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Was Rick Dalton (di Caprio's character) inspired by Clint Eastwood? Minor complaint about Ep2-13 (11/April) Mr. Kim is by far the worst character in the show Awesome nod to "The Godfather" Light speed engines?? What was the bad guy's motivation? (SPOILER) Has anyone seen the Korean show this is based on? THIS is how they should have handled the presence of a black soldier One thing that annoyed me (SPOILERS)... The Church of Carl View all posts >


Why the f... would you open a thread titled "Oh my God that ending" if you haven't seen the movie??? As much as the Academy likes to pretend that the Oscars are the WORLD film awards, that is simply not true. The Oscars are Hollywood's awards, with a few token nominations and prizes given to other countries' film industries just to keep the pretense going. I agree, the difference in quality was very noticeable in that final scene. Strange. I did. I agree with the assessment - definitely more lifelike than your "regular" 3D. Younger Will is walking with his classmates, sees older Will and the girl, waves to them and comes over. Older Will gives him fresh documents - a passport, a birth certificate, driver's license, and mentions that he liked the name younger Will has chosen for himself - Jackson, like their biological mother (her family name, presumably). The girl asks him if he has chosen a major yet, and he replies that he is thinking about engineering. Older Will says that he should pick Computer Science. The girl tells him that he should start with humanities and then choose engineering as a graduate degree. Then there is some banter about both Wills' looks and physical shape. 33. In the near future there will be a market for video playback software packages with the option of playing back only certain words on a video file, following a numerical pattern that the user inputs. I also kept thinking "where do I know her from?". When I saw the name on the credits, I thought it looked familiar, but I had to look it up to find out that it was on SG Universe that I had seen her before. I feel the same way. The only reasons I didn't give up halfway through season two were Vilanelle who is a pleasure to watch, and the fact that it was only eight episodes. I don't think I will be watching season three either. Are you serious or are you trolling? Why are you even here if you want to avoid knowing plot points from a movie you won't be watching for several months? Makes sense I guess. Thanks! View all replies >