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"IT'S NOT FAIR!!!" Why would the Red Sox have hired Billy without Peter?? This should've been a made-for-TV movie How'd Robert Downey Jr sober up so quickly? It was like a MIRACLE!!! The girls had a phone in their bedroom? OMGAWD I saw Boy George @ da club! Joey really wanted that BBC, amiright!? We never got to meet Aimee's mom This movie is Father of the Bride meets Meet the Parents/Fockers Ryan Reynolds was a miscast View all posts >


Umm...I'm gay and I've never heard of such a thing. And I could have happily lived my entire life without hearing of it. I was wondering the same thing. He clearly looked out the window and saw it was his parents' car...that's how he knew to duck in the first place! It made no sense. They should've had the mother arrive to work PRIOR to the two robbers getting there, then everything would've made sense. I also don't get why the movie never showed the moment the two brothers came to realize their mother had been shot. That seems like a pretty important fact/scene to glaze over, and it could've been very interesting to watch as they realized what they'd done. And now we know why. Needs more explosions. Crying...shaking...PUKING! Duh-RAMA queen!!! I'm gay so I want David. Huh? I didn't see a single Michigan reference in this entire movie. He was living in (and driving to and fro) Peoria, Illinois the entire film. Which is odd because he wasn't from Peoria IRL. What's up with that? I too hated the DEA least for the first half. They seemed boring and pointless up until Cooper started staying at the same motel as Earl, then they became a bit more entertaining. Would a shit stirrer stop to help someone on the side of the road to begin with? Larry. Every time I watch the movie I wish his character & storyline had been completely cut. He's completely unnecessary IMO. View all replies >