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The original ending ! David Dunn... Spoilers !!!! The most incredibly formulaic tv show ever ! Is this a follow on from the dreadful film of the same name ? 2017 non sensical rubbish impossible film to follow Horrible ugly little film ! Don't believe the hype ! Just a pointless absurd pile of crap ! It was never the same once Quincy became a moral crusader ! View all posts >


Yeah but its nice creepy touch by the kid Oh agree 100 % Drop dead bitch Totally agree ! his wayyyy to easy death was hard to believe ! prob wouldn't watch the movie again because of the pathetic choice they made to end the character in such a feeble way ! Join the queue Yep deal with it and fuck off ! I hope you experience sudden death syndrome !!! Completely agree Tiggersmom77 .... enjoyable in parts but killing off such a loved character from the previous 3 films ... nah it doesn't sit well with a lot of fans im sure ! They killed off Apollo in Rocky IV ... this reason alone means this movie should not have went ahead ! leaving it at III would have rounded it off perfectly ! Im with you 100 % mate ! its fairly obvious its the US army and they have arrived just in time ... plus you hear the helicopter blades ... that ain't the canjun's ! Awesome movie and one of the best of the 80's !!! View all replies >