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Apparently, A LOT of scenes were cut out of Dark Phoenix This was originally a two parter but Fox axed it in late pre-production Details of 2+ hour version Social embargo seems to have been lifted for Latin critics Trailer views on YouTube jumped up 500k this week Dark Phoenix highlights a problem with X-Men: The Last Stand New trailer is out Phoenix and Scarlet Witch comparison Production disasters View all posts >


That’s not the reason. He never shifted the blame on Fox. Though deserve a big chunk of the blame for axing the two-parter and editing the movie under 2 hours. The movie had pretty good effects and actions. No, I’m implying that just because he directed parts of the movie doesn’t mean he is the main reason why it sucked. If we go by your reasoning then he is responsible for DOFP’s success. The legendary Richard Donner also directed finished X-Men Origins: Wolverine, is he solely responsible for that disaster? Actually, there was some pretty good dialogue for the character of Apocalypse(You can fire your arrows from the Tower of Babel, you will never STRIKE GOD!). Dialogue was the least of that movie’s problems. The unfocused story, action, effects, pacing, and direction were far bigger problems. Same with those other films you mentioned(many of which he was just co-wroter). Its fallacious to say that the problem with those films solely rested on writing and not the various other things they were criticized for. And Kinberg was just a co-writer on X3 and Dark Phoenix’s production was chaotic. You know Jessica Chastain signed up to be Lilandra when the movie was a two-parter? [url][/url] Btw, I liked Mr. & Mrs. Smith. She is actually good in the movie. Comcast was actually the top bidder at the top. Perhaps. We’ll never know. But Fox was definitely the reason why Jessica Chastain was wasted, who originally signed up as Lilandra. [quote]Kinberg, the guy who took over the reigns of F4ntastic Four after firing Josh Trank, and turned in an inconsistent dud. And then tried to pawn off all the blame onto Trank and got him blacklisted and fired from the Boba Fett movie Kinberg, the dude who wrote the brilliant script for Best Picture winner X-Men: Apocalypse [/quote] There are rumors that he did the same with DOFP when Singer went AWOL. And there were several writers on Apocalypse. Not sure why you are lying about him being sole writer. Kevin Feige was one of the producers on the early films. No, by axing the two-parter plan right before filming. View all replies >