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this is a really strange poster & movie idea It was only a matter of time. Hopefully they will have the good sense to choose songs accessible to all the comic book guys. Well that is not going to happen. When are they rebooting this already? It's BEEN time Yes, apparently it will have songs from the "jazz" genre. Isn't it because she is unusually tall? She will be the evil antagonist which is nice since she is white. who? Are you implying that climate change isn't real? I never saw this but I always wanted to. omg finally Well, it is better than everything everytime all at the same time but it did not receive any awards while that got like 5, so in that was I can see an argument in favor of it being robbed. It doesn'T greatly matter in the grand scheme of things though. I have to agree. This movie is outstanding in every way but it was always an underdog. The goodwill it generated will be reaped by the next installment of the Shrek franchise. I might pirate it eventually but I am not like, excited to see it in the first few weeks. The trailer did not make it appealing at all so I never watched it. But so many people keep raving about it. IDGI Yeah there were quite a few charming scenes like the beach monolouge. Yeah IDK old people love that gay shit. I work in a retirement home and you shoud see the deviant acts these folks get up to... It showed what kind of a man Otto was. Putting others first, making a sacrifice for the person who he held in a high regard. While tastes vary, Emma Watson is far from ugly.