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Coming soon Really enjoyable ! Honestly how does shit ... Wtf are the wigs all about ? Deserves to be better known ! Why in nearly all of his films ... Erm so the ending ?? Wife beater and terrible father The constant slow motions Roz and her constant new boyfriend's , etc View all posts >


Direct quote from his widow Judy , recently .. “I know how John worked through things,” she says, “and I don’t see any reason why he couldn’t have worked through this problem, just as others have.” I tend to believe her as she knew him better than anyone ! Are you naturally stupid or take lessons ??? Belushi crashed out , he was then injected with the lethal speedball that killed him ! Tell ya what , let me come round to yours , we party hard , you pass out , fall asleep and I will inject you with a speedball , if you wake up in the morning its all good , if not .. Then I'm up on a murder charge ! Fuck even Cathy smith at the time said , I killed John Belushi ! Definitely an original but his act was to off the wall to consider him as a comic genius ! Yeah I agree .. This is the part of the movie when you really do have to just remember its only a movie ... A hugely enjoyable one at that ! You don't know that for sure ! There are scenarios that could have been his wake up call to sort his shit out ! Completely agree ! The latter seasons "sap" made it virtually impossible to watch and enjoy ! And wow that final episode .. When they all gather round the booth , newborn baby an all , was just horrible!!! Couldn't agree more !! Hahaha yeah good point lol I was liking it until he murders the two gangsters in his pub ! After that it was like a different character we were watching that I didn't really care for ! Yeah it kinda goes in a different direction when he does the two gangsters in the pub , was liking it a lot before that but it was like watching a different character after that scene that like yourself I didn't really care for. View all replies >