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Woke shite !!! This is one weird movie ! Not very good Woke as fuk Total utter shire !!!!! Why no Roy Scheider? Disappointed Terrible movie ! Just watched it for the first time in years ... View all posts >


Your not worth the sweat of my nuts you dumb bastard ! 1000% the makers of this shows first decisions were ... We need woman .. No wait we need black woman to be the stars of this show ! Hollywood bandwagon agenda shit ! Shite show with shite box tickers ! Bite me ya woke cunt ! To commission a show that first and foremost must be agenda driven is absolutely depressing and shows where the mainstream medias head is at ! Cos there surgically enhanced She's more plastic now than human Dirty Harry goes woke .. Dirty Hilary Foam I agree ! In fact i flat out didn't like it , and that surprised me as I'm a big fan of these kinda films and Burt ! Just found it dragged terribly in places and just didn't have a plot I found interesting .. Watched it for over an hour but had to turn it off it was boring me that much . Peado Totally agree ! What a pile of shite with the most non threatening looking supposed football hooligans in film history! Best avoided this effort ! View all replies >