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Awesome nod to "The Godfather" Light speed engines?? What was the bad guy's motivation? (SPOILER) Has anyone seen the Korean show this is based on? THIS is how they should have handled the presence of a black soldier One thing that annoyed me (SPOILERS)... The Church of Carl Where do the monsters come from? Nobody is watching it? Floppy disks?!?!? View all posts >


I don't think he really knew for sure that he had been directly responsible for signing her death warrant. He must have suspected that he was involved in the business of sending "unhealthy" people to their deaths, based on the fact he had beed an SS doctor who obviously had some connection to the top guy who was arrested, but Kurt couldn't have known the details. I would have preferred if she had stayed, but at this point I am only watching "The Walking Dead" out of habit, so I don't really care all that much. As for this show, now that I've watched the first three episodes, I am about to give up on it. The only thing I like about it is Lauren Cohan; I think she has a good presence and she is funny. Everything else - the rest of the cast, the plots, the attempts at humour - is pretty bad. I saw it yesterday and I couldn't agree more. I watched the first episode yesterday. Not great, but not so bad as to make me not want to watch it anymore. I have a feeling that the show will end with Sheldon getting the Nobel prize, even though in real life it would take literally decades for it to happen. You are not wrong! I thought the same thing about how easily the Orville crew was coming and going, considering that supposedly the Kaylons never tolerated visitors. But good episode and I am looking forward to the resolution. I hope the writers come up with something more imaginative than Isaac having a change of heart, so to speak, and helping the Union against his own people. Wasn't there a two-part episode in the first season? At first things were going well. Then as the meal progressed and she had to cut up his food, feed him and wipe his mouth, he sensed that she was having second thoughts. He asked her about it and she replied that she honestly thought that she could deal with it but that it was more difficult than she expected. Then he called the whole thing off. He blamed Kevin for having made the phone call that led to them meeting in person. Personally I disliked both the [i]character[/i] of Riggs and the actor who played him, so I was glad to see them replaced. I had actually stopped watching the show halfway through last season precisely because I couldn't stand Riggs anymore. I gave it a second chance at the start of this season after reading that he was leaving the show and I am glad I did, as I am really enjoying it now. I found it very entertaining. I doubt I will remember much about it in a year or so, but it was well worth the matinee price that I paid. View all replies >