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Bolton spills the beans! Repubs wants eyewitnesses Where’s Rudy been lately? Does Rudy know Parnas? Nunes doesn’t know Parnas..., right? Trump doesn't know Parnas..., right? Epstein’s defenses lawyers are on Trumps defense team! Trump finally got "his investigation" White House violated law in freezing Ukraine Aid Lev Parnas flips View all posts >


I have to agree with you there No he's not He's Don Junior Plus it looks dreadful It would be over by now junior if The White House didn’t stonewall the subpoenas for the house! Would you wear those things? Dreadful Bolton, Mulvaney, Duffy, Pompeo, Giuliani and Trump should all take the stand and end this "hoax". Pomp Lol! Your pomposity is going to impode any day now All contrived polling, including yours is BS junior View all replies >