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KOWALSKI action figures! Their 3 best albums! Not one mention of MOVIECHAT's 7th anniversary??? Squirrel Appreciation Weekend! The last song on their first 5 albums The 4 new emotions! Celebrate the Underdog! 10 U.S. universities collected $45 billion in taxpayer subsidies... Upcoming tour sponsored by AARP! Whatever happened to HarveyManFredSin? View all posts >


I really enjoyed Dune, and I'm looking forward to the sequel, but the above breathless author's use of "Perhaps coincidentally..." gives it all away. Dune was the right movie at the right time, but Marvel/DC fatigue had already been building since Endgame. Citing RRR and EEAAO, which 99% of all movie viewers have forgotten doesn't help his case. I asked the same question on this very board ("Who wanted this?"). Someone made the exact same joke on the THX-1138 board. ("Do I need to see the first 1,137 movies first?"). For shame, Millsey!!! Does your college professor condone shoplifting??? I have duly informed the Walton family and they are closing in on you as you read this. Just look over your shoulder... Not to mention, if you do any actual cooking with an open concept, food smells from the kitchen will permeate your entire house. Hood vents can help only so much, so if you want your furniture to smell like yesterday's dinner, keep on insisting on open concept. Yet another self-congratulating academic. And I say that as someone who doesn't believe in home-schooling. Did you just find out? He died in 2016. In November-December 1977, Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind ran together as a double feature in many theaters. How about 5? 1. Brass in Pocket 2. Message of Love 3. Back on the Chain Gang 4. My City was Gone 5. Room Full of Mirrors 1. All Dead, All Dead 2. My Melancholy Blues 3. Sail Away Sweet Sister 4. Las Palabras de Amor 5. Sheer Heart Attack 6. Rock it (Prime Jive) 7. It's Late 8. Under Pressure 9. Sleeping on the Sidewalk 10. Dragon Attack View all replies >