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Can anyone find me some FUCKING GLUE !!!!! What a mess of a movie Surely a contender for one of the worst films of 2017 ! Appalling ... Absolutely appalling !!! Shoot them in the head ffs !!!! Was he actually looking for .... The girl he sleeps with The original ending ! David Dunn... Spoilers !!!! The most incredibly formulaic tv show ever ! View all posts >


I agree ! I agree ! it made no sense at all and for that i cant recommend it now , before the dumb twist yes but not after that ! The end scene with del , showing him with that big but somehow sad smile on his face ! wow that gets me also ! Yeah my thoughts exactly , pretty lame to set it in the store at the end ! tho still have to say it was still better than part 2 ! To call this film shit would be an insult to shit !!!!!! One of the biggest piles of shit i've watched in a very long time !!!! Had an interesting concept but they totally blew it with a woeful script !!!!! Totally agree !!! The Hulk is an absolute powerhouse and through the generations his power has been pretty much unrivalled and how unpredictable his anger is is what makes him as character ! In this film he is mostly reduced to a boring know it all who actually mocks what he once was ! Totally agree ! yeah it was a lengthy movie but always remained very watchable throughout ! I kind of agree ! but there are absolutely some situations in the episodes that it is unbelievable that the shooter has missed the targets head or seems to be deliberately aiming anywhere apart from a head shot ! I actually really really enjoyed it despite my gripe ! View all replies >