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Boring and shallow. Couple hints you might have missed Amazing! This is what sci-fi is supposed to be about! Why the low rating? Trash, but not out of the ordinary trash When movies like this come out, all the shiteaters complain. Simultaneously they hate remaining shallow CGI nonsense... Extremely good. Jon is Russia/Siberia, Sansa is the UK, Arya is the US, Bran is EU All of the unsullied will go extinct in one generation Just 10 minutes of exposition. Good movies can no longer be made because the average audience is too stupid Episode 3 is not the last episode, right? [SPOILER] The Season 8 Episode 2 sex scene... Why does this movie have such a low score? Great movie. Quite a rarity considering times. Very boring and basic I liked it at first, but the more I think about it the worse it gets Has some faults but still surprisingly good [SPOILERS]