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Vry Very good. I loved the music. I liked this movie a lot. Reminiscent of indie family dramas from a decade ago. JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof are a hollywood virus Conjures the atmosphere of Japanese noir films Did anyone NOT figure it out? A hidden gem, a diamond in the rough Couldn't they cast a less ugly elderly actor to play Laurie It's back on Comes out today I didn't read Qi'ra's departure as a "betrayal" L3 is bae One of the best films about America I've seen. Was it snubbed by the Oscars? It's unbelievable that the writers of the first one was responsible for this steaming pile of shit Something you might have missed Excellent movie! It has some similarities to fight club, but subverts the premise of "manlihood" An out-there theory that actually has supporting evidence: Arthur and his mother, Penny, are the same person! Are there two different versions of the movie? Very similar to Parasite in only the class analysis aspect. You didn't get it.