitles. (update: While listed as R2, this DVD played fine in my US Philips blu-ray player!) See screenshots here: Purchase here: Great share, thanks! This article was written by Paul Talbot, author of two informative Bronson books and he also does the blu-ray commentaries on many Bronson blu-rays. View all replies >