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Nice Terminator 2 reference. Saw this for the first time in over a decade... Arya had to be given one major game changing kill Rey & Leia have officially spent more screentime hugging than talking New Episode IX Trailer Confirms Disney Intent on Ruining Star Wars Sundance film festival co-founder charged for child sex abuse HBO pulls plug on discredited Neverland movie. Oprah deletes related tweets & youtube interviews More Accuser's Lies Exposed: Two key stories from slanderous film provably fabricated Fact. Elvis groomed & sexually assaulted 14 year olds 'Leaving Graceland' Elvis groomed & sexually asssulted 14 year olds View all posts >


Hollyweird certainly has its agendas and is a total cesspool of degeneracy, especially behind the scenes with pedophilia in particular being a major problem and pretty much an open secret that is largely ignored. With that being said, I didn't notice any pedophilia agenda in this movie. I was a kid when I first saw this and even then I felt it was pretty obvious that Tony was ripping Leon off, even though he kind of liked Leon, giving him just barely enough to get by and stashing the rest for himself, telling the naive & trusting Leon that he would be better for him if Tony held onto his money for him "like a bank". The movie ends with him "respecting Leon's wishes" for Tony to give Mathilda all of his money should anything happen to him by essentially running the same scam on Mathilda. Weird. I wonder why my comment got deleted. I don't even remember what I said but I generally don't post anything too crazy. Hate it when that happens. lol! Brooke Shields has to be one of the most peculiar cases of a woman who was considered a world class beauty, whose looks peaked in her teens. I wasn't paying attention to the usernames and i didn't realize you were responding to yourself. LOL. Yeah he definitely had a bad habit of asking suspiciously nosy questions. Like the scene where Bodi & Johnny discussing the surfer goons they just had a fight with. [b]Bodi: Brains are wired wrong, they're into bad sh*t. Johnny: Like what? Illegal sh*t?[/b] 🤔🤨 I gathered that the OP was aware of that they were in different movies but was asking the question in general based on the fact that both characters are the primary antagonists of their respective films. Personally I think the guy from Billy Madison was worse. I mean he outright attempts to commit muder at one point Wow OP! I don't think i could come up with a more appropriate username for a Di$ney shill. Not that you necessarily are one. Anyway, regarrding the film i'll say that after the success of the live action Beauty and The Beast i'm not surprised by its performance. Will Smith is generally component in most roles so I expected him to be alright. This. Skyfall was terrible and largely benefited from Bond fan withdrawal as it was essentially a second reboot within the Craig era. At the time I remember this one had near universal hype around it, not to mention all the awards & acclaim it recieved like it was the greatest movie ever made. I just didn't get it at the time and still don't. I always felt that Fellowship was definitely the strongest & the films actually got weaker with each subsequent installment. View all replies >