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Help with an old TV show... A poor mans Coma Michael Cohen question Spahn ranch scene observation East coast heat wave... Bullitt blows this away Who’s the band? Trump says Mueller report exonerated him, and also says he's full of BS! View all posts >


$ talks 40 years later we get Alien underwater. Looks promising You need to brush up on Trump history. He and his criminal father were born racists Great post!👍 We’re around the same age so we share the same nostalgia on display In OUATIH. * I remember the Mannix theme music being played as I was whisked off to bed at around age 6. Your giving way too much political credence into this film. QT’s obsessive love of film history is the only thing on display here. Strange post I saw OUATIH three times and going back for a fourth Pretty sure it was Spiderman (2002) I think Susan “Sadie” Atkins got the flamethrower. Always enjoy yr ruminations ecarle! A grown man having sleepovers with pre pubescent boys is red flag city Jimmys on the juice again View all replies >