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"I'm Not In Love" (1975) 4 Excellent Albums! Greatest Rock bassist ever! Another interesting review! Actual conflict resolution! Two best songs! Very good...but not great Top 3 Mike + the Mechanics songs! View all posts >


Yay, Chip 'n' Dale! Boo, Donald! Agreed, but at least she doesn't turn absolutely EVERY house into the nirvana of the surveillance society, the "open concept" floor plan. I've often felt HGTV should just change their name to Open Concept Television. THAT'S HEDLEY!!! "I've got a bad feeling about this..." 1. Antonio Vivaldi, un prince a Venise (2006) - in French. 2. Vivaldi, the Red Priest (2009) - in English. This^ 1. Ruby Tuesday - The Rolling Stones 2. Friday I'm in Love - The Cure 3. Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2 4. Saturday Night - The Blue Nile Hong Kong Phooey! You consider The Rocketeer "GREAT", "MISUNDERSTOOD", "CLASSIC", and "AMAZING"... ...but you don't like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow??? These two movies were cut from similar cloth. I'm stunned! I have this movie in my collection, and consider it better than average, with quite a few moments of true greatness. Yet even if we overlook Lothar, the typical unstoppable henchman, this movie is let down by Disney not being sure who their intended audience was. Is this for kids, for adults, for comic readers, for pulp fans, or for the average movie-goer just looking for light entertainment? In trying to please everyone, they ended up pleasing very few. Releasing it the same summer as Terminator 2 didn't help, either. View all replies >