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Don't do the crime if you don't want to do the time. Most women go for controlling, domineering men. Some go for violent, almost psychotic men like Cagney is in this film. He's a complete psycho in this. He deserved to be mowed down. I liked how he said that he was "horrified" at finding the dead body. Dude, you're Vincent Price. You're the guy who CREATES dead bodies. :-) The right: Always on its knees. You'll never hear about it. Damon and Affleck are obviously as okay with slave labor as LeBron, Michael Jordan and all of them. Best moment of the movie. A woman is a man with different plumbing. Mena and women are 99% alike. It is just about how they go about going after the same things. Random Press Secretary (i.e. Public Relations Flack) gets a show. Why do you think these women take these jobs? Well yeah, what Jew is going to give a positive review of this? It's all about their power-crazed, out -of-control leaders killing God. You wonder why God just sat there while six million Jews were slaughtered in The Holocaust, here is your answer. View all replies >