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Dark Phoenix is based around an idea from Days of Future Past Apparently, A LOT of scenes were cut out of Dark Phoenix This was originally a two parter but Fox axed it in late pre-production Details of 2+ hour version Social embargo seems to have been lifted for Latin critics Trailer views on YouTube jumped up 500k this week Dark Phoenix highlights a problem with X-Men: The Last Stand New trailer is out Phoenix and Scarlet Witch comparison View all posts >


This was shot before MeToo. The director even said he wasn’t thinking about it since he wrote it three years ago. There is some comic relief at the start of the movie. Couple of charming moments from Quicksilver moments, the “X-women” joke, and we got to see the kids have fun at the party. They did explain that. It’s not a myth. The director said it was over two hours back in October. She was a main character. She had as much screen time as Magneto and Mystique. Even had her own subplot. Dark Phoenix is not really bad when you don’t look at it as a stand-alone film. To be fair, Jean’s arc in this movie isn’t like her comic counterpart’s. Mystique is the one given the tragic fate and she has been developed for three movies. She was given Jean’s funeral scene from the comics. Comparison: [url][/url] This movie is about finishing Jean’s character arc that was set up in Apocalypse. In that movie she was a hopeless girl that believes that she will never control her powers, will hurt people, and destroy the world. Xavier tells her that he also couldn’t control his powers at one point, referring the events of Days of Future Past where he couldn’t stop himself from hearing the thoughts of others and feeling their pain. [url][/url] In Dark Phoenix Jean’s nightmare seemly becomes a reality as she becomes one with a world destroying force and loses control of her powers. Resulting in her hurting Scott, then founds out that she caused her mother’s death when her power first manifested, and then kills Mystique. It seems hopeless and she is just about to give into her destiny. But after seeing that Charles truly had hope in her controlling her powers and still does, she starts to have hope in herself which allows her to use her emotional pain to empower herself take control of her powers and her destiny as she doesn’t destroy the world. Jean’s arc is instead like Charles’ arc in DOFP where having hope allowed him to turn his emotional pain into make him stronger. The opening narration of Dark Phoenix is basically the same as DOFP. According to Simon Kinberg back in May this movie is suppose to connect to Days of Future Past and it’s ending. So I think it’s safe to say that it was intentional. The Sinister tease was for Logan but he was cut from the film. Not saying you have to like the movie but in the comics Jean was being corrupted by the power four issues after she became Phoenix. Her becoming Dark Phoenix was just the final stage. Here is the panel to prove it: [url][/url] Xavier tampering her mind and leading to the events of Dark Phoenix also happened. Though not in the same way. He unleashed her psychic powers that caused her to be Dark Phoenix. He also tried to talk some sense into her. Panel: [url][/url] The house fight also happened in the comic version. Panels: [url][/url] Magneto neither X3 or Dark Phoenix tried to talk some sense into Jean. In X3 he tried to use her as a weapon and in Dark Phoenix he tried to kill her. As for the “Phoenix” showing up in Apocalypse. That was just Jean’s mutant power and not a cosmic entity, according to the film and the filmmakers. To refresh your memory: [url][/url] This movie was going to be a two-parter but Fox axed that plan in late production and condensed it into one film. How was the story repetitive? Jean never becomes the psycho murder that kills people for no reasons that we saw in The Last Stand. The effects were just one of the film’s many problems. Dark Phoenix at least gave its protagonist an arc. [url][/url] While Origins pretended to have one. It kept saying that Wolverine was an “animal” but never showed it, so his arc fell flat. View all replies >