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EXTREMELY spunky in her new Sprint commercial, but...blonde? October 31: Squirrel Appreciation Month ends today! 1983 song "Illegal Alien" banned in New York??? Asia song "DAYLIGHT" (1983) should have been in this movie! He'll always be Woody Boyd October 1: Squirrel Awareness Month starts today! You've Got Hate Mail: In Defence of Nora Ephron's Romcom This movie and Supertramp's Crime of the Century SKY CAPTAIN: A 15-YEAR RETROSPECTIVE! His 12 greatest works! View all posts >


Autocorrect: Dark Fate! I'm definitely a fan, but I've always felt their best songs are NOT the biggest hits. If you look at their late-1970s albums, songs like "Mission (A World Record)", "Above the Clouds", "Night in the City", "Steppin' Out", "Concerto for a Rainy Day", "Sweet is the Night", "Birmingham Blues", "Last Train to London", and "Midnight Blue" all should be far better known than they actually are. Often times, their hits are my least favorite songs on their albums! Hallmark Channel's "Family for Christmas" (2015)! We do not put out "people food" for squirrels, but a special product called "Birdacious Bark Butter Bits", available through Wild Birds Unlimited. They are little suet nuggets that are loved by both birds and squirrels (and yes, they do share!). For those who don't know, the song is "What if (Remo's Theme)" by Tommy Shaw. It appears on his 1985 album, What if. "And they danced!!!!!" Thank you, Jeff Lynne, for the original thought, circa 1977.... From Russia With Love (1963). You've Got Mail (1998). You haven't heard? Halloween now runs from January 1 to December 31! View all replies >