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I've heard or read nothing like that. The producers have said that the character of Bond will definitely stay a male, but may not be Caucasian in the future. Yeah, better than expected, but it'll never make any "best..." lists. I think the problem was that it couldn't decide what it wanted to be... it started off as a comedy, then shifted tone about a third of the way in when it become a bland but serviceable American western. The final shootout was a shift again to a Spaghetti western. The directing wasn't special. It was mostly the cast that made this work. I wondered about this too. Everyone's reactions to him seemed abnormal. For example, that friend seemed all good with her avatar running around with her boobs hanging out and his somewhat vague explanation. I get that the guy suffered major trauma, but a certain degree of cautious sympathy around him would seem to be a more normal approach to my mind. Nicol seemed to be the only one who reacted to it. Even then it was only because his fantasy about her spilled over into real life, and he made that awkward proposal to her. That's not a bad idea but I don't think it would fly as a Rocky/Creed movie. But maybe as a stand alone movie. Just be prepared for the huge backlash... your script writing career would be over after one movie. You would be 'canceled'. :D I haven't seen the movie but which one would arouse your suspicions about his nature?... the big lunk who hauls around drapes, or the no-humour dude who can outrace / out muscle / etc every other cop / security guard on the force without any obvious working out / special diet (does he even eat? I dunno...). Or the hulking dude at the computer terminal who appears to need no sleep, has no social life, etc. but can out think the workstation he's at as well as every other Silicon Valley co-worker / accountant whatever in his office. Plus the danger that he might inadvertently give away his true nature to people who would realize something is fishy... remember that scene in T1? T2? at the gun shop when he asked for some sort of 'phased pulse' weapon or something similar? I'm just spitballin' here, but you get the idea. He wouldn't want to be in an environment where his co-workers might ask questions about him. You also get into the issue of security background checks to get into things like law enforcement, or para-law situations. i. The series has an impressive pedigree. It was created by Graham Yost based on a character created by famed crime writer Elmore Leonard. Leonard had a hand in many of the scripts. The writing includes some of the sharpest dialogue you'll hear in a TV series. ii. The two main characters -- and the actors who play them -- are compelling. This is the series that made me a fan of Walton Goggins whom I didn't know before this. His silver-tongued villain, Boyd Crowder, is equal parts southern charm and unpredictable violence. ii. The secondary characters are played by a whose who of great character actors, some of whom play against type. Margo Martindale -- known usually for playing grandmotherly types in comedies -- was a standout. For her role on Justified (2010), named one of the "8 Actors Who Turn Television into Art", in the cover story of The New York Times Magazine (9/11/11). I don't want to spoil with any details though. iv. The saga comes to a definitive conclusion. No loose ends, no ambiguity. You won't end up frustrated and wondering: "But what happened next?" Give it a watch... I think you'll enjoy it, if you enjoyed BB. Hence my hedging phrase: "I suspect..." (if they make the movie an exercise in virtue signalling). I think the intent and meaning of my original post is clear. Don't bother trying to twist it for the sake of an argument. I don't play that game. Nothing like Clue. Did you see that movie, or are you just guessing at it? That one was just like the game... they actually filmed three different endings IIRC so as not to fully reveal the final details. In fact, the worst part of the marketing for this movie was giving the impression that it was just some sort of movie like Clue. It was more like Columbo, if you remember that series. Yeah, I agree with your points. It can be debated how these creatures devastated the world at large. Most of their 'advantages' could be countered with appropriate military and technological measures. The counter-argument is that the sheer number of them, combined with the logistics of organizing a co-ordinated defence, gave them the edge, even if temporarily. Within the confines of THIS story though, yeah, there were so many poorly thought out ideas by the writers. Not sure why the critics were tripping over themselves to praise this movie. They must spend so much time in front of a keyboard that they have no idea how the real world works, e.g. how stairs are actually built... You sorta do. I'm not excusing the movie, but each year there are always deaths from people who 'drown' in grain elevators. It's a thing... More technically, it's known as grain entrapment according to Wikipedia. View all replies >