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Marlon Brando was not worth $3 million. There are no good characters in this movie. "Kim" has got to be the most abhorrent character in any movie, ever. That Pat Benetar bitch thinks she's so fucking hot, and she's totally not! BEWARE if you have a subwoofer! On a scale of 1-10, how hard would you have let Christopher Reeve in this movie bang you!? Guess I'm the only one who hates this movie The bum sure had a big ba-DONK-a-donk! Green screens are lazy Other 70s/80s movies like this with hot guys in tight short shorts, prominently displaying their bulges & midsections? View all posts >


My favorite part of this movie was when Christian Bale shouted at his captor, "Don't you EVER! DO THAT AGAIN!!!" I find myself saying that never fails to make me laugh. Yea, that's what I figured it was about. Just using his name to sell tickets. Sad! But still...if someone was willing to pay me $3 million for three weeks worth of work in 1978 (or today for that matter), I think I'd find a way to set my demanding diva antics aside. Especially considering they'd worked together before! Evidently the human ego has no limits. Dengler did begin to hallucinate at the end once he'd witnessed his buddy get decapitated. Read his book. And they didn't even have him sing. Lame. Angelica Huston? Miscast? How even DAAAAARE you. That woman is a queen! Who's talking about Biden?? I was talking about Trump and his delusions. I knew the guy was a con man all the way back during The Celebrity Apprentice. It was clear something shady was going on with the way all of the "charity donations" always had to be made out to Trump, Inc. Someone seriously needs to go back and revisit that. At the very least, he was funneling all of the donations through his organization so that he could claim the tax write-off for himself. Then when he'd finally 'anoint' a winner, Trump would try and take credit for their ENTIRE career--as if none of these celebrities had ever earned any success on their own. He especially did this with Arsenio Hall. Trump spoke as if Arsenio would be absolutely nothing if it wasn't for him (Trump). What a little man, always trying to take credit for others' success while blaming everyone else for his failures. Trump thinks he's fucking Kim Jong-un and that we're all retarded enough to believe his lies. He loves the uneducated! Wait, why would Trump need a teleprompter!? He used to criticize Obama for using one! Surely he wouldn't be a hypocrite, would he?? Hey, give her a break--she ate five almonds! View all replies >