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Release date: November 17, 2023 No mention of Neil Young's and Tom Petty's cameos? Still one of the best! January 21: SQUIRREL APPRECIATION DAY! Really good! If he's such a success, why is everybody leaving? Hallmark's attempt at "Princess Bride" Gregg Rolie vs Jonathan Cain Much more comedy than romance! 5 Best Albums! View all posts >


SCTV, by far! And I love them all! While both filmmakers have had their hits and misses, both financially and creatively, NOTHING M. Night has made has the cult following of films like Halloween, Escape from New York, or The Thing. The Sixth Sense is probably M. Night's most popular movie, but even that doesn't have near the following or renown of something like Big Trouble in Little China. John Carpenter's film-making legacy, in spite of its flaws, is secure. M. Night will be remembered as someone who churned out a lot of films that were financially successful because he's good at coming in at or below budget. 1. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004) 2. Inside Out (2015) 3. Dunkirk (2017) 4. Epic (2013) Absolute worst: And the Children Shall Lead. 1. From Russia with Love 2. Thunderball 3. Goldfinger 4. Diamonds are Forever 5. Dr. No 6. You Only Live Twice "Open Concept" is the natural result of the surveillance society created by cell phones. People no longer trust one another, so they can't stand the idea of a wall between them. It's "inclusiveness" and micro-managing to the nth degree. I've never understood the oft-repeated explanation given of "parents need to keep an eye on their young children". How were children ever raised to adulthood before everyone suddenly wanted "Open Concept"? Just how long to parents need to monitor and supervise their children's every move? "Open Concept" is not about sharing and togetherness: it's an authoritarian power grab. I've been watching the show for a little while now, and have not noticed any overt statement of faith. I find Dave and Jenny to be far less in love with themselves and self-congratulatory than Chip and Joanna Gaines. I heard the exact same story, except it was Marvel, not DC. In chronological order: 1. Rio (2011) 2. John Carter (2012) 3. Epic (2013) 4. Inside Out (2015) 5. The Little Prince (2016) 6. Dunkirk (2017). View all replies >