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Will this movie be a hit? Season 3 when? Nepo Baby Nepo Baby The Gay Storyline Why Is Season 4 such a dip in quality? I hope Janine and Gregory won't get coupled up What was up with the man with the multiple nieces? What do you think about the show's portrayal of the orcs? Is there a gay storyline in this? View all posts >


The curly hair and oversized glasses did that to him. Well he looks the way he always looked, no? Just longer hair. What happens in it? Sounds like a good time. So where is it? He deserved better. Even back then it had a lot of questionable series. Cameron was giving bisexual vibes the entire season with how child-like he was. So it was in character for him to proposition Ethan in the moment when he found him to be most vulnerable. They were just using other people for their own selfish gain. Oil tycoons. View all replies >