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Sleeping pills don't kill you. Other movies that make fun of the rich/vapid? Sooo...what was with the twins? Dorothy didn't have to show any ID in order to get that soap job?? How'd Phyllis not realize she was being permed?? Can we talk about his ass? Hearse at the crime scene!? Umm...American Psycho used the same exact music in its club scenes. The toy robot in the stocking Does this get any better?? View all posts >


Oh...I must've missed the carbon monoxide part. What. Don't the families have a say in this?? I can't imagine many families would want that done with/to their loved one. And in what instances is the 'bug' method done vs just a routine autopsy?? Also he mentioned knowing a *FAAAAABULOUS* hair dresser for miss thang. I've never seen a F&F movie. Ever. And I love the idea that if someone tosses out a word-count salad that amounts to nothing it must be because I'm just too stoopid to understand it! I'll keep that in mind the next time I listen to Sarah Palin ramble. I think you mean '77 I kept thinking it sounded more like a TV theme song rather than a movie score. The first time I saw that ass. Woof! Tom doesn't have a daughter. I can't believe I'm even responding to this. Touchy, touchy! My goodness gracious! Happy Thanksgiving!!! I'm not into superhero movies. Thanks though! View all replies >