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Couple hints you might have missed Amazing! This is what sci-fi is supposed to be about! Why the low rating? Trash, but not out of the ordinary trash When movies like this come out, all the shiteaters complain. Simultaneously they hate remaining shallow CGI nonsense... Extremely good. Jon is Russia/Siberia, Sansa is the UK, Arya is the US, Bran is EU All of the unsullied will go extinct in one generation Just 10 minutes of exposition. View all posts >


Xenomorph. Alien was not a big budget blockbuster. James Cameron is the one who created the big budget crutch to the series by creating Aliens. But, this was not the fault of the creators of Alien. The money grubbing unintelligent producers of Alien decided to make it into a big budget franchise. While typically I would say that big budget doesn't matter, in the case of Prometheus and Covenant, the big budget reputation of the franchise was definitely a crutch because it set up certain expectations from the audience. These expectations would not exist if Aliens and the films after that did not exist. I personally don't consider those films to be cannon, they diverge entirely from the themes of Alien. The themes of Alien don't return until Prometheus and Covenant. Prometheus and Covenant and Alien are by design really difficult to understand, because the themes are not very politically correct or easy for humans to bear. The themes have to be hidden. They require some audience knowledge about nihilist philosophy. The biggest clue is "The Perfect Organism" lecture by Ash in Alien. I have seen Upgrade. IMO it's not on the same level as I AM MOTHER and Alien/Covenant/Prometheus. I haven't seen Rememory ARQ and Infinity Chamber. Read the first 3 paragraphs and I'm like, wtf, you know this fucking movie is MOTHER FUCKING FICTION right!? Naria is bunk because Lions can't possibly talk. Harry Potter is bunk because there are no wizards who can fly on broomsticks! Lord of the Rings is bunk because lol elves and orcs wtf, do these people even know science! Only religious zealots made these fucking movies. Not going to read further. Thanks. I agree with all of the above. I remember this one: Vasco da gama... Went to Panama... And had some bananas... With his momma. It was inaccurate because Vasco da gama never went to Panama. They were not recruited. They were enslaved from birth. All their recruiters/slavers are dead. Adopt whom? To protect against wildlings? The FBI is looking for his address. Yes to the first part. Wrong to the second part because Cleganebowl is the climax and therefore should be in the end. View all replies >