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New book and documentary on the way. Where's the tits? Where's the blood? Why... Question Eat shit and die, Ricky! Best film of the year! Now available on VHS! 70s film poster effect in Photoshop? View all posts >


Accurate response. That was cool as fuck! I'd say her compete lack of acting skills wrecked her career. Did that miserable misanthropic cunt approve of anything, ever? Implying Alex Winter hasn't had a long and successful career. Have you actually seen his list of credits? The dude's directed tons of TV and won multiple awards for his documentaries. Some sources say he was born in '77 and others '76 – Wikipedia had '77 for years until someone edited it a few minutes ago. Well, you were wrong. *Shrugs* I think she looks great. Keanu is starting to look his age, too, finally. Lol. Fuck off. View all replies >