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If this was set in 2019 instead of 2009..... Henry's private man-cave (and: the treehouse again) - yeah, right... Ice breaking scene right out of DAMIEN - OMEN 2...oh wait, the whole film is... "Boy in the corner" scene a total rip-off (sorry, homage^^) of DON'T LOOK NOW WTF? "MPAA No. 99999" ?! So, obviously: What would YOU do with the suit? A take on THE OMEN - and some fingerprints on the knife... The most depressing scene was at the cinema when... This is a Moses story (and it's even hinted at early on...) The gruesome lynching of that black boy in 1916 told by Harry Belafonte... View all posts >


MAN, MY WORDS EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a HUGE letdown that was..... Guess I gotta read the novel once more.... Holy crap, I just watched the movie and thought, my, she looks something like mid to end 50s - and she was 35??? WTFF? No wonder you were considered "old" when you reached 50... Oh they did! In a way, at least... at about 15 min in we see the news article on her smartphone about Griffin's death and there it says something about "a technology which calibrated multi-cameras based on refractive projection and ray tracing." (whatever that may be) -- and he "had been planning to launch a 2 billion $ tech venture called OptiPro..." Although it's not clear whether this is how he made his fortune in the first place (not invisibility-related) and the "suit" was stlll his secret project... Whoever you are, you're so right, and it sickens me to the core thinking about this hypocrisy. Yes, no means no, but then you have to say it or just walk away, for Christ's sake. Thank you again for your necessary and valuable comment. I honestly wonder how, in this current truly toxic climate, any man in the USA would date and sleep with a woman anymore, since he can never be sure if she doesn't accuse him of something because he later dumps her or she got second thoughts afterwards. You know, in Sweden you have to fill out a form now (I'm not kidding) before you can legally sleep with a woman. Her consent has to be in writing. Yeah, I can already imagine a sultry night of seduction and romance in Stockholm..."Please sign here and here before you..." -- "Oh damn, that pen doesn't write, do you have another one...?" But great show nonetheless! Haven't seen it so far but isn't CARNIVALE (which was apparently cancelled too early despite being a superb series) something like this? But you're right, I'd love AHS visiting dust-torn Oklahoma of the early 30s! "Throw me the whip." "Throw me the idol. " "No time to argue....." "Adios, Stupido...." Me...? Oh well, I take that as a compliment. Actually, I'm German... :-) Ooooops, SORRY!!!! I obviously really didn't think enough when I wrote this....... I guess you're missing something here: It was of course Chucky who, after seeing Leatherface do it on TV earlier, cut off his face to prepare it as the gift! OMG, I thought the same thing! Whenever that "Buddi vision" came on I expected the person looking in the camera in front of him to whisper, "Murphy... is that you?" I'd buy that for a dollar! View all replies >