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So many from black and brown communities are mixed. No. They're implying that one of these two got schtupped. No, the Republic put them on their credit card. "Twister" is one of my favorite films, so I am hopeful. I just want this film to be its own movie. Yeah, just the feeling from seeing the trailer. I would certainly think it's going to be its own movie, but the truck looks the same, Dorothy is back, Glen Powell has that Cary Elwes vibe in its way, two teams with their own personalities going after the tornadoes, that kind of thing. We'll see how it turns out in July. Hopefully, it will turn out well. "Twister" is one of my favorite films, so I get a bit protective of it. Yeah, you just give that vibe that Powell is a hot shot character who has to be humbled. So, I get he's the protagonist, you just get the feeling of the parallel with the first film. EVERYTHING has a "mind blowing twist" in it these days. Also, the second someone tells you in advance that there is a "big twist" that half dilutes the twist in the first place. You watch it, thinking, okay, what is this "big twist?" I'm not "hating on it." Hey, if they want to make another disaster/action movie like "Twister," go for it! It just seems like it is a shot for shot remake. And that invites close comparison with the original. To me, the original had such great characters, and that is actually was draws me to rewatching it. I personally am not feeling that here. I would have thought coming up with a different storyline would have avoided these issues. Starring Glen Powell as Cary Elwes. View all replies >