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This movie makes men look bad Anyone else wish the little blonde girl would've died? How did NASA know Carolyn McAdams was at David's parents' house? Was this movie supposed to be set in Sarasota, Florida?? So...where did Joani sit? Little Cindy Lou Who's wish was never granted Terrible narrator The Canadian writer dude Was anyone else afraid for the cameramen & interviewer? Ellen was incredibly unlikable View all posts >


That scene made no sense to me because he was able to write his own prescriptions, no? Yep. We didn't have "safe spaces" in 1993 lol...there was no such thing! They hadn't been invented yet. I thought it started out quite strong...covered a lot of ground during the first half. But then around the 75% mark I was ready for it to be over. Nothing new was happening and I was finding myself bored. He also looked exactly like Prince Jackson which I found off-putting. Completely agree. I don't know what year this movie was supposed to be set in, but it made zero sense that lil' bro still played with a fucking View-Master from the 1980s and took photos with a film camera! Like, seriously? That Claire & Owen kiss made me roll my fucking eyes and say "Oh, here we go!" Why does every goddamn Hollywood movie have to have a love subplot? It's so fucking stale! I'm more curious why the little brother's matches were still dry after they jumped over the waterfall & into the pond below. And furthermore, I'd like to know why he was carrying matches in the first place?? 22,216 visitors...and the two who get trapped in the gyroscope ride just *happen* to be Claire's nephews! Every scene she was in made me hope & pray she'd be eaten alive. What a robotic, 2-dimentional character--and terribly acted to boot! I hated that character so much, she ruined the movie for me more than anything else. View all replies >