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Standard troll post. Just to get a rise out of everyone. To me, Donner and Chris Reeve got it right in the first movie. The second movie didn't work for me nearly as well. And, since then, who to me is easily the most interesting superhero there is, has been not used well at all. It was fairly funny. But, it was almost all because of Bill Murray. If he wasn't in it, it would have been not that good. NBC has had a few of these series on before. Sci-fi-based mysteries that go on and on like "Lost" did. They keep you watching because you are thinking that the mystery will be unraveled. But, too often, it's just dragged out. I didn't find the first episode too compelling, so not sure about following this one. A mob is a mob is a mob. Left or right, it doesn't matter. They're all borderline sociopathic with their pathological obsessions. Indeed! A family drama is WAY better than a superhero movie. :-) He's always been a douche. That will never change. They thought it was really square. (Get it? The movie is in 4:3 aspect ratio.) Ha! I just LOL'ed at that one. :-) It's more Chris Cuomo's angry reaction that gets me. Italy is always my favorite country to visit in Europe BY FAR! Not even close. WAY nicer people. Cuomo could have just said that it's a slur against him as an Italian descendent, and leave it at that. If you're a celebrity, you should think that you are ALWAYS being recorded. Because, you likely are. His reaction is what made the news, instead of his point. View all replies >