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Is this woke ?? Any chance she might be innocent ?? Strange how ... Tom Hanks must recoil in horror ... Kate Wood Riley So in these movies the Devil has the power.. John Hurt Is it woke ? View all posts >


Sounds watchable then Yep and you just know the black characters will be full of wisdom etc Honestly how does shit like this get the green light to go ahead ?!? It's such a poor movie !!! Yeah Brandon's death is so tragic and so damn sad Linda Lee said in a way she was glad Bruce wasn't around when his son died as the impact of such a loss would have been too much for him. 100 % agree ! Woke forced diversity bullshit ! It's just so forced and right minded folk are just not gonna entertain it ! I think they would have had a lot of interaction on the set , during rehearsals and actually filming ! I tend to think he doesn't want to ever acknowledge he was in such a movie and bring attention to it given his status in Hollywood ! Oh I agree but I bet he dreads it ever coming up in interviews ! I doubt he's the same guy he was back then and not in a good way. View all replies >