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So did he sleep with Sarah's dad? Why was Jane Fairfax so sad during Mr. Knightley's party? Hot Is This The New Steven Universe? Other shows that are similar to this? The main character is so unlikeable What is the fuss about the ending? Season 2 > Season 1 The book is much better Pretty good View all posts >


Oh right. I did not consider that. I did not really get this reading, the black man was mostly a bystander in the whole situation, he really didn't do that much. So it's more like a white man vs white woman story in my view. And the cop just happened to be there, doing his job. In my case I had to watch it due to peer pressure but i hated how well-made it was....thrillers are not for me at all. Such a nasty movie. Spy on my crush probably. I thought it did not get as sappy as it could have...the scientific angle was surprising. Did you watch it then? I liked it. It is a drama. it is not funny. That would have been pretty cool. They make enough money to be able to afford therapy. There are actually a lot of movies that play with the same premise that ground hog day uses. I Do, I Do, I Do (2015) and Pete's Christmas (2013) are two other movies that work with this idea. View all replies >