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What was that "light speed jumping" in the beginning? Was Rick Dalton (di Caprio's character) inspired by Clint Eastwood? Minor complaint about Ep2-13 (11/April) Mr. Kim is by far the worst character in the show Awesome nod to "The Godfather" Light speed engines?? What was the bad guy's motivation? (SPOILER) Has anyone seen the Korean show this is based on? THIS is how they should have handled the presence of a black soldier One thing that annoyed me (SPOILERS)... View all posts >


Same problem is present on the Region A Blu-Ray. I had to adjust the volume a few times while watching it - and not just a small adjustment, too! It was not mentioned at any point that when a new immortal pops up, the oldest one loses his or her immortality. The real-life historical character on which Blackthorne was based (William Adams) lived in Japan for twenty years and died there. He never returned to Europe, although he did travel to other Asian countries. Yes, I've always found it curious when watching Japanese historical movies, particularly older ones, how the men speak with such an artificial deep voice. I am not sure why that is. Young Harmonica was very bad casting. His eyes are completely different from Charles Bronson's - shape AND colour. No, you didn't miss the explanation. Part of the joke I guess. You did not miss it. It hasn't been explained (yet). The two planes that attacked the Germans may have been British-made but they were clearly identified (or at least the pilots were) as French. On a similar note, I didn't notice when I watched it, but it seems that "schedule" was pronounced the American way ("skedule") in the movie, instead of the British way ("shedule"). The American pronunciation is gaining ground in Britain today, but in 1917 it would have been unthinkable for a British soldier to say "skedule". Well, to the best of my recollection Josey Wales doesn't rape anybody, so that is my choice. View all replies >