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What SISU means First 2 albums Some movies get better with time. Still a favorite! What a creepy poster for the Exorcist Scary movies for October Is it possible? Creepy (Spoilers) Looks like Robert Blake in the picture View all posts >


I learned a long time ago to steer clear of social media. Haven't been on FB or anything else besides here for at least three years. It's a waste of time and people are too obsessed with other people's lives. I'd rather see a remake of this movie closer to Clive Barker's story. I don't mind this movie. The creature looked stupid in my opinion. It looks comical. I look forward to seeing it. We all need a laugh once in a while! I enjoy music from all decades, but I would have to say music from the 70s is my favorite. Oddly enough my favorite band is from the 60s - The Beatles. Freddie Mercury will always be my favorite singer. Exactly! Try one if you get a chance. Pasties are very common here in the UP. In the UP of Michigan we have Pasties. Meat, potatoes, carrots, onions and spices wrapped in a crust. You eat it with your hand with ketchup. No, I still was a Star Wars fan even after hearing Bicycle Race. I like Jaws tooπŸ˜ƒ At first glance I thought the thread title was "Segal tries to steal a meal from a sea lion and instantly regrets it" Now that would be comedy Gold!πŸ˜… I'm just happy that it's still daylight at 6PM! Winters are long and dark here in da U.P. No kidding! I was a mod on a classic rock site for about a month back in the early 00s. I got tired of getting bitched at so I gave it up. It's not an easy job putting up with trolls. View all replies >