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Pedro Pascal! John Wick versus Ethan Hunt. Sad Everything Like fast food... Couldn't get through it in one sitting. Plus questions... As boring as the first movie version and the book Frank Grillo... Title The songs in this movie View all posts >


Damn, this is why I dread it when I check the front page of this site and see the thumbnail of some older rocker or actor. Did they actually refer to the lawmen as 'highwaymen' in the movie? Highwaymen was a historical term for robbers who rode on horseback, i.e. riding along the roads and robbing travelers and coaches. Based on the IMDB article about gangs in the 1930s using highways to move between jurisdictions to commit crimes, I assumed the title was actually referring to Bonnie and Clyde. "with Casino Royale being largely boring" Stopped reading right there. Dead bottom of the list... Never Say Never. I saw an interview with him five years ago and he looked -- and sounded -- pretty frail. Seems to have recovered if these photos are recent. [url][/url] Essentially, wants to spend time with his family and isn't motivated by fame or money. Sounds like a cool guy to share a beer with... Dwayne Johnson / Kevin Hart The first one was pretty stupid. This would work better as some sort of comedy. Or, maybe some sort of plot involving the use of deepfake technology, or those masks from the MI movies. The weird thing is when I first watched it, I found it a slog. Scenes seemed to be dragged out for ridiculous amounts of time, the plot moved at a snails pace at time. I also didn't care for the fact that there was very little of Twin Peaks actually in it. Once it ended though, I started to reflect on it and it has really grown on me. I agree with you that it has a distinct feel to it, even as it manages to keep the series connected to the original. Lynch expanded the TP world but still managed to keep it small enough that it retained that intimate feel of the original. Not sure what u mean by cheap. It was largely filmed at locations in and around Seattle, a lot of it around North Bend to the east of Seattle. Personally, I thought the first two seasons perfectly captured the intimate essence of this small, off-the-wall community in the Pacific Northwest. I come from this area -- British Columbia in Canada -- so it was like a homecoming for me. I've even been to North Bend several times, always stopping in at the Double-R diner (aka Twede's Cafe) for pie and coffee. (Usually cherry but the banana cream is pretty good too.) No time to get into details, but the first time we stopped there it was even populated with the sort of oddball characters you might encounter in the show. Also toured the falls, ate at the Bang Bang Bar, saw the the police station, the bridge, etc. When the mist and fog envelope the surrounding mountains, it's hard not to imagine that you're in the fictional Twin Peaks. North Bend itself is a unique in its own right. They capitalize on their history with assorted film festivals, including some related directly to the series. The town is cute and you can easily access Seattle via public transit. Season 3 expanded the locations... maybe you are referring to this season specifically? I didn't pick up on these. Sharp observation. When you mentioned De Palma I vaguely remembered a movie with Melanie Griffith. IMDB tells me it was Body Double. IIRC, it has to do with a guy obsessed with a woman he sees dancing through a window. Can't remember much else about it, but the Hitchcock influence is obvious. Dressed to Kill I remember clearly for its misdirection... View all replies >