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Minor complaint about Ep2-13 (11/April) Mr. Kim is by far the worst character in the show Awesome nod to "The Godfather" Light speed engines?? What was the bad guy's motivation? (SPOILER) Has anyone seen the Korean show this is based on? THIS is how they should have handled the presence of a black soldier One thing that annoyed me (SPOILERS)... The Church of Carl Where do the monsters come from? View all posts >


I am still watching it. The episodes where they hit the audience on the head over some social issue (racism, male violence, treatment of immigrants) are painful to watch - for God's sake, try some subtlety for once, will you? - but if they are not preaching, they are decent stories. I didn't know there was going to be a new season but luckily my DVR was still programmed to record it, so I saw the first episode. Pretty good. The way it ended, I wonder if Sherlock and Watson will remain in England or find their way back to New York. And for God's sake Lucy Liu, if you are reading this, get rid of the horrible blonde dye job! I assume that the child president was partially a jab at Trump, but I am sure it was also meant as a comment on how elections can be won by candidates with a good image and campaign even if they don't have a solid platform or experience. And last but not least, it is probably also a reference to a classic episode of "The Twilight Zone" where a boy with the ability to make anything happen terrorises everyone around him. Don't listen to him. Season 4 was pretty good (although I do agree that the finale was disappointing). I always thought that it was a shame that the show was cancelled just when it was getting good. Regarding the author’s points about the portrayal of the Dothraki and the Dornish being racist: if you create a fantasy world where the white protagonists are peaceful and civilised while the non-white foreigners are all violent savages, that would be clearly racist. But that is not the case with Game of Thrones. The wildlings are all white and they are violent plunderers and killers. The Iron islanders are all white and they are violent rapists and plunderers and killers. Even the armies of the more “civilised” great houses of Westeros do their fair share of raping, plundering, killing and burning entire villages. So the author’s implication that the depiction of the Dothraki and the Dornish is racist is a bunch of nonsense. In the water she was wearing a tank top and long pants. She then removed the pants, for some reason that was not clear to me. She had black panties underneath. It was not a one-piece swim suit. When they got to the island, she put the pants back on. I didn't notice that the colour of the tank top changed. I don't think Kurt really knew for sure that his father-in-law had been directly responsible for signing her death warrant. Kurt must have suspected that Professor Seeband was involved in the business of sending "unhealthy" people to their deaths, based on the fact he had been an SS doctor who obviously had some connection to the top guy who was arrested, but he couldn't have known the details. I would have preferred if she had stayed, but at this point I am only watching "The Walking Dead" out of habit, so I don't really care all that much. As for this show, now that I've watched the first three episodes, I am about to give up on it. The only thing I like about it is Lauren Cohan; I think she has a good presence and she is funny. Everything else - the rest of the cast, the plots, the attempts at humour - is pretty bad. I saw it yesterday and I couldn't agree more. I watched the first episode yesterday. Not great, but not so bad as to make me not want to watch it anymore. View all replies >