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2 years from now? I don't think most people ever knew about it to begin with. I agree. I find the whole drag show for children thing to be gross insanity. What I still find worse however is Jerry Lewis committing a double whammy of pedophilia & incest by marrying his 13 year old child cousin & Woody Allen marrying a girl he helped raise, who grew up calling him dad. As if that's not creepy enough, add to that the lifelong testimony of being sexually assaulted by Woody Allen by another daughter. The fact that Soon-YI wasn't "legally" adopted by Allen doesn't change the fact that he helped raise her as a child & she called him father. Woody Allen defenders never fail to predictably bring up that legal technicality, as if it suddenly makes it perfectly fine, and not at all sick & predatory, which says something about them. Woody Allen's own perverted behavior points towards his daughter accusations being true. Being "brainwashed" into believing a lifelong lie about being molested is extremely far-fetched when compared to an accuser as credible as a man's own daughter, when the degenerate in question put his creepy & perverted behavior on full display, grooming another daughter as child and making her his wife. Interesting. I've long hated the character & frankly the performance. Indeed everything about him I just found incredibly off putting. His pompous & pretentious attitude, the way he spoke. Everything was just very grating. The worst part of it was I didn't find any of it funny. It's not a Newman situation where he's an annoying character who you love to hate but rather a character you just want to go away because they're taking away your enjoyment of the show. He never seemed overly skilled compared to other characters & he was getting beaten pretty handily by the main antagonist in the final act and had to resort to trickery to beat him. So not really a Mary Sue but I do think the movie did a poor job of showing his ninja skills develop on screen. He just went from relatively ineffective & struggling with his Ninja training to suddenly on par with everyone towards the end of the movie with no real sense of his progression. A very solid movie I always enjoyed & I think it's Daniel Craig's best (Sorry. Never cared for him as Bond) but this is an issue that has always bothered me about this movie as well. X is thoroughly established as being very careful, meticulous & business oriented so it made little sense to me that he would allow himself to become immediately enamored & distracted by a random pretty face who immediately establishes herself as a shallow, status chasing floozy who wants to cheat on her low rent simp boyfriend who is connected to someone X had recently done business with. It's especially ridiculous considering all of the deadly turmoil that was unfolding around his criminal business at the time yet he still prioritizes calling this woman and scheduling a leisurely afternoon date. All other indications about X suggests that he would be above involving himself in such a frivolous & messy situation that ultimately comes back to bite him. I wouldn't say it glorifies drug use specifically, but it can be argued that it makes heroin junkies look less like desperate, miserable & suffering & but more so like hip, good looking, witty & rebellious 20 somethings, going through a bit of misadventure. Particularly Renton & Simon come across this way. Not sure what kind of bubble you're living in OP but terrible people come in all stripes. I suggest you look up gay serial killer couple Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole. If "toothless redneck" was in the dictionary, you'd see their faces. Evil & depraved redneck serial killers & gay as hell. A fairly obvious typo. It happens. The "i" & "o" are right next to each other on the keyboard. View all replies >