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Terminator Salvation: The only sequel that didn't ride the coattails of T1 & T2 Who was this movie for exactly? Final scene with young Will Smith CGI Bottom of the barrel Stephen King horror Simple, straightforward action thriller A woman sexually harassed & coerced at work = Awful but Man gets raped = *shrugs*? I generally liked S1 but S2 has largely a chore to watch. Not terrible but not particularly good either Talk about an extremely flattering profile photo Dr. No Time To Live and Let Die Another Day Tomorrow...Twice View all posts >


I was either not alive or too young to see either T1 or T2 in theaters & I don't remember being all that interested in seeing T3 when it first came out. I'm pretty sure that Terminator Salvation was the only Terminator film that I saw in the theaters. I don't think it was overrated at all. I wasn't expecting much but was surprised the level of suspense and creepiness. I was pleasantly surprised. Arguing with the resident white supremacists over tired old white supremacist talking points is an exercise in futility. I can't believe the degenerate psychopaths in here calling the OP "homophobic" for being offended by the movie making light of the fact that a man was anally raped (Yes it was %100 rape. He was completely drugged out of his mind, completely incapable of consent which he never would have otherwise) by a Thai transsexual prostitute , without a condom (in the freaky sex tourism capital of the world) and was very likely exposed to HIV and any number of other STDs. Any rational & decent person should be horrified by that scenario. I remember that being so frustrating to watch, asking myself why the Terminators kept nonsensically grabbing and throwing people. I guess it just wasn't able to overcome its PG-13 programming. No punching holes through people allowed. I didn't say it was good. I thought I was pretty clear about that. The only credit I gave the film was that it tried to take the series forward instead of retreading T1 & T2 even though the film turned out to be at best "so so" overall. The problem wasn't that they did something new. It was just that they didn't execute it very well. Two mediocre "back to formula" films since Salvation (Three overall if you count T3) and none of them have worked either. More than likely true. It's never going to be like the old imdb boards when the hype of big releases would often crash the boards from all the traffic. So a facetiously made comment by a (white)character in a show regarding the prevalence of racism/white supremacy among whites, within the context of the show somehow makes the show racist? Sounds like the classic SWS fallacy of "You're racist for saying i'm racist/You're racist for calling out white supremacy". Talk about broad, sweeping generalization. I'm pretty sure we've been over this so let's not get into another pointless "Uh huh!/ NAh uh!" back and forth. TFA was runny pile of dog sh*t that crippled any potential for the ST as we saw with TLJ & will see with TROS. You like TFA and that's fine. It's not like it's necessarily "wrong" to enjoy crap. View all replies >