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Looks like Irina Cassadine Ludwig II's Stance Among Conservative Thenadier in the Original Novel Donald's Mother Natalie Wood The Elephants Tuptim Attention Seeker Typecast as Stiff Villains View all posts >


Wow! That's very long for this movie, now IMDb stated as 3h and 12m! Because the original story was set in the Hungarian capital. He's a Jewish Nazi president and he's been paid on what to do and say by the CIA! Well, those are fake news by Marine La Penn! I love that episode, Uncle Ned deserve it! That's very harsh! I agree, he's obnoxious, spoiled and a pig. So are his disgusting fans! Adam Driver, saw him in the new Star Wars trilogy and he DOES look like Snape! I never like Rex Harrison in this movie, I grew up with the musical though. Well, she was NO saint to Chopin in real-life as well. She happened to write a story which is about the couple's fictionalised version of their relationship, something that Chopin didn't like it! View all replies >