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Shoot them in the head ffs !!!! Was he actually looking for .... The girl he sleeps with The original ending ! David Dunn... Spoilers !!!! The most incredibly formulaic tv show ever ! Is this a follow on from the dreadful film of the same name ? 2017 non sensical rubbish impossible film to follow Horrible ugly little film ! View all posts >


I kind of agree ! but there are absolutely some situations in the episodes that it is unbelievable that the shooter has missed the targets head or seems to be deliberately aiming anywhere apart from a head shot ! I actually really really enjoyed it despite my gripe ! Yeah possibly Norman reedus has said that andrew lincoln said to him he regrets leaving when he did ! So just maybe he might come back again at some point , even after the movie ! you never know ;) Yeah i have heard this but surely it would have to be 99 % different to have any major improvement on the tripe that hit the cinemas back then ! Yeah sounds good ! Good man ! Didn't he eat a suspect in one episode ? Fantastic review that i agree with 100 % ! The way they killed off david dunn was absolutely the low point for me ! Pathetically written and handled ! Yeah but its nice creepy touch by the kid Oh agree 100 % View all replies >