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nutty as a fruitcake not bathed since 1984. about 180 degress removed form hilter! such a wanker Most beautiful girl in the village View all posts >


We have got to get them in a psyche wad Its predictive programming done by the controllers. He is one of teh main singers in teh band Nsync The foirst step in a movement is not lying to urself. I think shes doing it for personl gain and shes shitting. Hes a rockt scientist as well She said she was basially pimped out to famous people. He was such a narcissit i dont think he would have killed himself. He was proud of what he did. Its really disgusting This plot is too obvious. New reports raise questions about the jail where he was held. There are a couple possibilities here. Its quite possible that Epstein shrieked and screamed when someone came in to kill him.. One of the offiers in there with him when he APPARENTLY hanged himself was not a regular officer. View all replies >