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I completely agree with you. I've watched ILL for over 50 years and I still enjoy many episodes, but Lucy's incredible immaturity and selfishness are hard to take. Funny, i didn't notice then when I was much younger. Now I find her intolerable in some episodes. She whines and complains SO MUCH. I'll bump up this thread, why not? I think that Marilyn Monroe was gifted with a bevy of gorgeous natural attributes, she DID begin to look beat up and rough around the edges, starting in 1959. You can skirt through your 20's using drugs and booze and not have it show on your face and body too badly, but by the time you're pushing 40, or over over 35, you begin to 'wear' your lifestyle. Lack of sleep was a big factor, I'm speculating. She had awful insomnia and even the rest she got was induced by drugs. Question: was she a smoker? I've seen her smoke in movies, but can't tell if she was a daily puffer. I think she looks amazing in Niagra, GPB,The Itch...but in SGTG, you can see something is 'off.' The Misfits is fascinating in terms of her looks because I think she vacillates, sometimes minute-to-minute, between stunningly beautiful and completely worn-out. I didn't like the blazing white hair; it aged her by the time she was over 35; it was simply too harsh. Ditto for the dark eyebrows and mascara. It would have been very interesting to see her age gracefully---if that were possible. Yes, I do. She was superb in this role. She played a woman breaking down, but she didn't chew up the scenery. And yet we felt so uncomfortable watching her...she reached in and pulled a part of you OUT and you didn't quite know where to put it back. I disagree. Her role is much more intense than you are making it. That skirt; omg! I loved her in this role and believe she brought a warm depth that was dignified, somber, deep, wounded, hopeful. All in one. LOL; I love it! The White Trenchcoat was a 1960's Bob Crane classic. It was sooooo inappropriate for a spy and yet I still loved it. If he truly wanted to move around outside of Stalag 13 and not attract attention, he would have worn drab, dark-ish colored clothing. But no....he goes for Day-Go White trenchcoat; omg he would have attracted so much attention. Gotta love the '60's. Remember Kinchloe and the black singer? "Keep the faith, baby." That Carla drank while pregnant did not go unnoticed by me. Of course the dangers of drinking were known then; this was around the same time I had my first child. I thought it was totally irresponsible of the producer/director to show this. Carla was an obnoxious, stupid woman. I've heard from many sources that no one knew her true age. I think she was over 100. Hungarians; strong stock there. She won a Golden Globe for her role in 'God's Little Acre' (1958) and did a bunch of other B-rated flicks. She dabbled in a bunch of stuff: Broadway, Italian cinema, an album of her singing classic like "Embraceable You." Even wrote 3 books. According to her, Gilligan's Island ruined her career and typecast her as a goofy sit-come sexpot. I'm not sure why she didn't take off as a mega star...she had a bunch of false starts, including a character on Dallas (which was HUGE in it's hey-day.) and soap operas. Personally, having watched her movies, I think she is only a so-so actor. She's a member of The Actors' Studio and studied with some great people, but she just never had the chops to become a superstar. Still, a perfectly decent and consistent life for her craft. That's my 2 cents anyways. Yes, he found a way to recharge the batteries, and believe it or not, it would have worked (I was a science teacher.) LOL I used to wonder about weird stuff too, but the "monthly visitor" never occurred to me. Mrs. Howell was always perfectly clean and coiffed. Those white gloves; never soiled, she never got overly warm with the layers of clothing. Ginger could have worn wigs, but she too, was always perfect. MaryAnne was the only one who dressed appropriately for a tropical climate...although that outfit she wore (I believe only in 2 epidsodes) with the jumper-skirt and those white ankle boots--omg it was hideous! But I digress. There are SO many potholes about hygiene for the castaways it is ridiculous. But that is the magic of GI. View all replies >