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This film by a factor of a million! The Tom Cruise crazy show sequel was idiotic. If you look at twitter, it ain't selling so far! :-) While "Robocop 2" came across to me as over violent and unpleasant at first, I have grown to like it. But, that's mainly due to the total lack of decent sci-fi ever since then. "Highlander II" is okay, but is just kind of silly. But, not nearly as bad as some have said. I have only seen the Blu-ray version, which I think is the "Renegade Version." I go with "Robocop 2." "Ghostbusters II" was absolutely wretched. "Jaws 2" is still one of the most unintentionally funny sequels ever, with the rubbier than rubbery shark in the film WAY too much! And, certainly others. "Highlander II" is more the standard, completely unnecessary sequel that is passable in-one-ear-out-the-other entertainment. I think one reason is that, so few great movies are ever made that, people focus and even obsess over those few great movies. It's kind of fun, and even funny. But, man that Room 237 thing, WOW!, that was brain-meltingly goofy! Well, after McLeod makes his choice, and becomes mortal, with all others killed, the story is done. Absolutely. So, they had to come up with justify a sequel. And...they came up with this. :-) I thought he was a Trumper. Oof! Why do they get Kosinski to direct all this stuff? I just find what he's done so far to be pretty flat and generic. Agreed on that part! But, hey, still lots of good stuff. Go buy some Nikes, and support the slave laborers who make them. View all replies >