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Or probable murderers it seems. How many corpses have been dragged out of Ed Buck's house again? While I personally liked the film I can understand why this film may not resonate with some people. It's long, some may even say meandering but I feel the great direction, sets & effects that were ahead of its time definitely make up for the somewhat meandering pace & the confusing/ambiguous ending that puts some people off. Seriously. That has to be the most random character comparison one could come up with. They're not even remotely alike to the point I'm thinking the OP probably got the names mixed up with a different character. I mostly agree. The movie is surprisingly dull apart from the 2 brief action sequences leading up to the somewhat underwhelming final showdown. The first film was much better in my opinion. Denzel is good but overall the story, acting, and pacing aren't as good. For some reason I found the worst parts of the movie to being his interactions with the young wayward "street" kid which I found to be incredibly boring and cliche along with the actor being blandly irritating. I'll be keeping an eye out for this one. The film was largely overlooked. You are entitled to like it as much as you want but those of us who saw TFA for the cheap pile of disjointed, plagiarized garbage that it was were not surprised that the mess could not be salvaged in TLJ & we're all seeing the results.. Those who were in denial about TFA & gave it a pass merely reaped what they sowed with TLJ. The Empire Strikes Back A New Hope Revenge of The Sith Return Of The Jedi The Phantom Menace Attack Of The Clones [b]Di$ney Wars[/b] Rogue One Solo The Last Jedi (Bad but largely the fault of the previous mess it had to follow) The Force Awakens (Undisputed king of the turds) I'm certainly not a "SJW" nor am I a SWS whom I hate sharing the same side of an argument. That being said, my take on it is that James Bond doesn't "have to be" white but that's how he was conceived and how he's been portrayed onscreen for decades. While many different actors have played the character over decades there's always been a sense that it's the same character. It's also important to note that James Bond is one of the most iconic characters in cinema. I'm way more flexible on this sort of thing with lesser known, less iconic characters but there are various attributes that are a part of James Bond's iconic status and if you chip away at the characteristics that have long made James Bond iconic, it just leaves the door open for the character to become something else entirely. Being a white British man is "part" of James Bond's iconic imagery even if it is more aesthetic than an integral part of his personality, not entirely different than the image of Bond wearing a suit. i'm not outright against a non white actor playing James Bond but I also don't think it's necessary either. Honestly I think a white female James "Jane" Bond would be even more jarring. I was never a big fan of Krusty. I found his voice somewhat grating & the character was basically a POS who often treated Bart poorly (pretty much everyone really) which kind of put me off as a kid. Not a bad character in small doses but I always preferred Grandpa Simpson and Groundskeeper Willie whose funny bits stood out to me more. For the record, I stopped watching the show around the early 00s & I am basing my opinions largely on the 90s era Simpsons. View all replies >