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Despite its woke moments its a good movie So why did ?? .. Spoliers !!! Really enjoyed it BLM Elvis ? Not everyone's cup of tea but .. More woke shit on its way Was it a mistake? (SPOILERS) Awful ! Fuck your racist white folk are bad agenda The ending etc View all posts >


Going by recent pics , she's had some some sort of facial surgery or something similar and I think she's now spoilt her looks :( Yeah it would make more sense if they look excited A bit confusing the worried look on their faces . What was your interpretation of the post credit scene ? Why was there a concerned look on those two girls faces ? Couldn't finish it as well ! They may have killed the series with this appalling effort ! He never touched her until she was of legal age . He never touched her until she was of legal age . To have that much younger woman wanting to sleep with him in this movie was just a pathetic aspect of this all round poor effort ! Christ if Clint can't see how utterly ridiculous this is he should 100% retire from appearing in movie ! Yet another interracial couple and their black daughter as the hero , well not the hero but near enough Correct me if I'm wrong , were any of the evil "shiners" black ? Its Hollywood pushing a narrative Exactly ! Jesus Christ wtf ?!? Yep let's hand rock n roll over to black people just appease the current narrative ! View all replies >