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Would have made a great Emma Peel Really needs to get those clothes off onscreen Fanning use a body double? Damn she got hot! Sadly she’s never gotten naked Great body! Needed nudity. Lots of it. So how are woke producers going to screw this up? Loves sticking her butt into friends’ faces Great casting. Boring movie. View all posts >


Nope. IMDB said it was based on data and low traffic. More specifically, the company said that a shift to social media had made the message boards less vital because users had “migrated to IMDb’s social media accounts as the primary place they choose to post comments and communicate with IMDb’s editors and one another.” Boobs had nothing to do with it. They did say something about the boards no longer providing a positive, useful experience, but that’s just ridiculous. Boob talk is always a positive, useful experience. And ass. What does this have to do with Olsen? Agreed. I thought Anne Hathaway was a great choice but Nolan wasted her just like he wasted all actors except Ledger in his boring Dark Knight trilogy. His does that fugly bastard end up with so many hot women? Does he have a 10-inch dick? Because they’re easier to control. YES!!!! 😄 Hopefully before she’s too old or pops out a kid. Even when she looks like this? She could call herself anything she wants. I don’t care. It’s a body double. View all replies >