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Did things like this really happen? What Was The Great Beyond? She is so annoying So did he sleep with Sarah's dad? Why was Jane Fairfax so sad during Mr. Knightley's party? Hot Is This The New Steven Universe? Other shows that are similar to this? The main character is so unlikeable What is the fuss about the ending? View all posts >


That movie is dumb too. What else would they be? But he did not survive on his own, he did it through help from the human pet. Humans were a wandering species at the time. They were not rooted to 1 geographical location like Arlo was because of his agricultural enterprise. Was that really the message of the movie? I did not get that. Social expectations and norms. But...why? :O That makes no sense. Salad is a side dish. why He paid her for her company because that way she would have to be at his back and call at all hours of the day, she would just jump and go to his society events whenever he needed her to. The movie made this painfully obvious. That is why he paid her. Not because he couldn't find another woman. But he was a busy man and didn't want to put effort into the whole song and dance of heterosexual dating and courting, he needed company for his business meetings fast. Bad influence from a bad crowd basically. View all replies >