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Should Trump pardon the Capital rioters? Throwing Mike Pence under the bus! Trumps a fraud! Dreadful film Just watched it! Should Pubs vote in Georgia since election is rigged? Where’s the Kraken? Trump knows he’s gone... Voter fraud evidence? Where’s bunker boy been? View all posts >


Lol I thought she wasn’t black? Impeach him for what? Laptops? Too late now. Those morons were duped by Don the con BIG TIME! Trump was supposed to show up this morning with evidence to arrest the evil Dems. What happened? He's golfing now while his team of idiots are in jail waiting to be pardoned. You just can't make this shit up! There was an Excorcist there also this morning....., jut in case And what did “they” do exactly? I don’t think Trump & company ever laid it out for the world to see. 4 years, close to what Trump will spend on jail The Capital has been rioted many times, so they tell us I'm definitely watching Air Force One dump the turd View all replies >