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MI:2 was fine but not good. I think at the time I probably would have rated it at 3 or so. I haven't seen it recently so I can't remember if it was as bad as everyones makes out or not. Everyone seems to have enjoyed MI:Fallout but I found it rather boring. It was more of the same where everything just went on and on and on and on (especially act 3). They could have done with at least about half hour less. Also, they brought some characters in from the past but for no reason whatsoever. The stunts were ok but there was nothing to get hold of in the movie. Yes, corrected Yellow Sky to 1948 (fat finger syndrome). ;-) My ratings of what you watched: Mission Impossible 3 3 (didn't like story, middle or end. Only some interesting scenes in it) Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol 8.5 Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation 8.5 This week: MI:Fallout (4/10) Slightly better than MI:3 but not much. It was too long, repetitive, useless cameos, no tension, nothing grabbed my attention. Should I go on? No, I won't. Southwest Passage (5/10) The usual B western from 1954. It was fine for what it was meant to be. If you a western fan then watch out of curiosity only. At least, it was in colour. Yellow Sky 1948 (8/10) A really good b/w western. A good story with good cast. I would recommend it if you like westerns. BB has character development to the full and it give various characters (even minor ones) some development. This was one to the things I loved about it. It wasn't just about the two main characters or similar to a procedural drama. Coming back to Sopranos, never had time on initial run and even now I have limited time for TV. I watch only the things I like (e.g. BCS). For example, I watched the first season of Ozarks (Netflix) but the 2nd season didn't get grab me. So rather than keep going until end, I just stopped. Hopefully, I will put aside some time for the Sopranos. Wow. 10+ times for Man Men! I have never watched that show. Also, never watched Sopranos and I love gangster drama so much. Well everyone is different, so perhaps BB is not for you. But if Ned wasn't snapped then he would now be in college. Also, the pupils 5 years junion to Peter Parker would be in his class. From the trailer for SP:FFH, there doesn't seem to be much explanation but I hope they do spend some time on in the movie. For me at least, X-Men, FF don't hold as much interest. Having said that, I didn't know much about Iron Man before it and never liked Thor is comics/cartoon so who knows they may yet get me excited again. Exactly. For example, Falcon taking over as CA is just not the same. I will not be going out to watch another CA movie with Falcon as CA - it just doesn't gel with me. Same if we get another IM. The other thing is the calible of actors and their charms got us to this point. Such as Downey Jr and Chris Evans. They will need to find some good actors to replace these and so far to me not the case. MCU will continue making money but will not be as big or interesting. Remember, how we felt when Tony Stark found Nick Fury in his home or seeing Thor's hammer for the first time! Those days will never come now. The interesting bit is that now there would new pupils in Peter Parker's class. Perhaps, even new teachers for some subject. Also, what about the state of the school itself and there were issues with running the country for 5 years. So many questions, nicely glossed over by Endgame (I am not complaining as I enjoyed Endgame very much). He should have died. Also, that stupid witch woman. Neither of those characters are interesting enough. Agree about that. I expected some (or atleast one) to die. But, I am sure all the extras in the red tunic definitely died even though didn't show that to us. View all replies >