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This movie is like AMSR for me The French chick sucked Imagine if females could kill every male who made an unwanted advance on them. The harmonica OMG I KNEW IT!!! Beyond boring for anyone who doesn't have a vagina Started out strong, then devolved into formulaic straight male-nip. Now if only this movie would boost my Ford stock. Straight men are primitive, savage oafs. Why'd Ransom hire the private investigator?? View all posts >


With a little bit of tweaking, this could've been on par with American Beauty (one of my favorite movies of all time). With that said I still rated it an 8/10. It's WAY better than the 6.5 IMDB has it pegged as. I don't know what it is about movies where the main character's life gets shit on, but I seem to like them quite a little bit. I loved how all that water pressure didn't crack their helmets but a few bashes with some random object did the job. Sure, Jan. Reminded me of Trainspotting. Ah-ha! So you *have* seen a musical! You've never seen The Wizard of Oz?? felt aimless to me, like whoever wrote it just started with a blank sheet of paper and came up with shit as he went along. I'd never even heard of it but I'm about to watch it now :P I've been waiting over a decade for my problems to go away. STILL WAITING!!! The movie got boring after he died, IMO. I kept trying to figure out the same thing! Unless the apartment building was in the shape of a U from overhead (with the front-facing balconies being at the bottom of the U), but I very much doubt that. View all replies >