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Vaguely. They both have those voluminous dark eyes. Certainly her mannerisms. I thought she was riffing off Knightley's character in Love Actually. Yes, thinking about it, they were in school -- something about letting frogs go in biology class -- so, yeah, poor example. I'm not sure which movies are set specifically in Jul, but ET and the Goonies take place during summer months. Haven't seen Explorers in decades so can't say. Kids would shorts, I agree. But aren't they high school teens in this series? No teens I ever grew up with were wearing this stuff. By the time high school hit most of us were getting very style conscious and shorts were most def not a thing with us. It could be that small town America was behind the times as another poster pointed out. And, these are supposed to be nerds. Shorts were definitely something only social outcasts would have worn. The girls were more accurate... getting very much into the whole Madonna, New Wave stuff. Not where I grew up in Toronto Canada. Nobody wore shorts unless they were near a beach. Jeans were the uniform of the teen masses although I do have a few old photos of me wearing long pants with some sort of hideous pattern on them. This is one aspect of the series that didn't ring true for me. They dressed more like kids in grade school. If you watch movies of the era... ET, Goonies, Explorers, Back to the Future, etc... you won't find the young cast wearing shorts. He was laughably awful in this. Nobody in a real Navy loses their sh*t so easily and yet rises to his rank and position. He was so obviously hammy, I wondered if he was secretly working with the Russians to start an international incident. <url></url> I nodded off a few times watching this... not the movie, I was just really tired... but I might be able to answer some of these. i. The Mystic. No reason it had to be able to go as deep as the Arkansas. As long as the Arkansas didn't go any deeper than the Mystic's rated depth all would be fine. I'm not sure, but I think the Mystic was only taken on this specific mission for the sole purpose of extracting the Russian President. ii. Russian destroyer captain. Was he rogue? I was under the impression that he thought he was following orders from the official chain-of-command. Yes, I know that Andropov asked him to back down, but maybe he thought Andropov was the traitor? I mean he WAS broadcasting from an American submarine and the destroyer captain had no idea of the circumstances behind that. Or, once Durov fired on the American sub, the destroyer captain realized suddenly that sh*t (i.e. escalation to a nuclear exchange) just got really real, and wasn't willing to risk a firing squad/imprisonment/death by Tomahawk for the sake of what was supposed to be an internal bloodless coup? iii. Sub collapsing under pressure. At this point, the sub had already been hit several times with underwater explosions, some of which likely compromised the hull integrity. Subs are very strong when they are intact, but once they suffer structural damage -- even minor -- they become very susceptible to further pressure damage. I don't know anything about the harbour in this movie -- whether it's a real port or not -- but it was likely a deep water port, if it was a naval base intended for the movement of submarines. The fact that the Russians had mined it in such a way to prevent enemy subs from entering while allowing their own subs to exit further suggests this. So, the depth of water might have been enough to cause further collapse to the Arkansas. I thought this strange too. In fact, when Gyllenhaal's character asked for the pistol, I was expecting him to shoot Phoenix' character in the face not take his own life. There are numerous "making of" videos showing the stunts being put together. Samsung released a good 3D one for the Gear VR that puts you in the helicopter sequence as they rehearse the stunt. After the stunt, you are hanging out under the copter with Cruise as it returns to base, and he's just casually watching the landscape pass by underneath. It's pretty good. It also put you in the cockpit with him as he practices piloting the helicopter as he did his own flying. For insurance and liability purposes, he is rigged up with safety harnesses of course which are then removed in post. Mmmm... thinking about it, teenagers PERIOD will do that do you. Talking from experience... "However, I don't see the long, long hallway as very efficient for a military base, to be honest. " I can explain that. They would have been constrained as to where they could locate the mall topside and the location of the rift below. The mall had to be located someplace that made economic sense to the residents, i.e. at the edge of town near the suburbs, otherwise, it would have raised eyebrows. So the hallway was necessary to connect the two points. As another poster here hypothesized, maybe they took advantage of an abandoned mine shaft which would have made the work go faster and would produce little to no earth that they would have had to bring up to the surface and disperse... and explain somehow to locals. Unfortunately, our older LG HDTV didn't display the Netflix sub-titles so my wife and I didn't catch any of Alexei's explanations which might have answered some of my questions. View all replies >