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So Isaac Newton is now Indian Underrated movie Bowden has a fine butt on the poster Says her own wisdom will resonate in S’no White Zegler said her own wisdom will resonate in her character 😳 Naked Kidman is the only reason to watch Daughter forgives him for having sex with her Forgives dad for having sex with her Says she’s hotter than ever and people still want to bang her View all posts >


Well said. Now try and get Emma Stone cast as Harriet Tubman on the show. She has three? Is she a Martian hooker? One day you’ll be old enough to appreciate that I don’t sound ridiculous. No. I’m too busy whacking off. She was gorgeous at one point. Sadly, her nude scene with saggy small boobs in Heaven's Prisoners in 1996 really disappointed guys everywhere. Is this a joke? You really are questioning my question? Yeah. It’s exactly the same. Whacking off for guys is as natural and necessary as breathing. You’ll understand when you hit puberty. Screw imagination. Her getting naked in a film at that point would have been phenomenal, like when Alexandra Daddario stripped for True Detective. Also, better to see someone naked and possibly be disappointed — like Teri Hatcher and Scarlet Johansson (who waited too long before doing it) — than never see them naked at all. Why? That’s like saying someone should stop breathing some time. I prefer the ones I know vs. generic extras. View all replies >