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Alicia Silverstone and Lee Garlington. Should have just been the One Movie 20 minutes and off. Priscilla Presley Steve McQueen half breed, really? Overhyped Silly Film. Good movie, bad ending. Nearly unwatchable car chase I'm Surprised Victor Mature too old to play Crazy Horse. View all posts >


Great reply. Neither for me, although Neve Campbell has a much nicer way about her, which becomes quite important as you get older. I personally thought that Miranda Richardson was miles more attractive Surely, you are not serious, they are not even close in comparison. Sorry but no way is Carroll Baker prettier than Jean Simmonds. Although i will admit Carroll Baker is very sexy. If the film was that boring to you, surely you would not have watched it to the end. I have attempted to watch quite a few films that i though were garbage and could not get to the end of them. Some people post some really stupid things, its almost like they didn't even watch the film. What a stupid post Definitely the hottest i've ever seen her as well, just shows that she has that side to her which is a very good thing. They are View all replies >