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Murdoch Acknowledges Fox News Hosts Endorsed Election Fraud Falsehoods Factbox: Many in Trump's orbit have faced criminal charges Trump's 2020 presidential campaign hired a research firm to probe the results for election fraud but found no evidence, Laptop vs Georgia phone call… Mike Pence's relationship with Donald Trump gets even more complicated with subpoena 'We are bigger than Jesus.' Telegram messages show how Trump's 2020 comments galvanized Proud Boys Ex-Twitter Officials Confirm to Congress: Trump, Not Biden, Has Tried to Censor Tweets Trump Uses Monterey Park Mass Shooting to Defend Jan. 6 Rioters The five hardest hits from a judge’s scathing ruling against former President Trump Great horror film! View all posts >


Thanks, I hope its the right address I'm calling your mom You're so radicalized its frightening That's pretty insane if you actually believe that nonsense. How's your bear spray supply? Get help, think of your family for once. You're insane , it will be mardi gras time when Trumps mugshot goes viral. But yes, there will be more MAGA zombies arrests. Trump is a despicable con man and beat himself,,, and he'll do it again 35 million for two sweet old ladies and a mailman,,, now I'm convinced. Who are you trying to convince with that shoddy crap besides yourself?! View all replies >