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A take on THE OMEN - and some fingerprints on the knife... The most depressing scene was at the cinema when... This is a Moses story (and it's even hinted at early on...) The gruesome lynching of that black boy in 1916 told by Harry Belafonte... Oh, the humanity... pardon, the teeth.... The spider which got peed on... And if you want the whole Engineers storyline in 45 minutes... I want a movie solely about the Engineers! (The "monster" storyline is history, get over it!) Aren't the Wakandans a liiiiiittle bit too arrogant and conceited? Have they already tried Slim Whitman?! View all posts >


Interesting that no one mentioned another connection: The "Red Room" is of course THE SHINING's "Redrum"!!! Really? I didn't know that, honestly. Maybe you know the whole story better than me, but this can't seriously be your justification to kill him the way they did??! If he had been white he wouldn't have had to die like this, I guess you'll agree with me... Exactly!!!!! You nailed it. Even though it's a true story it just shows the paradox of reverse racism. The fact that such a film surely couldn't happen just shows how deeply and profoundly racist this "left" way of thinking really is. What bothers me even more is that JFK talks about the "de-CADE" when man will land on the moon, whereas I always thought it is the "DE-cade" ...... "I have only six months to live." ---> "Hey, six months to live, that's all they give him... so forget about Christmas...!" Now that's priceless. Tujunga Dam, California! If it doesn't fit you must acquit... ;-) Still no need to get arrogant, you know...;-) View all replies >