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Still one of the best! Thanks 2020: Things You Really Miss Worst snowball fight EVER!!! The ultimate "cool kids" show October 31st: Squirrel Awareness Month ends today! What was the Rays manager thinking??? Someone has set up a wiki for this movie! October 1: Squirrel Awareness Month starts today! Why is "agency" such a buzzword all of a sudden? The best song on their first 5 albums! View all posts >


More than normal, HONORABLE! It's good to feed squirrels and chipmunks! Can you imagine the howls of outrage this comic strip would elicit today? It was vehemently anti-education. Every strip that took place in school setting was created to belittle and make fun of teachers and bureaucrats. One of the most notorious showed Calvin fantasizing about dropping bombs on his school from an aircraft. When the screams died down, it was all justified with, "Just a comic strip, folks!" It's now 2021, and I've just watched it again. I'd like to add one more to this list: 9) Greg Kinnear as Frank is the unquestioned forerunner of all the typical Hallmark Channel "clueless cad" boyfriends who are so madly in love with themselves they can't see they're about to lose the protagonist to somebody else! Writing credit: Mel Brooks, circa 1974. I sympathize with the thought, but this song has more than transcended its decade-of-release, and is now timeless. Those guitar solos! I can't hear this song without thinking of the video filmed out by Cabazon, CA. Who would the Democrats have to hate without the Republican party? The whole point of party politics is your team can't be the good guys unless you have the other team be the bad guys. Yet another example of how backward-focused our culture has become. This show was the absolute epitome of Clinton-era smugness, yet the media of the time relentlessly fawned over the show like it was the greatest thing ever written. Ostensibly about "empowerment", it was actually about self-centeredness, self-congratulation, and one-upmanship. In a post-Trump world, is this what we need today? Both were pure, unadulterated garbage. ASIA: "Heroine", from 2008! View all replies >