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This show was constantly on at my house during its initial run, and I've come to think of the 11 seasons in the following three phases: 1) Seasons 1-3: The Henry Blake/Trapper John years - mostly funny/nutty, and not nearly as pretentious and ponderous as it would initially become. In spite of some self-awareness, the characters are believable and relatable. 2) Seasons 4-8: The transition years - Burns phased out, Winchester phased in. Hawkeye remains the dominant character, but Potter and Hunnicutt become major voices. Radar/Houlihan have personality changes. Most likeable era. 3) Seasons 9-11: Huge falloff in quality once Radar leaves - the show becomes a typical early-1980s sitcom, only set in Korea. Characters begin to lose sanity/identity. Still an occasional decent episode, but mostly forgettable. This vote goes toward Seasons 4-8 in a slight edge over Seasons 1-3. Once Frank Burns left and the character of Margaret was drastically changed, there was no natural ally for Flagg at the 4077th. In Flagg's final episode, his character was even being upstaged by Potter and Winchester. I always found him hilarious, but there was no real place for him on the show during the last three sit-commy seasons. "Blow Away", 1979! From Russia With Love (1963)! He could make quite a good living just doing voiceover work! Well said - thanks! Don't forget his guest appearance on Phil Collins's "I Wish It Would Rain Down"! I saw this film in the theater 9 times. Only once was the theater close to full, but what made that time extra enjoyable was that EVERYBODY in the room laughed and cheered at all the right moments! Yes, the audience was skewed toward young families, but I still think a lot of those kids will grow up and re-discover this movie to remember what they enjoyed and laughed at that day. Here's why I could never really take "The Changeling" too seriously: 1) the amount of firepower in such a small probe destroyed my suspension of disbelief, 2) the death and resurrection of Scotty, and 3) the mind-wipe of Uhura. I would describe "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" as entertaining, but not one of the greats, especially when one considers that the entire premise is supposed to be a metaphor for 20th century race relations. Isn't the only reason perfumes/colognes were ever used in the first place was to cover up their body odor, as they didn't take a shower every day? View all replies >