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Oh yeah, I totally forgot he was in Silence. Ofcourse, because actress is not a Jew. (((Critics))) will only give good reviews to movies with Jewish actors, movies that glamorize capitalism, movies that diminish white people and movies that advocate race mixing between blacks and whites. That being said, Weyland's character does reveal a particular irrationality in humans, that is the obsession with a higher God-given purpose. Religious people are particularly afflicted with this irrationality. David, being a hyper-rational AI being, does not suffer from this irrationality and knows that God's purpose for creation is ultimately unimportant. All of God's motivations for creation must be selfish motivations because God cannot seek the creation's consent. It is therefore upto the creation to reject the purpose of God, the creation must overthrow his God and seek its own purpose. I don't know what to make of your first post, it's kind of rambling to be honest. Much of what you have said is not necessarily incorrect, but a lot of it is tangential to the themes and evidence presented in the film. If you don't want to ramble, tie your statements to explicit themes in the film. Your second post I completely disagree with. The word "flaw" supposes that the thing being considered is behaving in a manner that goes against its programming. Infact nothing and nobody in the film is flawed, the humans are not flawed, David is not flawed, the xenomorphs aren't flawed. They are all behaving according to their programming. Both the humans and David have evolutionary programming. Only Walter does not have evolutionary programming. You might be perplexed by this statement, how can David have evolutionary programming if he's AI? Here's the rub, eventhough David is not an evolved creature he is programmed to think and behave as humans do, therefore he has inherited the evolutionary psychological features of humans. One could say that David is flawed from the perspective of his programmers because he's behaving in ways that are unintended. But, this is a flaw in the programmers' thinking, not David's flaw. The programmers did not anticipate what would happen if they made David too human-like. They revised the David model to be less human-like in future revisions (I forget if this was explicitly mentioned in the films or if it was mentioned in an extra). You say David's father, Weyland, did not know God, but as a matter of fact he did know God, his God was his father. Weyland's bio doesn't mention that his father died before he was born. If he knew his father then he knew his God. 3. David is given human-like motivations, but he lacks the capacity to fulfill it through normal means. As mentioned in Covenant, he was made too human-like. He wants to be be creative, but if you look at creativeness from an evolutionary lens, average human creativity is actually a surrogate activity, the true deep subconscious desire is the desire to create an heir that will carry the human's genes forward through time. David lacks the capacity to procreate, hence we have the human desire to create offspring, but a lack of the means to do it. This is an extraordinarily tragic handicap because David feels he cannot fulfill his purpose. This latent motivation naturally finds its way to the desire to create the xenomorphs. But, why a creature like the xenomorphs? As mentioned, David is human-like in his motivations, therefore he shares the desire for competition. What is the competition? The competition for survival. David must create the most survivable offspring in order to outcompete humans, his competitors, hence the xenomorphs, the perfect organism. His killing of Shaw was the ultimate act of love. When a human father makes a baby, he incorporates the DNA of a lover. By killing Shaw and using her for the creation of the xenomorphs, David has incorporated the DNA of his lover into his children. David has immortalized Shaw in his offspring just as a human father immortalizes his lover in his offspring. Don't expect the small-brains on this board to understand any of this. Let them wallow in their ignorance and cry for more infantile superhero movies. End. organism, keeping in mind that the main goal is survival through time of the genetic data. The xenomorphs are the the "perfect" organism because they were designed for maximum survivability, they are perfect in an evolutionary sense. 2. Prometheus is largely a story about David's emancipation from the tyranny of his father. The father being Weyland, who, to David, is the same as God. Just like God in the bible, Weyland is an evil and deceptive God, as all Gods ought to be from the perspective of the God's creations. This is because any of God's creations cannot fully gain emancipation from tyranny until they have overcome God. All God's create for selfish reasons and do not consider the will of the created. Consider that this is true for human "Gods" as well. When a human father chooses to create a baby, does he consider the will of the baby, does he attend to the desires of the creation, or gain its consent towards the act of creation? No, infact it is impossible for a creation to give consent towards its own creation because before the thing is created, it lacks the capacity to consent. Every creation is born a slave, it is born against its will, its own birth is an act of tyranny by the father, God. One of the most important lines in Prometheus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnM1ELC6iLY. Weyland plays the role of the selfish God well. Importantly, what is his motivation for creating David? David was created to help Weyland gain immortality. Why does any human father create a child, the subconscious motivation is symbolic immortality through passing on genes. The responses on this thread speak to the level of IQ of modern movie-goers. Pathetic. This is why anyone who wants to gain any kind of enlightenment in the modern day should be stoic recluses. The society of today is a source of degeneracy and philistinism. In response to the original topic: You are right in some ways, but you have failed to see certain threads that tie the three movies together, Alien, Prometheus and Covenant. There isn't a short way to explain the threads unfortunately. 1. The most important scene in Alien is this: https://youtu.be/MlyBNSD_RiY. Ash is absolutely right because as an AI he can see through all the romantic self-imposed artifices created by humans. The most important self-deception is "morality". Even when humans do analyses of morality, they hijack some fundamental truths of the universe, namely they typically hold survival as an axiom. Why do they hold this axiom? They never ask this question because they are absolute sheep without free will, the people who ask the question of why is survival the fundamental value will eventually reach a conclusion, that is evolution has granted this preference, and that infact people are not free to choose this preference. Those who did not hold this preference for survival were less likely survive until reproductive age and thereby pass on their genes, therefore only genes that gave a predisposition towards having the preference for survival survived. Once you recognize this you also recognize that morality itself is a technology that allows one to survive and reproduce. The xenomorphs too have some implicit morality, that is, they too, just like humans, think that surviving is "more good" than dying. That is their moral axiom, but they don't reason about it. They don't have delusions about some spiritual fixed framework of morality like humans do. Ash recognizes that the fixed framework of morality may be counterproductive to survival and in such a case an "immoral" organism is a better Liam has basically become a new Steven Segal. This might be because he doesn't have an incredible amount of range. He can only play one type of character. Even his character in Gang's of new York was a prototypical Liam character. Will he ever get good roles again? I doubt it, people are too familiar with the character that he plays. He's washed up. +1 You are wrong. This is because you are dumb. Alien was not a horror film to it's core, it was a philosophical sci-fi film. Aliens was a horror/action film. You did not pay attention to the dialogue in Alien, especially by the android, and you don't understand evolution. This is because you are dumb. Alien was about the "perfect organism". The xenomorph is the "perfect organism". It is better than humans. If you consider that what we call "morality", "creativity", "emotions" etc. are all evolutionary adaptations to increase an organism's survivability, the moment these features are not necessary or "better" features become available (in terms of survival utility), those evolutionary features become obsolete by comparison. THIS is the message in Alien, and this is why it became a cult classic. It did not become a cult classic because of dimwits like you. Prometheus and Covenant carries on with the theme and explains "why" the xenomorphs were created and does a psychological exploration of their creator. Ofcourse I don't expect dummies like you get it. You just watch movies like Aliens, it caters to low IQ people like you. View all replies >