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Renton didn't even return home for his mother's death/funeral?? Why would the EU have agreed to wire Simon & Renton's £100k to Bulgaria?? Katie Holmes is AWFUL The fireworks in this movie almost blew up my subwoofer Chimpanzee abuse Why'd Doris kill herself?? The grandchild is just gonna have the killer gene too Not a single person in this movie wore a seatbelt. JFC I can't stand this whole shaky-camera style of filming Other movies about manipulative psychopaths/sociopaths? View all posts >

Replies give the guys a dose of their own medicine at the end? She also allowed Renton/Simon/Spud the opportunity to rehash shit for the viewer who may not have seen the first film (or who simply forgot), as they all at some point dump their past stories and experiences on her. He has a pancake ass! A pretty face? Are you talking about Katie Holmes? That droopy, crooked-faced thing? She looks like she's had a stroke! Oh well listen to you, Mr. Pseudo-intellectual! I didn't see THAT chimp signing any language, did you!? I stand by my original post. Excuse me, your comment just reached into my safe space and offended me. At the very least he left his handprints on the doors as he left the building! That's for certain. So was it 5000 extras or 3000? It's no Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Even the fact that she pursued BB into the basement at all without waiting for backup made her stupid. I'd like to know how Buffalo Bill got all that lipstick & makeup off his face quickly enough to answer the door whilst also changing into male clothing. Quite a speed record there! View all replies >