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Yes. :-) It is aggressively stupid. The opening minutes tell you everything you need to know. Random serial killer played by some who's completely miscast, bad music, twitchy camera work. You sound like Fischer. Paranoid, angry, condescending. Yeah, random CGI exercises get the prime spots. But, it's good that there is SOME place for these movies in the release schedule. Bingo. That is exactly what I was going to post. Except with $100 million of CGI messing around. Thank you for your troll...attempt. I thought that "Quantum" was infinitely better! Sam Mendes has never done anything for me as a director. He's too clinical, too unemotional, and his work is just too antiseptic. Marc Forster did a great job with "Quantum." It was very artistic, while being a unique Bond adventure with a very distinct sense of place. And, Bond fans, and fans of Ian Fleming would know: "Quantum of Solace" is the name of a Fleming Bond short story. And, was the last unused title of Fleming's that hadn't been used for a movie, with the exception of the generic-sounding "James Bond in New York." I think critics "love it" more because Rian Johnson is liked very much in Hollywood. Why? Hard to know. I think the preferred directors are the ones who are easy to work with, and don't get worked up about "artistic integrity," etc. They get the product made, keep their mouths shut, and leave the suits alone. Spectacular score! And, one of the greatest openings in all of film. Bernstein's score, plus James Wong Howe cinematography combine to create one of the most memorable opening credit sequences ever! Not sure which I agreed with more, because it was quite some time ago. But, Siskel seemed like a much nicer person than Ebert. View all replies >