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Was Lois Lane supposed to be hot?? Wouldn't Michael Cain have seen that his gun had no bullets in it!? Christian Bale copied Christopher Reeve's performance in this movie for American Psycho! Marlon Brando was not worth $3 million. There are no good characters in this movie. "Kim" has got to be the most abhorrent character in any movie, ever. That Pat Benetar bitch thinks she's so fucking hot, and she's totally not! BEWARE if you have a subwoofer! On a scale of 1-10, how hard would you have let Christopher Reeve in this movie bang you!? Guess I'm the only one who hates this movie The bum sure had a big ba-DONK-a-donk! Green screens are lazy Other 70s/80s movies like this with hot guys in tight short shorts, prominently displaying their bulges & midsections? Excellent movie unfortunately plagued with annoyingly bad audio Please explain to me how the pavement inside the covered parking garage was all wet? Spud's penis Those poor kids must've had glitter coming out of their hoo-has for weeks! K-Mart Should've cast Mia Goth instead of Emma Stone Female circumcision = BAD Male circumcision = TOTALLY FINE