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ya that'd be amazing, I love this movie, watching it again for the 5th time or so now lol I didn't enjoy it, don't see any of the hype in the least. I finally watched it just within the last year after hearing again and again how I must watch it and I thought it was truly horrible. I think part of it is I don't care for that lead actor, the guy from Saw, his voice drives me crazy and it was just overall terrible and unfunny. oh hell no not even close! It's a great production and fanstasically fun film! I will say though that there's a lot of things about the story that make 0 sense but if you throw that out the window, there's tons of violence and gore, very fun film and Kevin James and Lulu Wilson do a fantastic job! I watched this movie for the first time this past weekend and I think the first 1/2 of the movie was terrible, made no sense, just a bunch of idiots crashing and killing people. I think the point where it's Max and his woman and kid and beyond that then it got interesting to me and I liked all that part to the end. Wow odd, watched this for the first time last night and I mentioned to somebody "this reminds me of a more modern Picnic at Hanging Rock." which I watched for the first time couple months back. I don't believe that was his house, that was just a run down trailer among those other rundown empty trailers and busses ya? Yep that was definitely very awkward, if it were just a short mention in a list of other things it would be fine, but no need to go into details on it and especially mention dick as well lol, wtf were they thinking!? lol I came here right after that scene to see if anybody had posted the same question. That was very strange and I don't think she's the one that threw the body through the window, just doesn't make sense. It's out in the wild, even the br rip dropped today. I just thought it was overall slow and boring, not funny, don't think I laughed once except at the end because I was like wtf that's it? View all replies >