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Excited for the inevitable lesbian episode? Good Job there pro Trump rioters Season 2 was essentially "Fan Service: The Show" JJ Abrams ruined Luke just as much as Rian Johnson did Why didn't Carl bring Jerry's wife with him to the drop off exchange? The Force Awakens Ruined Luke, Han, and Leia before The Last Jedi got the chance The Last Jedi is the film The Force Awakens apologists deserve The usual white supremacist suspects predictably losing their minds. LOL! Who's your top 10 Mad tv Cast members of all time? The more cinematic video games become, movie spinoffs become increasingly redundant & unnecessary View all posts >


The funny and perhaps ironic part is if he just went in, retrieved his watch and got out instead of hanging around to make those Pop Tart style pastries he would have avoided Vincent altogether who would have been none the wiser that he was ever there & wouldn't have encountered Marcellous at that intersection. I suppose it's arguable that at the end of the day the result in the movie is better for Butch as he ultimately gets a pass for saving Marcellous' life and won't have to live in hiding & be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life Your professor told you? Overall weird post but I didn't even know a fan theory about Tory being Dutch's daughter was a thing. I don't know why people are soo obsessed with these goofy secret parentage fan theories. I feel like this crap first got out of hand with the shitty Di$ney Star Wars trilogy. I'm sure it was great. I was regrettably never able to see him perform in concert. The character was fine. The performance was fine. The only problem IMO was that the character was ultimately unnecessary. Obi Wan could have and should have filled most of that character's role as he was originally meant to. I'd be interested to hear George's explanation for why he decided to split Obi Wan into two separate characters. It is beyond over the top at this point. The writers need to give her a little more nuance than her still being psycho level pissed about Sam kissing her ex boyfriend that one time. She seems way more invested in her hatred of Sam than she ever was in her relationship with Miguel who she dumped & never visited while he was in a coma and seems largely disinterested in now. They were all massive turds but that sounds about right to me. TFA was an absolute corporate committee abomination that simultaneously destroyed the legacy of Lucas' film saga & doomed the Di$ney trilogy from the onset, setting up a chain reaction of massive failure in all directions. The Farce Awakens 0.5/10 The Last Jedi 2/10 The Rise OF Skywalker 1/10 As much as I enjoy the show, the writing is not always the best. Tory's behavior during the brawl was over the top but at least the motive for starting it was understandable. The writers seem to not want to make her a one note character by giving her a sympathetic family situations where she has a sick mother and a little brother to take care of, while also staving off the advances of a creepy sexual predator landlord. Between all that, and working two jobs it's definitely hard to believe that she would even have time for karate, let alone all the random delinquent Cobra Kai shinanigans & doubling down on her pyscho grudge when she should be pretty well over being mad at Sam. Tory is a bit of a mess and so is Robby, which is why they seem to be gravitating towards each other. Daniel & Johnny pretty much equally carry the show. Miguel is easily the most likable of the teen students & Demitri is still the absolute worst. I don't hate Sam like a lot of people seem to but I was disappointed Miguel getting back together with her so easily with little conflict about Tory who I thought treated him way better than Sam did when they were dating. It seems strange that they couldn't just further reduce her role instead of writing her out entirely. I mean there are numerous random Miyagi Do and Cobra Kai kids who have been around since the beginning who they could have gotten rid of. @millsey72 You know one "ironic" post would have been fine but making post after post of this crap just makes you comes off as a strawman sock puppet . View all replies >