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Who do you think wrote “A Warning” by anonymous? Where is the Biden corruption facts? "Talk to Rudy" Does Trumps thousands of lies bother anybody? Clearing Trumps good name Fiona Hill fan club Sondland is spilling all Korean humor Democrats invite Trump to testify Indicted Trump associates View all posts >


Bravo! Maybe you can be their pool boy? Well done sir👍 Yes Are you currently institutionalized? No doubt BS rhetoric all day Gym Jordan is more yr type? Eric - you should move back home and post on MovieChat on yr gold toilet If the White House would stop stonewalling and let the TRUTH come out of the mouths of Mulvaney, Bolton, Pompeo, Giuliani, Pence and Trump. Then, only then will my position change on these knuckleheads Good lord!! Talk about brainwashed! I grew up in NY and trumps been grifting his whole life! The guys bad news View all replies >