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If he doesn't defecate, why does he have teeth and a tongue? Whose dick is smaller? Kim's or Trump's? Ugh, so much unnecessary yelling and histrionics in this movie. Jeff Daniels clearly based 'Harry' from Dumb & Dumber on Ogre. Is it not in incredibly poor taste to show the kids' dead naked bodies? What. The FUCK. Did this bitch do to her face!? Tom really earned his paycheck on this one! Doesn't make sense Danny Elfman was wasted on this film. Muriel sure did make that apartment UGLY! View all posts >


That annoyed the fuck out of me whilst watching this as well. She really thought she had an interesting life, didn't she!? So riveting watching her be a mother. You every other mother in America. I kept saying, "Is anyone even watching her live stream that shit!? Who cares!?" In the end, it was thanks to her incessant footage that Netflix was able to piece together an entire documentary. She'd probably love knowing she has her own documentary!!! Those little factoids at the end were indeed stupid and out of sync with the rest of the documentary. Really? I found it corny, contrived and scammish. I want my 90 minutes back. I only watched this because I thought I'd see some hot guys in speedos (being the '80s) but I didn't spot a one of 'em! Something tells me you don't even know what a grifter is. And the saddest part is, Timothee's Woody Allen movie sucks. Why do you Trumpers always think if someone's against Trump it means they must kiss the ass of the opposition? God you people are ignorant and obsessed. Just saw her in The Politician and she was phenomenal! Dude, for real!! I don't even remember posting this, but I was clearly seeing something within Armie himself and mistook it at the time for being a trait of his movie character. CMBYN was the first Armie film I'd ever seen so I didn't have any baseline to judge him against--I just know I always found him creepy in it. Like I said two years ago: Psychopathic vibes! She looks like fucking Bruce Jenner! View all replies >