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Why does this movie have such a low score? Great movie. Quite a rarity considering times. Very boring and basic I liked it at first, but the more I think about it the worse it gets Has some faults but still surprisingly good [SPOILERS] Bad Critic reviews invluenced by political bias As Hollywood big productions get worse and worse, Netflix is a new hope This trash got a 7.1!? Fuck movies in general nowadays. Every day I weep at the prospect that this movie might not get made :''( View all posts >


Excellent film, excellent performance. I don't mind boring movies as long as there is some intellectual meat. This is boring and it lacks any content to think about. You are focusing too much on aesthetics. It isn't all about physical characteristics. What about Johnson's performance made her bad for the part, in your opinion. At no point did I find her performance to be unbelievable for the character she played. The personality she depicted fits the character well. Just her mannerisms and face showed a person who at first glance appears to be country bumpkin, but who is secretly extremely wise and has some hidden knowledge. Even not knowing her background I could tell that something is fishy about this character. And this is revealed just through her performance from the first scene. This mysterious characteristic instills curiosity within the viewer. The curiosity is finally rewarded at the end of film. The balance between country bumpkin and mysterious enigma, is not that easy to pull off in a performance. It's clear from the comments that you have a wrong opinion, democratically speaking. Good, this racist anti-American spy needs to rot in prison. Mostly black people and hispanics and fat mothers wearing hijabs is the reason why. I wasn't even looking forward to the second half of Avatar after watching the first half. I give this joke 3 Late Night Comedy Shows out of 5. Or, 7 SNL skits out of 10. Says the guy who thinks Jews are white. Marvel Studios is good at making movies for children. Considering that a large majority of current society's population is infantalized 30+ year old gamers, Marvel movies will find a greater audience. View all replies >