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So you felt the need to dedicate an entire pointless thread to troll/obsess over a user who you're supposed to be ignoring? They do what their overlords tell them to do. It's one of the worst movies that I've ever seen in general & certainly THE worst movie I've seen that is inexplicably highly regarded. The only question is whether or not it was ONLY the pilot to blame or were there other individuals who should have known better who had a hand in okaying the dangerously ill advised flight. The most ironic thing regarding when people say "I don't know if he's innocent or not" is you can literally say that about anyone & given the fact of the incessant decades long overt and covert investigations, surveillance & surprise raids unveiling nothing with the FBI admitting there was nothing incriminating to be found , further solidifying the case of Jackson's innocence, & in fact makes his innocence more definitive than the average random person. 7.75/10 would be my objective rating but 9.5/10 would be would I would rate it as far as personal enjoyment . I prefer it over the original & to be fair i saw it long before I ever saw the first one so there is a bit of nostalgia bias for me. I heard Jackie Chan demanded a whopping 50 million dollars. All paid in cash. Twenty million in 50s Twenty million in 20s And 10 million in 10s [quote]Huh????[/quote] Indeed Unfortunately the burden of your apparent limited capacity or willingness to understand a what constitutes credible evidence pointing towards one's potential guilt or innocence in these cases is on you. And there are no "OTHER" kids/parent accusers who didn't have a clear financial motive. That's a flat out lie. %100 percent of the accusers had documented financial motive. It's only "open to interpretation" to those who choose to ignore the overwhelming evidence that discredits these PROVEN liars. Really makes me wonder about the kind of mindset of some of these people who simply "PREFER" the narrative of children being molested on the basis of "Evidence? What evidence? Who cares? Open to interpretation i say!" No one is more of a low life degenerate than a white supremacist & their demonic ideology. Even they know it which is why they lie & hide like diseased rats. View all replies >