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Not even an Academy Award nomination? Film format is bad because there is such limited time I've hated all war movies except for Apocalypse Now Where is he? How was that third episode allowed to happen? How the fuck are there aliens that look exactly like humans in a "Galaxy far far away"? Is film as good of a storytelling medium nowadays as mini-serieses? An AMC show!? Was not out of the ordinary bad, considering the state of modern kiddie/superhero movies. The frozen squids go through an entire metal structure, but can't penetrate a piece of plastic? View all posts >


What's the eligibility criteria in regards to the matter of theater release? Even Netflix movies can be nominated but not limited release films? Why would this matter? I thought quality of the film is judged, not how many theaters it's released to. If it's being divided then it should be fine. Although, tbh I wish they would start with the third book which takes place many years after the first two books with many of the characters already dead. Shouldn't confuse the audience too much, it would have been like Star Wars episode 4. The first two books were already shown well through the miniseries. The first one especially has been done to death already. I would have agreed with you in the past. But, I think the gap is closing. In particular, HBO and Netflix serieses are very good now. What's her alternative? With what body can she manifest the alternative? Both the racoon and the tanuki evolved on the planet Earth, which is in our Galaxy. As a matter of fact, in our planet! Yes, science. The thing you don't know, because you are a plebeian. Because the thought was poorly worded, obviously. If a human is injured and he no longer has the capacity to use language, or to protest, or to act independently, and a group of other humans take out his brain and put it in a jar, does the "conviction" of the human to not have his brain put in a jar matter? You are a plebeian and you do not know science. View all replies >