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So....whatever happened to the 20 people who disappeared in Oregon? Ummm...can anyone explain the ending to me? Had to abort halfway through. Shame on me Holy shiznit, I thought for sure that FBI agent with the glasses was Katy Perry! Why didn't Martha at least *try* to speak like a female? How HOT was Emilio Estevez in this movie!? Yet another movie where the fucking music is WAY too loud How much longer before we see Inside Job (2020)? LOL @ 7:52 you can hear Alexyss K. Tylor of "Penis Power" fame in the background! View all posts >


My main complaint about this movie is that it's so claustrophobic, taking place almost solely in that one room. Then to make matters worse there's nearly no music in the film minus the intro and ending. Clearly all of the budget went towards the actors' salaries. LOL the instant he said that line I said, "Okay, Ferris." Oh okay. We'll just pretend the Fed isn't responsible then. You can thank the Fed for that. They've destroyed the value of the dollar by "printing" trillions out of thin air. 22% of all U.S. dollars in circulation were printed just this year (2020). I just watched this tonight. I'm from Michigan and I immediately noticed a few of the characters donning Minne-sooooodah accents. The only place you might hear an accent like that in MI would be in the upper peninsula, but no one in this movie was from the U.P. I kind of cringed at the accent thing because it shows someone's ignorance. Either the actors' or the director's. We simply don't talk like that here. Well, maybe Gretchen Whitmer does but I have no idea what's up with her accent. Sure, Jan. I was more confused about how Chester miraculously produced a mirror during that scene. OP = Now FIRED Donald Trump Correction: Only two months to go aaaaaaaaaaand he's OUTTA THERE!!! The now FIRED president was only in the lobby because he bullied his way into this movie. View all replies >